updt-29/3/06 (kk alone in the battle)

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Posted: 16 years ago

overall a boring epi, they will drag the story more for 3-4 epi , we lolz will never see sukk rom before the leap, ab toh koi umeed hi nahinCry

Scene 1: KK and krish brings rakeshnath with them and kk asks to speak truth abt manik bt rakeshnath refuses and in turn blames both kk and krish tht they gave money and made him put the blame  on ja , he says tht it was his game to ruin ja's life and kk and krish made him to say this, kk gets frustrated bt veena says tht why r u doing this? and says her to stop this crap and sees manik behind and calls him, kk and everyone sees him, veena goes near him bt he goes as if he has been hurt and then veena blames kk and kk asks everyone to trust her bt noone does and she looks upto su bt he is quiet. Meanwhile rakeshnath escapes.Dead

Scene 2: kk comes in ja's rm and says tht frm the last few days i felt tht it was nt u bt someone else bec u are always been a good person and a true person and now as it seems tht we again found u after losing and says tht she will nt make manik succeed in his plans and nt spoil his name further. She comes in Dhruv's rm and sees dhruv scared and asks him to come close and dhruv hugs her and she says tht u were right tht dost pushed dadaji and says tht dont worry , ur mama is with u and nothing will happn to u Embarrassed, here kk and krish talk with each other where kk says tht they have to take steps very carefully as he is too smart to handle and says tht we have to make a strong move such tht it will prove tht he is manik and nt ja , this is our last chance to do so bec then we will lose trust frm everyone which is left a little , here manik comes towards rakeshnath and says tht he acted brilliantly bt he says tht he did this bec of money and asks manik to give his share otherwise he will spill the beans , manik gets angry, here kk tells krish tht manik must have made frauds in business and asks him to find abt him even the small details, krish says tht he will take kamya's help bt kk says tht dont trust anyone not ur people also , he says then we can ask su bt kk says tht he is still confused and will nt able to pull this one and says tht u have to do it all alone and krish agrees and asks kk to come bt she says if she comes then manik will suspect her so krish leaves alone. In the office he finds out abt the whole issue and the deals and also comes to know abt london fraud tht rakeshnath doesnt even own a company there and is upset to know these details.Clap

Scene 3: Veena and suk talking where veena says tht she was so happy tht kk accepted ja bt she says tht its not and questions kk and says tht su shd have nt come back ,Angry he came and the problems increasedAngry bt suk says tht dont blame poor su, Cryhe has done so many things for u and says tht dont asks for sacrifices frm ur children so much Clapand su hears this bt veena continues to blame kk bt su stops her and says tht give kk a time , its not possible for kk to go back her past with her living present in frnt of her and its 5 yrs tht everything has passed by bt veena refuses to accept, suk agrees bt veena goes and she goes behind her. Su is alone when krish comes and says tht its good tht u r there and asks su to go to certain files which will declare tht ja is fraud bt veena comes and stops krish and says tht dont go further in saying anything otherwise i will curse u and kk comes and says tht krish dont do anything, no one will support the truth and says tht this is wht u got frm supporting me and says tht dont say anything, everyone is blindfolded and r nt ready to accept the truth and says tht even i will see how the truth is hided frm coming out and till how many days and leaves, su takes the files and go to ja's rm and says tht he needs to speak with him, he asks wht the matter bt su says tht i want to know how can a man change and says tht i need to ask u certain questions and i want ur answers now. manik is surprised.

Tom: manik calls sethji for money , he says it will take 3 days more and manik in frnt of kamya says tht 3 days more and manik will become millionaire.Ouch

Posted: 16 years ago
Thanks for the update Wink
Posted: 16 years ago

thankx a lot resham 4 the update
yeah, even i think we won't even have a scene left with  only kk & su together b4 the leap

Originally posted by resham_tam

Scene 1:............ kk asks everyone to trust her bt noone does and she looks upto su bt he is quiet. Meanwhile rakeshnath escapes.Dead

i felt bad 4 kk, even Su didn't say anythingConfusedOuchCry

Posted: 16 years ago
its stupid to the power! again a salil's track!

su is bcoming dummy! Cry
Posted: 16 years ago

thansk resham for this great update. poor kk she always has to fight alone and everyone else just sits down doing nothing,

Posted: 16 years ago
thanks for the update!
Posted: 16 years ago
thanx for the update resham
n for yesterdayz aswell Embarrassed Big smile
Posted: 16 years ago
Thank u soo much for the update Smile


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