My 2nd OS: Coochie coochie coo !!

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Posted: 10 years ago

Hi guys,

After my first OS (Khushi ki khushi) I decided to post another OS, having been given great encouragement by so many nice forumwasio! Smile

I hope you do enjoy my second OS and would love to receive feedback from you all. A few of you may recognise your names within the OS as an extra incentive for reading!  LOL Wink 

(Apologies if you're not there as I could only fit a few in as I didn't want to alter the context too much, plus the fact that some forum names are almost impossible to fit into a story!!)

''Coochie coochie coo !!''

Arnav stepped out of the shower, wrapped the luxurious, warm towel around his waist and sauntered into his bedroom, with the smile he now seemed to permanently display, ever since that night.

That night.

Ah yes, that night! 

The night he and his new wife, Khushi Kumari Gupta, no, sorry, Khushi Singh Raizada, had consummated their (finally) declared love, after a wedding reception the likes of which Delhi had rarely seen. So many guests, from far and wide, including Bollywood celebrities, International cricketers and Business men and women from all over India. Even his old 'flame' Lavanya Kashyap, the 'London Doll', now Lavanya RPS Laxman of course, had joined the celebrations with her new fiance, the renowned sportswear designer, Akshay RPS Laxman. The man who had dared to compete with the multi-national firm, RBK (Reebok). The man who had designed the best-selling SBK2 range, which was the latest craze amongst the college community.

''ENOUGH!'' Arnav scolded himself, this was no time to reminisce about the past, this was a time for happiness and  luuurrrve.  Ever since his beloved Di, Anjali, had divorced Shyam the Snake (he still couldn't believe how quickly and courageously his sister had gotten over that creep, with the undoubted help of his Khushi. By god, HIS  Khushi, how good it felt to say that!) the whole Raizada household seemed to have found more joy than ever before. Even Mami had cut down on the barbs and insults she had previously periodically aimed at Payal Ji and Khushi, although that little 'chat' he had undertaken with Mami had clearly helped to reduce the insults, to be fair. She had recently gone to stay with her 2 distant cousin brothers for a few weeks ' a good excuse for Mami to practice her ''Hello Hi, Bhai, Bhai'' routine with them.

''Arnav Ji?''

Arnav looked up from the edge of the bed, where he had started to put his socks on and saw an angelic vision to soothe his sore eyes, standing, framed by the doorway. The woman who had brought so much sunshine into his life. He understood full well why he was so completely and utterly 'Head over Heels' in love with Khushi. Her hair was 'open' (just as he preferred it) and the Aqua-Blue Sari she was wearing showed off all her gorgeous curves. She was no longer a Size Zero though, mainly down to all the Jalebis she had been devouring in the larger kitchen space at RM, but he quite liked this, as it had meant she needed a new wardrobe and he had seized the opportunity to get rid of all the tight-fitting 'suits' she had brought along from her 'Maike'.

Unfortunately for Aakash, Payal Ji didn't like Jalebis quite as much as Khushi, (Aakash still called her Payal Ji at the moment, but was working his way round to dropping the 'Ji') so Payal Ji was still wearing the 'tight' suits at the present time. Aakash had decided that the best form of attack was to buy one new 'looser fitting' suit every week for Payal and then wait for her to put the dupattas she had washed onto the clothes line. He would then quickly climb out of the window and then 'appear' on the pathway just outside RM, where he would then 'accidentally' see Payal. After they had both stared at each other for approximately 1 minute and 30 seconds, she would rush inside, sometimes even allowing herself the luxury of a shy giggle. Aakash would then re-enter RM via the main door, go to their room and present Payal with her gift. They would then watch the DVD of 'Main Hoon Na' and fast forward to the 'Chandni' scene/song with SRK wooing Sushmita Sen.

Love conquers all.   Emoticons galore abound.   Cliches rule.


Anyway, before the story digresses too much and we are forced to end the episode (hecklers in the crowd begin to cheer and clap, with their chappals ready to throw)...just pretend it was an Ad break...yes, okaaay, the Dulux ad with Sarun...aaannd ACTION!!

''ARNAV JI !!'' 

Khushi spoke louder this time and crossed her arms to show her displeasure at being ignored the first time. 

''Mmm'yes, Khushi?''

''I have been calling you for the past 20 minutes!'' 

''What were you calling me? Not nasty names, I hope?'' teased Arnav. 

''Oof, Arnav Ji, breakfast is ready and Di is enquiring as to why you haven't come downstairs yet!!''

''Well, my dear Khushi Khushboo, merey dil ki aarzoo, you know full well I had to shower and you also know  why  I had to shower!'' 

His wife blushed and her cheeks turned a delicious deep pink. 

''ARNAV JI !! Aap bhi na...'' 

Arnav laughed, ''I'll be down in 3 minutes, tell Di to start breakfast'' 

''You know Anjali Di will not eat until you come. She won't start until she has pinched your cheek and said...''

''Okay, okay, don't rush me!'' interrupted Arnav.

''Rashmi? Who is she? Main Khushi hoo, yeh Rashmi kaun hai?''

