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hi this is the first game i am going to launch so i dont no if some one has already put this on.

the game is that you have to produce ur own serial you have to have serial name( cant not be existing already it has to be new name that u make up eg. khushi) you have to have cast( not ur self plzz) and u have to have the concept (story)

i will see how many post i get then i chose the top 20.

can u plzz set it out like this it is easyer to read.

serial name= ...............

cast= ..............................

concept (story)=..........................

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Posted: 16 years ago
moondust are you going to take part
Posted: 16 years ago


Well then let me start with it (well it is a comedy serial so dont take it seriously, only for the sake of fun)

serial name= ...Tum Mere Ho, Duniya Jaley to jaley...........

cast= .........Apurva Agnihotri (as Mahaan), Shilpa saklani (as Trivedika), Mona Singh (as Lassi kalia) Garav Ghera (Pandu) etc etc.

concept (story): Well the story starts with two love birds Trivedika (who is rich & famous) & Mahaan (who is poor). After they finish their studies Mahaan gets a job of clerk in a " Kalia textile industries" the owner of which is Lassi kalia. She is very fond of Lassi's. Its time that Mahaan & trivedika decides to get married but the Aamir baap refuses & threatens her that he will commit suicide if ever she thinks of marrying Mahhan. so they drift apart promising not to marry anyone. Oneday Mahaan brought some home made Lassi for lunch & offered it to Ms. Lassi walia. After drinking it she was so happy that she fell for Mahaan (dil hi dil mey). The love blossomed & one day Mahaan also realised he fell in love with Ms. Kallia. They plan to get married but Mahaan had one Shart. He wanted to have a Lassi Factory & become the owner of that factory so that he can so Trivedika's dad that he is also now rich & famous (to give him muah tod Jawab). So both agreed & got married. The lassi factory worked well they had a baby whom they named LAMAO ( sorry it is two letters from Lassi & firt two letters from Mahan, O I added on my own). When Trivedika comes to know abt. it she is all mad & pland to revenge. She Said" Mahaan tum sirf merey ho aur agar merey na ho sakey to kissi key nahin howogey), she hated him for breaking his promise & then starts the game of love & revenge with lots of twists & turns with pandu coming in between & explaining that love is giving not taking & the story ends with Vedika sacrificing but befgore dying she does'nt forget to put poison in Mahaan's glass of Lassi & then they both die & meet in the heaven. Now another story starts in heaven. In the mean time Pandu marries Lassi & they lived happily on earth & mahaan & trivedika in heaven.

Ufffffff. tired. but is it not the way today directors are making storiesConfused


note: do not copy other poeple plzzz

Posted: 16 years ago
i am SO in this! Wink Big smile

name: (insert creative title here)

cast: original jjkn cast, plus kunal walia

plot: a young jassi witnesses her brother kunal's murder. evidence and social pressure (from her friends and family) lead her to believe that armaan is responsible, and thus she she begins her training as an assasin. she seeks assistance from her best friend nandu the underground black-market dealing paan walla who sells her weapons, and her father who trains her to be a skilled martial artist. after many years of preparing, jassi goes in for the kill, and takes up a job at gulmohur, as secretary under armaan. at first, the two can harly tolerate each other; a complete clash of personalities and lifestyles. but as time goes on, they realise that their meeting may have been the best thing that ewer happened to them.

dheere dheere, armaan aur jassi ke beech mein kuch ho jata hain. and jassi is left to choose--between family, or her lowe.

but is reality what we percieve it to be?

Posted: 16 years ago
that was great guys!!!
i'm all out of ideas at the moment...but if i come up with something i'll post it!!! Tongue
Posted: 16 years ago


serial name: Shola, Anand aur mongali

cast: Mona Singh, Apoorva Agnihotri and Shilpa Saklani

concept (story): The story begins with three best friends in the shoe industry. Their names are:

Mongali- Mona         &a mp;n bsp; M

Anand- Apoorva        A

Shola- Shilpa             S

MAS(mongali, anand and shola) have been BFF, like for forever now. Mongali, is the quietest; Anand is the smartest and Shola is the loudest-Three peas in a pod !!Smile.

Shola has just found out her undying affection for AnandEmbarrassed. Shola has confessed her feelings for anand..and he likes her tooBig smile.

Shola and anand have become the itemTongue..MAS have been drifting apartCryOuch. Whats worse, Mongali has just realized she loves anand tooOuch..actually, ever since she can remember.

Can mongali sacrifice her love for her friends happiness?Ouch..Whats in store for MAS?Cry..Will anand ever know the truth about mongali's love?.

The story tackles strong friendship, love and ones sacrifice for love.

A love triangle to remember...

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Posted: 16 years ago
intresting game..can i participate also lol
Posted: 16 years ago
u dnt have to have jjkn cast

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