IPKKND SS: Holding On and Letting Go, Parts 1-5 :)

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Holding On and Letting Go 
Part 1 - Dawn  (page 1)
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Hi Guys ! So I've been inspired to write this little story, do give it a read and let me know what you think and whether I should continue and make this an SS? Or just keep it as an OS?  Anyone wanting PM's for anything I write please do BUDDY me. Happy reading  !
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Part 1 - Dawn
Dawn settled on the city as Khushi walked up slowly to her window, dropping the towel she was using to dry off her damp hair. She threw open the glass slides, allowing the cool morning breeze to caress her face, breathing in deeply she took it all in. The smell of Delhi before the dust settled during the day, it smelled of damp mud from the light rain last night, she loved that smell. It reminded her of her childhood, when she would sit out in front of her house with her Jiji in the mud after it had rained, they would dance and play when it was pouring down on them, and when it stopped, they would splash around in the little pools of water and sticky mud until their parents would call them back inside to clean up.

"Khushi, betiya, how many times have we told you to not play out in the rain for so long? You'll get a cold" her mother used to lovingly say as she dried her hair after her shower.


Looking sadly over at the towel she had just dropped on the chair next to her she frowned, her mother was gone, carried away with the wind, snatched away from her. She wouldn't be back to offer little moments of love and give her advice that she could pass on to her kids someday.

She sighed with a heavy heart, always hating when she started the day with a sad thought, she did think it was appropriate however, because she had been feeling down ever since she had found out about Shyam.

She looked down at her own ring finger, empty, as she had removed the little circle of gold and thrown it back at him, in response to all the betrayal and mistrust. The light buzzing in her temple became more rigorous as she thought of Arnav. She couldn't blame him for getting engaged, he may have announced it first, but she had gotten engaged first. She didn't have a right to question him. She looked up at the skyline that had started to slowly show signs of light, she didn't have a right either way, whether she was engaged or not.

She smiled at her silly thoughts, even if there wasn't all that there was between them, he still wouldn't be hers. He would never belong to a middle class girl, a girl with no respect and no class as he had put it, a girl that would go to any lengths for a bit of money.


There was no point in reminding herself of all the harsh words he had spoken to her, they only made her heart burn with more sadness, knowing that she would just have to bury her dreams before they even had a chance to see the light.


"Buaji! Ammaji ! I'm going to the Raizada mansion!" she called back into the house as she stepped outside.


"So early?" Bua called from within her room watching outside as the sun had only begun to rise "Hai Nandikissor! I know Anjali ji asked you to come over yesterday but you are being so irresponsible! It's hardly even the morning yet, get back in here and leave whe.."  she rounded out through her door to see a flash of bright red and Khushi whipped around the door.

"When will this girl learn?" she said, slapping her forehead. She felt guilty for what she had done to Khushi so she let her leave, maybe she should lay off her for a few days, she deserved that much.


She was thinking of him the entire way towards his house, lost in the thoughts of what those eyes could do to her, they could stop her in her tracks and melt her entire being in a matter of seconds. She needed to gather control of herself and remember that she couldn't let herself get carried away like she had in the past. They had broken off their engagement, and Lavanya had left for London after a sad goodbye, but that didn't mean that she was free. In fact, she felt worse now, knowing that there was no barrier to keep her emotions in check.


She stopped near the gate to the mansion and held her head in her hands as it began to throb. She had never had a headache like that before, it felt like her brain was bruised and whichever way she would turn, it would smack painfully against her skull. Holding her head in one hand she made her way up the stairs and to the front door.




I'll leave early, and get out of here before Di has a chance to call her to come over and help out, he thought, stopping momentarily by the mirror in his room. Did he really want to avoid her? His mind told him yes, that he should leave and not have to deal with seeing her. But he knew deep inside that he had craved those eyes since the day of Akash and Payals engagement. He still hadn't found out why she had been so upset, and she refused to talk to him about it.

He contemplated for a while before finally deciding that he would stay home. It didn't make sense to go in to work when he didn't have much to do, and his family would want him home too, well, that is what he told himself anyway.


He changed into his casual wear, pulling on a dark blue sweater and quietly made his way down to the kitchen knowing that everyone would be asleep. The sound of someone crashing into one of the vases out by the front door reached him through the long corridor. He rushed out down the corridor before they had a chance to ring the doorbell and wake everyone up.


She was standing bent over a green glass vase holding it in place with a shocked expression on her face. Red clothes stuck tightly against her pale skin as her face started to match its colour from embarrassment of what she had just done.


"You!?" he exclaimed, looking down at her.

She looked up at him and blinked furiously to get rid of the striking pain against her temple.

He hated it when she talked non stop, but he hated it a thousand times more when she didn't, and kept hidden from him what was going through her mind.

"What are you doing?" he roughly asked.


"I..urm..came to see Anjali ji" she boldly stammered.


Seeing her act so nonchalant made him angry, angry that she wasn't acting like it affected her, and angry that she hadnt said anything when she had thought he was getting engaged to Lavanya. Why had she not said anything? Why had she not told him how much it had hurt her, how much she didn't want it to happen. Anger at all that she was hiding from him bubbled within him as she stared up at him.


