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Posted: 2011-12-17T09:37:51Z
scene continues from the hotel room :
ram stormed out of the room and did the formalities to check out and returned and saw priya facing the window gazing towards the open sea , he sighed and asked her to pack the luggage ,she did so while ram checked about their flight details etc.  the flight went in a dead silence even at  airport dj and kj's question were not properly answered and they gave a lame excuse of ram's urgent meeting , after landing while at airport priya requested him to drop her  at her house and would like to stay there for a week  and also to give some excuses today and later she will talk to her , ram agreed so and dropped her with her luggage there she went and was welcomed by her surprised and happy family , she gave the excuse  of jet lag and went to grab some sleep in her secure environment with family around ,  whereas ram got fresh and headed for office so his mind could be diverted a bit and came to know that dadi had gone to stay over at a friend's house and shipps was attending a society gathering  , but whole day went in a crappy mood as he unnecessarily shouted at his staff and almost fired an employee for a minor mistake , he returned home late and ate a little food and went to have some sleep, after a long tiring journey, he stepped in his room only to find a dead eeri silence spread over , he went into flashback as how whenever he returned it went as a routine past two moths to be welcomed  by a vibrant big smile ,and then used to continue her non stop chatter regarding her day and his and even what was the new thing happening in mumbai etc...
 and he realy used  to forget all his worries and join her in the banter  , he came out of his thoughts and hi smile turned into a big frown he changed and lied down on bed but his gaze always went up to the couch  and felt emptiness everywhere,the same went for priya on other side and she too was lost in her thoughts.
the next to days went the same and priya visited her n.g.o. and also applied for resuming her classes , and also gave the prsents she buyed from the mall , just the thought of it made her blush as how they were stuck up in the situation and though the glass door in betwn yet she was so close to ram. on third nite she returned from the n.g.o. and was happy to see the wards work fully in progress, she went near the window and thought about ram and his outbust regarding the girl,though she had full faith in him yet her mind screamed there was something more!!!,,and felt insecurity creep up in her heart...              on the other  hand ram went to vik's house as the lonliness was killing him and he couldn't hide the truth from priya anymore , neha and baccha party were at nani's house so vik's sat down with ram to have drinks in middle v asked ram what the matter was and what was bugging him?,that was it and ram told the whole truth to him ,v suggested r  to tell p the truth and told that priya was such  a girl and firstly his wife t hat she would understand her problem  ram wasted no moment and later called priya standing below her building , after a little nagging she crept out from her house and went below to meet him , she in a low voice asked : 
p : kya baat he mr.kapoor ghar me kuch hua he kya??
r : turned and saw her with little surprise but got serious and asked priya kya tum us ladki ke bare me sach janna chahti ho???(p shook her head and r continued) to suno jab me twelve standard me tha to pa ko bahut bada loss hua or ham raste pe a gaye , but himmat nai hari par usse bhi bada shock tab laga jab ma achanak hame chod ke dur chali gayi hamne kafi talasha par wo kahi na mili , par kuch sal bad jab me college khatm krne ke baad america gaya to waha ma ek young ladki ke sath ek restaurant me dikhai di or pata chala ki wo meri choti behn he me bahut samjhane ke baad unhe wapas leke aya par pita ji unhe dekh kar shock me aa gaye or hospitalize ho gaye or then i came to know that my father had relationship with other woman , my ma couldn't bear this at all but still stayed , later when pa went critical and was counting his lasts breath told me to take care of my step family and never leave them ,and died after all the rituals choti ma came up and told me that my ma left us due to our poverty and stayed with her rich uncle and now ape wanted my prpoerty, my pa too couldn't bear the shock to see her again an had an attack that was it and i cutted off all relations with them and promised never to see them again, but once again they are here and are trying to make me forgive them , but i can't and when u asked abt them i got scared that they could hurt u too . he ended up and left a big sigh and said that he was sorry and asked for forgiveness.
priya stood there with tears in eyes and tightly hugged ram and cried and mumbled inaudible things in between , ram first was shocked but it felt so good to him and his heart filled with warmness he pacified her and wiped her tears with thumb p too composed herself . 
now both of them got normal so ram commented : priya wese tum mickey mouse printed night suit me kafi acchi lag rai ho it suits u, p blushed a little as she had not checked herself and was in ayesha's clothes , she then asked him abt dadi and apologised on not meetinh her first ram didn't mind and then took promise that she would return tomorrow ,and commented that his habit of living in peace had gone and missed his chatterbox friend, they bid good byes and before p could go ram quickily gave a peck on her cheek ad before p could realise what happened ram drove off..
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Posted: 2011-12-17T10:51:10Z
awww... plz continue yaar... this is too sweetEmbarrassed
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Posted: 2011-12-17T17:25:16Z
Big smile omg what a ff yar wish cvs are listening to u very sweet  take a bow.
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