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Posted: 16 years ago

what shweta said was her reaction, she may b hurt or whatever although saying it as doggy was bit cheap too, but cezzane too was wrong when he said that"what class she belongs to" well nice ppl niether talk abt class nor dogs so both r of same category almost.

shweta had a family still she was in that relationship,sameway cezzane keeps on changing girls one is to blame no one, ya may b shweta was ready to leave anythng for cezzane but he ditched her, if thats it than cezzane is wrong,otherwise not

Posted: 16 years ago
sorry shweta bt i totally disagree...i mean wteva cezzane does is his business..hes never sed nethn about shweta or her life up until now..he remained his dignity on the show compared 2 shweta..she called him a weras cezzane only sed bout her class and that wz only bcpoz of wt she sed..and plus at the end wen they askd him his final comments on shweta tiwari..he still sed i dnt wnt 2 comment on shweta if i hav 2 make a general comment then all i wna say is that she needs 2 grow up!!

Posted: 16 years ago
and another thing..shweta has her own family..she shud be thinking and caring about them not digging up old graves i mean come on!!

Posted: 16 years ago
hey.....i also think mtht sweta is acting like a shit Dead Dead
enough man u better mind ur own business n y r u nterfering in other one i mean in cezzane
wht ever he wants 2 do
whjt si bothering her Angry Angry
Posted: 16 years ago
shweta was too rude to cezzane and its only becoz i think shez jealous of shuva and becoz shweta maybe is ditched for shuva by cezanne so i guess this might be the reason that she called cezzane a dog.
whereas cezzane was to decent and mature when he commented on shweta, i mean any sensible human being who is being called a dog in camera wud have bashed that person and cross any limits to take badla, specially in the case of celebs.
Posted: 16 years ago
shweta s already married?
Posted: 16 years ago
yep she is and and i Think she s acting like a ******
well well i didnot mean to say that but that women should change and cezanne was not really good either well dont talk abt class .... come on have some personality ppll. .and sweta tiwari you are the one who is disgusting in behavior....
Posted: 16 years ago
shweta is already married n she even has a daughter who looks like 5 or 6 years old

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