kk update tuesday(detailed)

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Posted: 16 years ago



as requested by resham i am posting kk's detailed update fro today.


Scene 1: dhruv tells kk that dost came last night and slept here. Kk is very upset. She gets up to get dhruv's medicine. She sees the glass and remembers she had drunk water in it last night. She see's some medicine inside it. She remembers manik had given her the water and hoe she saw manik leaving the room last night, while she was half asleep.


Scene 2: Su meets a doctor,(sorry forget his name) he tells su that they is a foreign doctor who can treat dadaji. Su is happy and says he will make the arrangements,. Su rings mr gupta and asks for the money in the account. Gupta tells him that jytin kept all the money in his account. Su is shocked. Su says to himself why is jatin bahiya doing this, he never did this before.


Scene 3: kk with krish. Krish asks kk the problem. Kk tells him that she knows what ever she is going to say might be a big sin if it turns out the be wrong, but she cant help it, since things are getting out of control. She tells krish that she thinks jatin is not jatin but someone else. krish tells kk he too feels the same. Kk says to krish that they need to meet rakeshnath and ask him. kk remembers the scene when rakesh nath was being beaten and someone called him pakiya.


Scene 4: dhruv is seeing su secretly and su see's him. su opens his arms form dhruv. Dhruv come runnin and hugs su. Dhruv says he is angry with su since he does not play with him and nor does he sleep with him. su tries to explain to dhruv, but dhruv says kal raat dost came. Su feels uncomfortable. Dhruv tells su last night mama was asleep and dost came and layed beside her and mama did not know about it. Su is shocked. Su tells dhruv when dadaji recover they all will sleep together


Scene 5: kk and krish arrive at the basati and ask people about manik, by showing his and rakeshnath's pic. A little boy see's the pic and tells he is manik. kk and krish shocked. Thee boy tells them pakiya(rakeshnath( is upstairs.


Scene 6: the room opens, rakeshnath thinks its' manik, he asks for some alcohol. Kk and krish enter and rakesh nath is shocked. Kk tells him that she is kk wadhwa and now his game is over. She tells him to come with them. Rakeshnath ask about maink and krish tells him we are taking you for manik. Kk tells him that he can be freed from this prison only bec of them now and he has to tell everyone the truth about manik. Rakeshnath is shocked




Scene 7: veena comes to su and asks him to taste the kheer she made for jatin. Su tells her why is she doing all this, that dadaji are so unwell. Veena says he knows dadaji will recover soon. Bua comes and asks about the specialist doctor.. veena says to su why does'nt he ask jatin to do the arrangements, jatin loves dadaji a lot and he will do anything for dadaji. Kk enters and says he wont do anything. Everyone shocked.

kk tells everyone he is a fraud . veena tells kk to shut up and why is she always humilating jatin. . Kk says he is not jatin but manik and she has proof too. Su is shocked. rakeshnath enters with krish.

Everyone shocked


Coming up. Krish is telling su some more proofs about manik. Veena comes and tells krish to shut up



Posted: 16 years ago
thnks sooooo much norzar
Posted: 16 years ago
hey thnka norzar Tongue
Posted: 16 years ago
thanks a lot norzar.

I will make it tom and then next day's update so dont worry.

thanks a lott

Posted: 16 years ago
thanx, now the stories gettin 2 the point.
Posted: 16 years ago
Thanks for the update - this will drag - they wont beleive it.

Thanks for the update!

Esti aunty
Posted: 16 years ago
thanks for the update Wink
Posted: 16 years ago
thanks for the update Wink


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