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Posted: 16 years ago

Now to some latest happenings in the serial... This serial is going great guns!!!This will keep you glued to this serial!!!Tongue

Vikram is very upset after last night's behaviour of his towards Shyamlee. (To note, When he was in pain, he pushed her, fought with her for tablets, he messed up the room etc). Shyamlee asks him to be optimistic, he need not feel sorry at all. Gyan Singh tells them that ther is a famous darga here, where people get what they wish and pray for. Shyamlee wants to go there.

In the meantime, Sanya tells Ravi and Komal of her proposing Apurva. Ravi is against it, as Sharda will never accept it. But komal is to Sanya's side. They all make a call to Vikram, Sanya tells that she proposed to Apurva, and that Apurva accepted to Shyamlee. Shyamlee in turn looks worried, tells Vikram about it. Vikram says Apurva i a good choice made by Sanya.

Jayant's presence at home annoys Sharda to the maximum. Sanya, Ravi and Komal cannot stand that guy as he stinks of liquor all the time.

Vikram and Shyamlee go to the darga along with Gyan Singh. The way to it is a steep uphil like, without propoer road. They need to pass some woods to go there. They go there, pray and are returning.Gyan is talking some nonsense, Shyamlee is so engrossed in it, that she does not notice Vikram panting for breath. Vikram stops, he cannot move. He legs have given up. He feels like falling. Gyan and Shyamlee turn back when they do not hear Vikram's voice, they are shocked to see Vikram in a bad state. Vikram in the meantime, stumbles on a stone, is falling down, when Gyan and Shyamlee bring him back to his feet. Vikram says he is ok, they will go back.

They come back. Shyamlee walks into the room. Vikram asks Gyan to give him the keys of the 2nd bedroom.

Sharda now plans to send Sanya, Komal and Ravi out of the house for some days. She plans something. She goes to Ravi, tels him that Vikram left his medicine bottle here. He might need it. So she asks Ravi to go there with Komal and SAnya. They to can have a nice time there. Ravi says he will go alone, but then, he is forced to agree.

In the office, Pooja sees Apurva sitting in Vikram's chair.She scolds him for doing so. She does not trust Apurva. She even calls Vikram and tells him that Apurva is not reliable. But, he asks her not to distrub him. Pooja and Apurva have another argument in fron of all staff. Pooja accuses Apurva of signing a deal without her knowledge. Now, the company might face a big loss bcos of it. As she is scolding him, Sanya comes there. Sanya and Pooja have a fight. Ultimaltey, Sanya tells Pooja that she loves Apurva, will marry him shortly. Pooja is shocked. Sanya slaps Pooja when she talks against Apurva.

Pooja goes to Mohini, tells her that she dislikes Apurva so much. She will do anythign to get him out of the job. Mohini is silent, as she does not want to talk about Apurva. She feels Sanya letting out the fact that she is in love with him, will be problematic for them. So she decides on another plan. She tells Pooja to go and tell Sharda about Sanya's love. Sharda will see to it that Apurva does not stay in office. Pooja goes.

Here, Ravi and Komal pack their bags to leave. Snaya comes. Sharda asks her to go with them, but Sanya, who is in a bad mood, after the fight in office, refuses. So Ravi and Komal make a move. Sharda calls Shyamlee and tells her that Ravi and Komal are on their way to the guest house. Vikram forgot his medicines, she saw it when she came to their room to clean. So she has sent the medicine with them. Shyamlee is sad.

Vikram brings the other room key, gives it to Shyamlee, asks her to spend her night from now on in another room. He tells her that he is sure to get the pain even tonight. So he might again behave bad with Shyamlee in his pain. He actually knows not what he does when in pain. He also does not want Shyamlee to go thro his pain and discomfort. He tells her that you can atleast get a good sleep if you are not with me. Shyamlee is crying, she runs out of the room.

Vikram consoles her, Shyamlee asks him, does he think she is so selfish and heartless? Shyamlee asks him, why did you ever say that? How can you think i can stay happily in another room? Vikram asks sorry, tells that he takes back his words. They both go in.

