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Posted: 16 years ago


  I am extremely sorry. I have been missing out on seeing Mamta for the past few days, bcos of some work or the other. This is the higlights of what happened over the week. I will provide regular updates from tomorrow...

Akshay now does not share any relationship with Tanisha. He keeps Tanisha away from Krish. Sameer gets a doubt that Mamta is hiding something from him. One night, when Sameer, his mom and Devika go to a party, Tanisha comes there. She confronts Mamta. She tells Mamta to go from the place. Mamta vows that she will get back to Srivastav household very soon. They both have a big argument, where Tanisha tells Mamta that she can even go to the extent of killing Krish for propoerty. Mamta is shocked. Sameers sees Tanisha's car moving out of his house, as they return from the party. Next morning, Sameer asks Mamta,as to why his rival's wife Tanisha came here. Mamta has no answer.

Mamta keeps meeting Krish at the park where Nanda brings him. Both Nanda and Mamta too meet. Nanda in the meantime, gets very close with Karan. Karan does not leave any opportunity to go to Nanda's room to spend time with her.

Akshay is desperate to get to know where Mamta is. Dadi is also upset, she too wants Akshay to search for Mamta. Akshay and dadi discuss asto where they can get any clue where Mamta is. Suddenly, Akshay gets reminded of Mamta's diary. He tells dadi that he has got a way out.

He goes to Krish's room. Krish is fast asleep. He searches for Mamta's diary. Here, Mamta gets to know that her diary is missing. She searches all over, but does not get it. Mamta is very upset and worried, bcos she has written that Krish is her son in that diary. She prays to God that the diary should not reach anyone's hands. There, Akshay searches the room for her diary. He eventually gets it. He starts to read. He reads a line where Mamta has written that her motherly love drew her towards Srivastav home. She is lucky to have got the love of a kid like Krish. Mamta then writes that her son is actually.... Akshay has to turn the page to read Mamta's kid's name, when Krish starts to cry aloud. Akshay leaves the book down, attends to Krish. It is only then that Akshay gets to know that Krish her high fever. He panics. He runs to the room, to get the thermometer. He sees Tanisha happily sleeping. He shakes her, wakes her, tells her that Krish needs her. She goes out of the room reluctantly. All have assmebled at Krish's room. All are upset. Akshay takes the temperature, it reads 103 degree. All are upset.

Mamta who is at her place, gets a notion that something is wrong with Krish. She cries. She tries calling Srivastav home. The phone is picked by Tanisha. Tanisha was again lying peacefully in bed when Mamta calls. Mamta does not speak. Akshay comes to the room, asks Tanisha whether she called the doctor. Mamta hears Akshay's words, is upset, thinks, what has made Akshay call for a doc at this late hour?

Tanisha comes to Krish's room, tells all that she called the doc, he asks her to give a syrup to Krish. Mamta tries again, this time, Shaina picks up. She does not talk. Mamta prays to god that, Nanda should pick up. She dials again. This time Nanda picks up. She asks Nanda is Krish alright? Nanda tells her that Krish is running high temperature. Mamta is worried. She does not know what to do. Nanda tells Mamta that Akshay is taking Krish to the doctor and gives Mamta the address of the clinic.

Akshay is holding Krish in his arms, trying to make him sleep. He looks very upset. Next morning, Akshay plans to take Krish to the doctor. Akshay is going to the hospital with Krish, when Tanisha comes . She tells Akshay that she will also come. She wants to prove to him that she is a good mother. So they go to the doc. Mamta is thee at the hospital. She is desperately waiting for Krish to come. She sees Akshay gets down from the car. She is shocked to see Tanisha having Krish with her. Mamta hides, as they go to meet the doctor. Sameer has come there following Mamta. He realises that Mamta is more than a nanny in that place.

Akshay and Tanisha consult the doctor. Mamta stays out, is desperate to know how Krish is. Akshay and Tanisha come otu with Krish. Krish is now fast asleep. Akshay is talking to his mom over the phone, as he climbs down the steps and goes to the parking place. He tells his mom that Krish is asleep now. He was given an injection. If fever persists, they need to do few blood tests, but now, he is fine. Akshay says that they are cming home now. So mamta happens to hear all this.

