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So guys here's today's update--
1. Episode starts with rishi & aman going to the police station where rishi tries to explain it to the inspector that his family is innocent & cannot arrest them like this,but inspector makes fun of him because of which rishi gets angry & is about to beat him up when aman stops him from doing so.Inspector then tells aman that if he(rishi) misbehaves then he has to arrest him also after which noth of them leave.

Veena is crying while mehak tries to calm her down when kashish comes & veena tells her about the problems that they r facing to which kashish tells her that everything will be alright.Just then vasu comes & blames her for the problems that they r currently facing,veena then tells her that she only blames others while kashish tries to solve a problem.But vasu doesn't stop & continues to talk ill of kashish when finally veena asks her to shut up & tells her that she called kashish & she doesn't have the right to say anything to her.Vasu then says that may she needs to say sorry to kashish for it,she still speaks ill of kashish & after showing her attitude vasu leaves.

After vasu has left mehak says sorry to kashish for what vasu said to her while veena also apologises for it to which kashish tells her that she doesn't need to say to her & asks mehak to take care of veena,kashish then tells herself that now she has to go to the police station afterall.

Kashish reaches the police-station(she's outside) when akshat also comes & tells her that rishi has told him everything & he would try to grant them bail as soon as he can,after saying this they both go inside.

Kashish then comes to meet CG & lalit - CG tells her that she shouldn't have come her to which kashish asks him that doesn't he treat her as his daughter then why is he asking like this.Lalit then tells her that they don't want her to have any problems,kashish then asks them to explain it to her in detail as exactly what had happened - lalit then tells her that they had delivered their consignment late but later got cancelled because of which they had to suffer a loss.After listeing to this kashish tells them that everything will be alright & reassures them that they would get bail,after saying she leaves.

Kashish then goes to meet sujal - she calls him but sujal asks her that why did she came here as he doesn't want her to get involve in this matter,kashish then tells him that nothing will happen to them & also that akshat would grant them bail as soon as he can,after saying this she leaves.

2. Kashish goes to akshat & asks him that what did the inspector said to which he tells her that they have been arrested on non-bailable warrant therefore they have to wait till the report gets declared.

Kashish starts leaving when she hears inspector saying ahluwalia's name on the phone & also sees kartik outside the station but she was so lost in her thoughts that she didn't even bothered to notice it.

Veena is getting more & more worried when kashish comes & asks about them(sujal,CG & lalit) to which she tells her that she doesn't know what to do,just then a call comes on kashish's mobile(it's charu)- where charu tells her that she wants to meet her to which kashish agrees(hangs up the phone).Kashish then tries to explain the whole situation to veena but couldn't & leaves while veena gets even more upset & worried.

Kashish goes to meet charu where she asks about her health to which charu tells her that she's fine,kashish then tells her that she's glad that she(charu) has cleared her misunderstandings to which charu tells her that she didn't had any misunderstadings about her & sujal & what she thought about them is true.Charu then tells her that she called her as she couldn't come to meet her & also asks her to save sujal,CG & lalit as she believes that only she could save them.She also tells her that she cannot see sujal in any problem & begs her to save sujal,after listening to this kashish leaves.

Kashish is walking on the road & thinking about what charu said to her,she then decides that she's has to save the garewals but also thinks that may be someone is behind all this who is trying ruin the garewal family & then she remembers what she heard inspector saying on the phone plus also saw kartik outside the station.She then thinks that ahluwalia's r responsible for the problems & decides to teach them a lesson.

3. Kartik is standing when shipra gives him a coffee & asks that why didn't came to a party to which he tells her that he doesn't like parties plus he was busy in ruining someone just then kashish comes(both get shocked to see her).Kashish then tells them that she wants to meet baouji to which kartik tells her that it's good that she realised her mistake & also tells her that he has planned this when she had trusted him(when kashish had employed him in the office earlier),then he tells her that now she has to suffer & also challenges her to save sujal.Shipra then suggests to kashish that she should meet sujal(CG,lalit also) as she never know how long will they in the same jail,aftersaying this kartik & shipra leave.

Kashish is leaving when she collides with a girl who's carrying some files - kashish helps her to pick up the files when she sees a file & learns that baouji is solely responsible for sujal's problems.

Baouji is relaxing by having a steam bath with some girls where he tells them that if one has to get warm in shimla then he needs a steambath with beautiful girls like them - just then someone knocks on the door.Baouji then asks the girls who could it be & thinks that perhaps he knows who it is from his experience,just then kashish enters - sees him & gets shocked.
        Again a very boring episode Dead Dead ,gods knows when they r going to this show.Anyways do send in ur reviews........... Smile
Posted: 16 years ago
thanks for the update
Posted: 16 years ago
thanks 4 the update!
Posted: 16 years ago
Thanks andy.What can i say this show is total crap.
Posted: 16 years ago
Thanks for the update Smile
Posted: 16 years ago
hey thanks for the upd8!! im loving every second of it!!!
Posted: 16 years ago
I won't be surprised if i read Kashsish got married to that Budda...
Posted: 16 years ago
Hug Thanks for the awesome update!!! Thumbs Up

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