''Oooff, not Rashmi...rush me!! Oh, never mind ' give me 2 minutes!'' Arnav grimaced. 

''Okay, hurry up!'' Khushi swivelled and went back out of the doorway. 


Anjali Di. 

Ah yes...Anjali Di. 


Arnav's beloved sister  had  miraculously got over the creep Shyam  but  one thing had deteriorated in her behaviour. Something had become far more exaggerated than it used to be and Arnav  knew  what was coming. He shrugged and muttered 'asr4ever' as he headed downstairs to face the music, as in...the inevitable.  

The table was set, the Tea & Coffee tray was in its place, Khushi's favourite chocolate biskooots were on a plate next to her seat; Payal Ji, Aakash and Nani were already seated. 

''Phew, let's get this over with!'' thought Arnav.  

''Morning Nani, morning everyone, good morning Di!'' smiled Arnav. (He did a lot of smiling nowadays - Khushi had filled him with a glow, full of ardour and purpose, she had brought with her the incandescent vitality of youth and he loved the fact that she was still a shy babe at heart but her chirpiness and good nature kept him on his toes.)

Anjali limped leisurely over to Arnav. 

Arnav braced himself. 

''Chotey! Good morning!'' smiled Anjali...''Chotey!! Hamaarey Chotey, chotey, coochie coochie coo!'' gushed Anjali, initially making some 'sideways' baby faces and then reaching out and pinching Arnav's cheeks with her forefingers and thumbs. 

''Aao, Chotey, come and sit next to little moi. In fact, let ME sit next to YOU, my coochie coochie coo!'' Reaching forward, Anjali again squeezed the colour out of Arnav's cheeks.  

''Of course, Di, whatever you say, Di'' said Arnav, glancing over at Khushi, who pretended not to see and continued nibbling on her biskoot.  

Payal leaned over to Aakash and whispered, ''Is Di being Nithi again?''

Aakash whispered back ''Not Nithi...Nutty!  She's not anyway.  She's just regressed slightly, that's all.  Anyway, shut up, it's not her fault. It was written in the script...erm...I her fate''

The happy family continue to babble away with each other and our camera slowly fades away from the breakfast table. We are left with a shot of Anjali Di pinching Aakash's cheeks and nudging and winking at Payal

Music1 starts to gently play in the background, ''Twinkle, twinkle little star'' - the credits scroll across the the curtain slowly falls...slowly but surely, the forumwasio stand up, stretch and go to the kitchen to make tea, before looking in the cupboard for those old chappals...LOL

Okay guys, that's it for now - I sincerely hope you WILL COMMENT and leave feedback for  me - I will be EVER so grateful!  Oh and do please click that  LIKE  button just below this...Big smile

P.S. How many forumwasio did you spot? ROFL Wink

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Posted: 10 years ago

Sorry guys, the video hasn't worked - will try to edit it!! Cry

Can anyone help? I tried [youtube]URL[/youtube] but it is not showing the Video? Cry

(I tried ball and chain icon too and that helped to make the link clickable but I wanted it to post the actual video, rather than you having to click on a link to take you to youtube!!) Angry

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Posted: 10 years ago
Originally posted by _-Sophie-_

Don't rush me. Rashmi?
It's all in the script.. I mean fate
That was hilarious. I liked it.

Lol...glad you liked it. I think Rashmi especially ('Rushshri') will be very happy that you liked that part! 

Big smile LOL ROFL

Posted: 10 years ago
_Thnx sophie.
Btw my findings r ...

Did I miss ne1? Nive hide n seek game wid gud n cute storyline.

Saj u rocked it again. Thumbs Up

Edited - I think I got one more. Will pm u. Loved d game.Edited by rushshri - 10 years ago
Posted: 10 years ago

Originally posted by rushshri


Thnx sophie.

Btw my findings are:------------------------------------

Did I miss ne1? Nive hide n seek game wid gud n cute storyline.

Saj u rocked it again. Thumbs Up

Thanks Ra...RUSHSHRI. Wink

I've deleted your findings as you are too good, BUT you missed at least TWO.

Please delete / edit your post above so that others won't see, as you got most of them and they will just copy you! LOL ROFL

Posted: 10 years ago
It was really awesome and fun to read!! haha i love coochie coo and totally something i would wanna do to ASR's cheeks too lol!!! and haha the game with finding forum peeps names was too good!! loved it and ur humor is awesome!!Big smile
Posted: 10 years ago
hahahahaha i just love your sense of humour!! the os was too good yaar!! i loved it!! and thank you so much for the pm and finally somewhere my username came in handy!! lol
Posted: 10 years ago

Originally posted by desigirl_18

It was really awesome and fun to read!! haha i love coochie coo and totally something i would wanna do to ASR's cheeks too lol!!! and haha the game with finding forum peeps names was too good!! loved it and ur humor is awesome!!Big smile

To Rushshri:

Many thanks - off to check the PM.

To desigirl_18: are too kind! Hug 

Also, I think there are 10 or 11 names hidden in there (I need to count them myself, as I've forgotten!) ROFL

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