Akshay in the house, is keeping Krish in his arms, for a long time. He is very upset, does not want to leave the kid. Dadi and Damayanti asks Akshay to go and sleep, as he has not slept from last night. They both promise to take care of Krish. Akshay leaves with hesitation. Then Damayanti asks Dadi to go, says she will take care. Just then, Tanisha comes there. So Dadi tells Damayanti that they both can go to sleep, as Tanisha will take care of the kid. Tanisha is angry, but then, agrees. After dadi and Damayanti go, Tanisha asks Nanda to take care of Krish and goes to her room to sleep.

Nanda is with Krish. But late in the night, Krish's fever increases, he starts to cry. There, Mamta is feelling very restless. She cries, holding Krish's photo. She decides to go and meet Krish. She goes to Srivastav home. Nanda, who runs out  of Krish's room, to call Akshay, is held by Karan. Karan drags her to her room, to be witrh her. Nanda keeps screaming that Krish is not well. But Karan pushes her to the room and bolts the door. Krish is left all alone in the room.

Mamta comes near the gate. Pulwari sees Mamta. She is shocked. Mamta asks Pulwari to open the door, as she wants to see Krish. Pulwari agrees as Mamta is crying and is depserate. She lets Mamta in. Mamta goes to Krish's room, sees her kid suffering. She takes a cloth, starts to give him cold gandage on his forehead. Pulwari thanks god that nobody saw her opening the door for Mamta.

Mamta is with Krish the whole night. As she is sitting there, somebody switches on the lgiht. Mamta is shocked to see Dadi there. Dadi is surprised to see Mamta there. Dadi tries to go near Mamta, but Mamta manages to run out of the room. As she runs, she pushes her own diray to the floor. Mamta sees the diary, recognises it as her diary, takes it and runs out of the house. Dadi calls all. All come running. They ask her what's wrong. Dadi tells all that  Mamta was here. All are surprised. Tanisha tells all that Mamta might have come to kidnap Krish. Nanda is missing. Pulwari is tensed. All ask each other where Nanda is. Akshay asks Tanisha why did she leave Krish alone? Tanisha says that she could not sleep in Krish's small bed, so she asked Nanda to take care. All search for Nanda. Nanda after a long struggle, manages to push Karan to bed, runs out of the room. She comes to Krish's room, she is shocked to see all there. All start to accuse her, Tanisha says that Nanda opened the door for Mamta. Nanda cries, says she did not do that. She went out to drink water. She never knew mamta didi was here. Tanisha asks Nanda to get out of the house. But Akshay asks Nanda to stay on. All leave the room. Akshay stays back with Krish. Pulwari tries to tell Akshay the truth, but then gets afraid, does not tell him anything.

Nanda again goes to Karan, screams at him, givies him 24 hours time to tell Shaina that he is divorcing her. Tanisha hears all this.

Next morning. Akshay has slept in Krish's room, near Krish. He gets up. He sees Krish sleeping. He touches Krish's forehead, is very happy that he has no fever. He takes Krish in his arms. He takes him out. Tanisha is pretty much upset that Mamta managed to sneak into the house. As Tanisha scolds Mamta, Akshay tells Tanisha that Mamta should be brought back to this house. He will take all steps needed to bring her back. Tanisha is tensed.

Akshay tells all that, Mamta proved lucky for them. Krish got well as soon as he saw mamta. Anand tells all that when a person gets very close to another person, he misses the person so much when he is away. So this must have happened to Krish too. DAdi tells that we should bring Mamta back home. Akshay agrees, tells that he will surely bring her back. Tanisha is mad at Akshay.

Dadi asks Nanda to take Krish out to the park. Nanda takes him. In the park, Mamta is there. Mamta is happy to see Krish alright. Nanda asks Mamta whether she came home last night. Mamta says yes. Nanda asks her who opened the door for you? Mamta says i cannot say that. But, one thing is for sure, i will be back to that house very soon. Nanda is happy. Nanda tells Mamta that Tanisha actually suspected her. Mamta asks for forgiveness. Mamta then leaves. Nanda is shocked to see Tanisha there.

Posted: 16 years ago
thanks sree for the highlights really appreciate it!!
Posted: 16 years ago
thanks for the highlights!!!!
Posted: 16 years ago
Thanks a lot Sree for the highlights
Posted: 16 years ago
thanku soooooooo much.

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