Mohini and Apurva meet. Mohini tells Apurva about Pooja's coming. She also tells him that Sharda will soon know about it. Apurva is upset. Mohini tells him that i can see only a benefit out of this situation for us. My sixth sense will never be wrong. I foresee, Virendra Singhania giving Snaya in marriage to you. This will happen , she says. But before that, many things need to happen. She also tells him what she sees in future. This is shown in mute. But after that, she says that You will marry Sanya. Then, Jayant will kill Pooja. The blame will be put on Vikram. He will go to jail. So you will be the owner of Singhania property.

Guest house. Vikram and Shyamlee enjoying a candle light dinner in the lawn. Vikram raises a toast saying This is for us. As they look at each other romantically, Vikram gets the discomfort again. He is perspiring. He feels uneasy. He gets up, goes in. Shyamlee is worried, she follows him. In the room, Vikram sits on the sofa, he is now feeling really sick. He is in pain. He just cannot do anything. He asks Shyamlee to leave him alone, go to the other room. Shyamlee says she will not leave him and go. Then Vikram loses his cool, holds and shakes Shyamlee asking for tablets. He pushes her to the ground, as he cannot bear the pain. He goes and falls to the bed, is struggling in pain. Shyamlee is crying. She goes to him, tries to take care of him. But Vikram demands again and again for the tablet. He even screams that if she wants to see him dead, he will kill himself, but cannot bear this pain. As Vikram struggles, Ravi and Komal come to the guest house. They are welcomed by Gyan, they both knock at Vikram's door. They both hear Vikram screaming. They think they both are fighting. Shyamlee is upset that someone is at the door. Vikram keeps screaming at Shyamlee, asking her to get those tablets. Shyamlee has no other go , but to open the door, as Ravi keeps knocking. Ravi and Komal are shocked to see Vikram suffering. Vikram tells Ravi to get his tablet. Ravi says i have it with me, takes it out of his pocket, is about to give it to Vikram. Shyamlee takes the bottle from Ravi's hand. She tells Ravi that she will not have  Vikram take this. Vikram looks at Shyamlee with anger and is desperate in pain. He continues to struggle in bed when Komal and Ravi have an argument with Shyamlee. Shyamlee takes them out of the room, tell them that she is doing this only for Vikram's well being. She cannot tell anything more than that. But Ravi and Komal demand an explanation, for which Shyamlee has no answer. She gives the bottle to Ravi, tells him to hide it. He should never speak about this to  Vikram. She goes to Vikram's room.

Ravi gets a call from Sharda. Komal as she talks to Sharda, tells her that Shyamlee is not giving those tablets to Vikram. Sharda talks to Ravi, tells him not to see his brother struggling like this. She tells him to give those tablets to Vikram take care of him. She tells Komal to keep her informed asto what happens there.

Shyamlee goes to the room, she does not find Vikram in the bed. She is then shocked to see Vikram on the gorund, struggling in pain. She tries to help him out.

Sharda thinks that whatever Shyamlee is doing will not give results. It will turn against her. She tells herself that Vikram can never leave those tablets, so this means another fight is going to erupt between Shyamlee and Vikram over those tablets.

Posted: 16 years ago
thanks a million Excellent effort by you to update us!!!
Posted: 16 years ago
oh thank u very much for the really execlent update
Posted: 16 years ago
thanx sree for keeping us sooo well informed Clap Clap Clap
Posted: 16 years ago
Oh my god!!!... i hate Sharda!!! Someone kill her for me!!! Angry

thanks Sree!!!! u are aresome!!
Posted: 16 years ago
thanks sree...i think more then sharada i cannot stand mohini and what she has planned using everyone just as sunny did.
Posted: 16 years ago
thanks sree for thewhats going on in India, here in USA we are week behind Big smile
that sharda Angry
Posted: 16 years ago
Thanks Sree !!!! Oh dear, that was such a terrific episode !!! This serial has suddenly turned very interesting. And I find Shyamalee's character so strong, and beleivable too. Unfortunately, Mohini's character is cliched, but over all this serial is pretty cool.

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