Kahiin To Hoga Comes 2 an end!!!

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Posted: 16 years ago
Kahiin To Hoga coming to an end!
The famous late night soap of starplus, 'Kahiin to hoga' is coming to an end. The writer of the serial, Ekta Kapoor says, "People are not very happy with Kahiin to hoga since Rajeev left. The story is also becoming unbalanced so I thought I better end this serial."

What about the track
The track will be like this that  the Rahejas will not be with the Garewals anymore because of a big fight. The Rahejas will settle in London. Kaarthik's Bauji will have an accident with Sujal's car and die. Kaarthik will think Sujal did it because he (Kaarthik) sent Sujal, Lalit & CG to jail & his security guards also threw Rishi out of his office. Kaarthik takes his revenge by killing first Veena, as she was the closest to Sujal then he kills C.G. Only Rishi will be left. Kaarthik will first kidnap Kashish to kill her also then when Sujal will come to know about it, he will go there with Rishi to save Kashish. Sujal saves her and some songs play on them. Then when Kaarthik  sees that Sujal has found Kashish & is with her he gets angry & starts hitting Sujal. Sujal fights him too and when Kashish says, 'Maro isse Sujal, Mar Dalo!' Sujal gets a spirit in himself and kills Kaarthik. The end is that Kashish & Sujal marry each other & as Kashish was pregnant they get a son too. The sisters of Kashish say sorry to Kashish, Kashish forgives them then the title song comes on the four sisters & in the title song a man's voice comes too which is in the serial by Sujal ofcourse. They live happily ever after...

Last Episode Date
Ekta Kapoor says,"The date is not decided yet because we are thinking of a way by which Charu can die so wait n watch!". But still the serial is predicted to fly off air in April.

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Isn't it sadCry? I got this news from mid-day. With Kahiin to hoga ending this forum will also end and we all will be separated!!!CryCryCry Post your comments, friends!
Posted: 16 years ago
This is sad for KTH fans yo! Many raj - amna fans will be very disturbed to knwo dis!
Posted: 16 years ago
Is it true....oh god please bhaskar brother confirm this....Wow...iam very very happy..
Please some one confirm this.
Posted: 16 years ago
Ya not just Rajeevians, Aamnaians, Gurpreetians/Gurrians but everyone! I hope this KTH forum doesn't close. Yeh Meri Life Hai has ended in Sony but still India-forums hasn't removed the name or Yeh Meri Life Hai forum. All the fans are still there remembering the moments by viewing/posting videos, pics...etc
Posted: 16 years ago
Well..i don't think it's gonna close..even now we are surviving by recalling old episodes..!! Edited by CuteAreej - 16 years ago
Posted: 16 years ago
provide the link for this article.
Is this a joke or r u serious.....Ekta herself admitting that the show has lost its way after Rajeev left....Cant digest this.
Posted: 16 years ago


someone confirm this wow Embarrassed

uff me the happiest person


thanx for the info dear Smile

The famous late night soap of starplus, 'Kahiin to hoga' is coming to an end. The writer of the serial, Ekta Kapoor says, "People are not very happy with Kahiin to hoga since Rajeev left


still someone confirm this Tongue

kekta sayin nice words bout jannu

shokin Confused by the way Wink 1 aprail coming LOL nice try LOL


Edited by pinkstarrs_9 - 16 years ago
Posted: 16 years ago
link is provided let me check... Confused

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