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Posted: 16 years ago

hy saarrthians well today is my trun to update ok…it's very nice but I am try to remind U all that we forget Suraj ~ Manasvi Love Story… don't u remember suraj ha thrown colour on manasvi during Holi…so then let's move towards saarrthians c'mon what for U all r waiting…?

Suraj wa coming down ~ baisaa was already there suraj ask her baisaa did u call me ? baisaa said yes …well what did u think about mt talks suraj said which talks? Baisaa reply marriage one… mamasvi came in b/t them she said suraj baisaa is right well speak up ok…suraj for the forst time he speak that there was a girl in my mind but she has married any other person…manasvi was uit shocked ~ baisaa got suraj point ~ single …baisaa came near to manasvi… said well suraj love a girl … di u know ?

Lord Krishna was sitting in the hall …bhoomi was reading ~ cutting the vegaitable too… well from the main dor mamaji enter in the hall…he said good good learning English very good job…bhoomi reply yes shefail has giving me this book, mamaji said ohhh shefail good nice girl…Lord Krishna said bhoomi nice chance ask some thing from him I mean little help… ~ at the same time dev dadaji came in the hall ~ sit down in this point mamaji was caught… mamaji said well bhoomi if u want any help so ask ok…~ Lord Krishna go ahead bhoomi


Bhoomi said mamaji what is this what we mean by rules in the factory…mamaji tell her in simple way but caught …Lord Krishna said bhoomi mamaji is telling u about rules so did u get me ask ask …~ bhoomi ask him about the rules of Goneka factory including the workers … in this point mamaji first look at dev dadaji who was listening their talks ~ he try to explain her in a very diffcult way but bhoomi first catch his finger , then his hand but at last mamaji shw a single of  enough angrily ~ went out of the hall… where Lord Krishna smailes ~ bhoomi + dev dadaji laugh…

Mamaji went to mansen's room he ask for mansen from yuvraj…~ reply well there was a very important meeting so he went… shefail came in the room at the same time…mamaji said good job towards every body … he said to U love Big peoples of the homes ~ small peoples too after wearing the Kangun… ~ specially U are teaching engilsh to bhoomi good job…yuvraj was very shocked ~ angry …mamaji left but he put oil in the fire .

Yuvraj start shouting on shefail too much finally shefail said do I have to live in ur rules ~ obey ur talks only ~ yuvraj said yes …~ he left the room.

Bhoomi was reading her English book ~ where mamasvi came down ~ said this is it …u were to gain the power of workers but I have taken it from u said yuvraj ~ next time don't try to rise ur voice against my decisions got me


Manasvi stand up but bhoomi stop her ~ bhoomi speak up well she said yuvraj u have done nice job ~ the question to rise my voice against U so I will do it again ~ again got me … yuvraj give her an angry look but couldn't say any thing … b4 he lives manasvi said wait yuvrah she bring sweet [ Parshad ] she give it to yuvraj but yuvraj throw it on the floor ~ went out.

Bhoomi pick it ~ kiss it by her eyes ~ said it's ok … manasvi said today u have done a nice job under ur knowledge.

In the office keshav was looking some papers ~ arjun came he throw the papers ~ said yaar I am so much confused today bhoomi never listen to me she just play with me or with the studies…suddenly keshav saw the union leader going in the yuvraj's office… keshav went after him…in the office of yuvraj union leader was sitting like a owner ~ but keshav said stood up I said stood up but union leader said I am talking… ~ keshav catch him room his shirt… b4 union leader could do any thing yuvraj came there he said what's going on? Live the union leader …keshav said he just enter in the office like a boss …arjun said yuvraj if u keep this small peoples near u thet will sit on ur head one day…yuvraj said arjun listen if union leader is small people so even u have taken this small peoples in ur mouth bhoomi ur wife arjun shout yuvraj…but keshav stop him , union leader said at the same time dear keshav if I don't respect yuvraj sir so I will show u who costly is to catch my shirt…all the way arjun ~ keshav left the room…

 In the heritage house mansen , aksh ~ mamaji came to bhoomi … mansen said bhoomi here this is some important papers ~ I have listen u are learning English so read them ~ signs- them too…bhoomi take the file but she couldn't read it… ~ said to mansne that I have just begin my engish course … mansne smiles ~ said so say this that u can't learn … ok aksh come here read this papers … ~ he read the papers … bhoomi was confused ~ only confused … at last bhoomi said live it arjun is going to tell me … mansne said well I will talk to dev dadaji to make arjun the auto signs- thing some one do ~ ur name of a un graducated came…



Arjun was very angry on bhoomi said ur problem is only that u don't listen me…~ closed ur eyes ~ trust every one…



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Posted: 16 years ago
Thanks for the update Tammy
Posted: 16 years ago
thanks for the update tammy Big smile
Posted: 16 years ago
thank u saarrthians
Posted: 16 years ago
thanks tammy for the update Wink
Posted: 16 years ago
thanx 4 d update tammy Big smile
Posted: 16 years ago
thx fer the update tammy..Smile
Posted: 16 years ago
thanks for updating Tammy

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