"What the hell is wrong with you Khushi Kumari Gupta? Do you know what time it is? Do you think everyone just sits around and waits for you to come? Because you are so important? Because everyone here cares about when and where you turn up? Well, you are wrong, I don't care, NOBODY cares" he said through clenched teeth.


She looked up in shock and let herself absorb his words, reminding herself who she was speaking to she tried not to get upset.

"Ill, just go then" she slowly said, not being able to think straight through her head ache and Arnav standing right in front of her, she turned around.


He closed his eyes and bit his tongue, regretting his words. He should think clearly before he speaks. That anger was going to land him in messy situations.

"Wait" he said, as she began to walk down the stairs "Just, come inside, and wait for Di to wake up" he said, not looking her in the eyes.

She understood that to be an apology but still walked past him in a huff, letting him know that he had been rude.


As he walked back up the corridor to find her awkwardly standing by a pillar he spoke up.

"Don't just stand there like an.." he bit his tongue again, trying not to sound rude despite the cold look in his eyes, hiding all his emotion at having seen her.


She interrupted him before he got the chance to say anything to insult her even more.

"Okay I know you are much smarter than me and you always know what to do, am I standing here or you? They are my feet, my legs, my body. It is none of your business where I stand or wait for that matter. I know you are such a big business man, and you manage a company so big that my family looks like a grain of sand to you, but you still don't know how to talk to people" she panted, leaning back off the pillar and taking a step towards him "Yes yes I know, this is your house, but I've told you before that the fact that this his your house comes with the right of you getting to apologise with every other right you get."


Arnav stood aghast, opening his mouth to retaliate only to be interrupted by her again.

"I know you won't apologise, I know that you think my status isn't worth apologising to, and I don't care if you do or not, but I am not going to stand back and not let you know when I think you are wrong, and right now, you are" she huffed, breathing heavily as he furiously took a few steps to close the distance between them.


"Shut up, shut up, shut up!" he shouted, with every step he took, forgetting in his rage to be quiet.

"Just because no one here shows you your place doesn't mean you get to speak to me that way, understand? You are in my house, and here are my rules, don't you dare speak to me like that again"


"What are you going to do if I do?" she whispered strongly against his skin, now only inches from his face feeling her heart begin to race.


"Don't provoke me Khushi, you know very well all the things that I could do to shut you up right now, Ive told you this before and don't make me repeat myself again, I haven't even started misbehaving with you so don't push your boundaries, stay where your status and your respect lets you" he said to her a rage, anger evident in his eyes.


Khushi opened her mouth to speak again but thought the better of it, there was no use arguing with him when they were back full circle to him picking at her status again. She thought back for the second time that morning as her head continued to bang against her skull, to the things he thought of her, a girl with no respect and no class as he had put it, a girl that would go to any lengths for a bit of money.


She held back the tears as he turned around and began walking away from her towards the kitchen, regretting his words with every passing moment. He wanted to turn around and say sorry, say that he hadn't meant a word that he had said, and that he said things like that on impulse, and that he would try to change, for her.


But something wasn't right, it was like that feeling he got in the pit of his stomach whenever she was close by, except that feeling made him feel lighter and relaxed. Somehow like it was all going to be okay. It was different this time. It was dread clawing away at his insides.


He turned around before leaving the room to see Khushi standing weakly in the centre of the room where he had left her. A single  trickle of blood coloured as vibrantly as her dress slowly seeping down her skin from below her nose.

He stopped dead in his tracks and watched wide eyed as her beautiful gleaming eyes lulled back in her head as she fell, losing consciousness before she harshly hit the ground. 


Allright, well that is the story ! Let me know what you guys thought and whether I should continue! I know some of you have high hopes after my fanfic Tearing Ourselves Apart, and I wouldn't want to disappoint so please let me know how it is and if it is worth taking further! Thank you guys a bunch for reading, please do leave likes and comments and check out my index for my other work Smile  Click here to go to index

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First agaiin! (: LOL

Omg, Hayley. YOU HAVE to continue this! It's such an interesting plot! When you mentioned her awful headache in the beginning, I had a feeling that it wasn't just a mere headache, and that something is majorly wrong! 

This reminded me of the old office days when Arnav&Khushi used to get into arguments about status's and stuff. Pleasee make this into a short story! (: It'll be amazing! Thanks for the pm! (:

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woah.. Hayley tht was intense!! you MUST continue!! plzz plzz continue soon!

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Posted: 2011-12-17T19:59:24Z
SHIT! whats wrong with her? omfg omfg omfg omfgomfggg
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Posted: 2011-12-17T20:03:47Z
Definitely continue!!! Amazing plot!!! :)
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Posted: 2011-12-17T20:03:53Z
Wonderful !!! I am rlly thrilled after reading it, just loved it...Smile
Please continue soon...!!!
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Posted: 2011-12-17T20:09:33Z
love how she stood up to him whats wrong with her please continue soon  and pm love your work awesome 
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Posted: 2011-12-17T20:14:00Z
Omg!!! I love this. Please continue. I want to know whats wrong with her.
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