For all my Friends! Plz READ!

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Posted: 16 years ago

To all my friendz,
i would like to thank all u guys for parying for my health! i have a little surprise to remeber me by in the furture because who knows Kal Ho NO Ho hum! so please read this! I wrote this poem by myslef so please do tell me if u like it and hope u enjoy the poem!TongueSmile

I sit here alone,
thinking of the good days we spent together,
looking upon the sky,
i remember lying down in the grass,
and playing on the violin brass,
I see us laughing at the pranks we played,
we said that we will not cry,
but now we weep for each other,
nothing sepetarted us,
but my death has made us seperate,
although i'm not alive,
my memories will always remain with you,
cause we promised to stick together,
so sitting in heaven,
I pray for your happiness,
and may you cherish all your dreeams,
God has made us friends,
So therefore we will be friends for ever,
even after my death....


Posted: 16 years ago

Hug nothing'll happen to you sonia mummyji!!!!
Posted: 16 years ago
no pls dont write abt death ..u have along way to go and pls have hope in life.Life is too precious to give up,have hope and have faith in god.He is there with u and we will all pray for you,u WILL be fine and good
pls have faith
Posted: 16 years ago
Awww Clap   Cry Dont worry sonia, you will be fine!!! Tongue B positive! Tongue Tongue
Posted: 16 years ago
awwwwwwwwww thanx betji#1 Smile Hug
Posted: 16 years ago



please dont tlk about death...nothing is going to happen to you yaarrrrrrrrrr.....u will be jollly good in no time yaaarrrrr....

our lowe and prayers will help you get through this..akir when your down to nothing, God is up to something...please smile at that yaaar


Posted: 16 years ago
You will be absoluteeeeeeeeeely fine, love..don't wurrie..we're all praying for you. And the poem was wonderful. Embarrassed



Posted: 16 years ago
pls dont say such thinks. you will be fine as sidh , khush and others said we all shall pray for you Smile . God is kind enough, he doesnt do bad with good ones. the poem was really beautiful. Clap Clap

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