Kavya Cant Die! The Legend Lives on

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Posted: 16 years ago

A Petition for Balaji... Pls sign for Eijaz..

Dear Ekta  & Star TV,


We take this opportunity to applaud the creative brains behind Kavyanjali.  Coming at the time slot of 9:30 pm, It's one show that we all just can't afford to miss – thanks to its gripping story line that has us in tender hooks. 


The trps of Kavyanjali were at a dowhill till Eijaz didnt enter,. With replacement and deaths being a part of the plots, now we hear of another death scene - that if Kavya being bumped of in Kavyanjali. We feel that much of the success of Kavyanjali can be attributed to the Kavya  (played by Eijaz Khan) – Anjali (Enacted by Natasha)  reel sad love story and the rest of the cast and crew of the serial.  


Eijaz Khan with unconventional good looks and a different style and approach to acting has a positive guy like Kavya very real. Portrayed as a good son, a doting husband , a caring brother and the best friend as also being the backbone behind Vayu could have been one of the one of the reason for Kavyanjali  being tops of the charts and the rising TRP's. He was very focused as Kavya wherein he knew what he wanted and he knew the meaning of friendship, love , understanding & sacrifice.  It was perhaps this ability of his that makes us realize that perhaps he is as good if not better than his contemporaries in the serial.


We really cant pin point as to which scene of his we like the best for all of his scenes are better than the other. With deaths being a part of your show, we hear that Kavya is going to be bumped off. This is making us go in a state of denial and shock as to cant imagine Kavyanjali with Eijaz!. We do feel that no body will not be able to take KA to the heights, Eijaz has taken this show too right now and no body will be able to make it go further beyond. We do know for a fact that we will stop watching KA the day Eijaz makes an exit. Eijaz did suit and fit the role of Kavya  better than the previous guy with more ease and perfection. 


No Eijaz means No Kavyanjali for us...........


It is therefore our humble request to retain Eijaz in Kavyanjali. We do not care if you show another love traiangle between the two leads but please make Eijaz stay on if Kavyanjali is to retain its Top 10 position and its audiences.


It is also a request, if we can see Eijaz in other shows - Like Kyunki saas bhi kabhi bahu thi... His entry is Nimmo was rocking and fantabulous... Heres Hoping we get to see more and more and more of Eijaz Khan ... Kya karein, the more we see him, the more adoreable he becomes - Yeh Dil Mange More of Eijaz !!!!!


With Regards,


Viewers of KavyaAnjali

Posted: 16 years ago
misty youwrote this its so sweet u really want eijaz to stay dont u
Posted: 16 years ago
Sorry my mistake! Mods Can you move this to the KA section ....
Posted: 16 years ago
how do we sign it?? Cry
Posted: 16 years ago

Originally posted by ana1

misty youwrote this its so sweet u really want eijaz to stay dont u

yes i do want eijaz to stay on ....

Posted: 16 years ago
well said mishty Clap

we wanna c eijaz in kavyanjali...no eijaz then no kavyanjali Cry
Posted: 16 years ago
i agree wid u..where were u all this moment...plz mere kavya ko bacha lo Cry Cry
Posted: 16 years ago
yeah chalo phele nitya kho mar dete hai aise kavya nahin mar sakta LOL

nahin lekin sachi main yaar eijoo nahin tho mazza hi khatam haan anitah hai lekin phir bhi

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