Indian Idol 2 - To be closed for a week

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Posted: 16 years ago

Hello All!!

I am here to inform you all that India Forums Development Team has been getting many PMs regarding this section. There has been complaints that there is too much chatting going on here, a lot of personal attacks, rude language. Basically, this section is a total mess.

The II-2 Moderators/Viewbies tried their level best to keep everything in control; however, all their hard work is going doing the drain, as no one is listening.

Therefore, to show you guys that we really do mean business, we are closing this section for a whole week. The section will be closed at the end of this week.

The section will be re-opened with the following rules:

  • All the current fan clubs will be trashed.
  • No more fan clubs will be allowed.
  • A member can only make 5 posts per day in II-2. If they fail to follow, warning level will be increased by 20%.
  • You can only post positive comments about II-2.
  • You must send a PM to get permission if you want to make more than 5 posts per day. You would have to explain why you want to post more, and if the Mod thinks it's a good reason, you will be allowed to post 6.
  • If a Mod gave you permission for an extra post, that means you own them 1 favour and must do whatever you are asked to do and whenever.

These are just few of the rules. More will be added soon. We are having a discussion regarding this, do not be suprise if some of your friends are banned when the section re-opens.

Thank you,


India Forums Development Team

Posted: 16 years ago

nooo!! omg!! closed for a whole week Cry Pinch plzzzzz dont do this!! Cry

cant we have atleast 10-15 msgs a day plzzzzzzzz? CryConfused

Edited by Shakstar - 16 years ago
Posted: 16 years ago
omg! this is sooo sad!!! Cry Cry Cry
Posted: 16 years ago

Nice try Embarrassed LOL for April fool Wink LOL


Gr8 work princess....ClapClap



Edited by sumesh - 16 years ago
Posted: 16 years ago
nooooooo...this is not will i survive for 1 whole week without II2?....noooooooo plz plz plz don't do this to us... Cry
Posted: 16 years ago

Originally posted by chukkna

How will you keep a track??? Will I be logged out once I cross my 5 posts?

No, you will not be logged out, as you can still post on other parts of India Forums. We are upgrading our system, so it will keep track how many post each member makes in each section. This would also be helpful for us to keep a track of the top 100 Addict.

Posted: 16 years ago
what?? is this for april fools?? LOL LOL LOL
Posted: 16 years ago
please don't close this section. it was because of indian idol that i joined IF.
i don't want to go back to because it is not organized and appealing like IF.
IF is the best forum that is why i joined it and i spend my time usually in II section.


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