After Heart attack it’s Comaa Now...

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Posted: 16 years ago

Crysaarrthians i haven't ask u any thing...but today i ask u ...i order u all to Prayer for my bro ~ for ur sweet member was heart attack ~ now yesterday doctor have taken some of his testes ~ then they say to my Father that if his condidition doesn't improved ...He will go to Comaa ...doctors have told us that coming 48 hours are very very dangerous for him if He successfully passed these Time it means nothing will happened to his Brain but if after 48 hours He didn't show in improvement means his Brain is almost out of Order ~ ................Cry...i don't know what is going to happened ? He was good three days b4 when He came back from Mumbai...i don't know suddenely what happened ... He has never forgot U ALAAH ~ LORD KRISHNA...When Shoaib fells U are calling Him He came to ur House wether in Saudi or India...than why today with him or with other peoples those who are in ICU unit...?

ALLAH ~ LORD KRISHNA ... we have already lost one bro Rahil i ,Bhabi or Mother -Father doesn't have power to bear some thing more...PLEASE ALLAH ~ LORD KRISHNA forgive us...plz plz plz plz as much as i can i will say U please...

Saarrthians plz Prayer for him plz plz plz ...

dear barbie ~ mr. vijay i request u to create a new topic related to only this ~ put in on the [discuss TV shows on india forums ] Vijay i am not asking to u for my bro shoaib but for many peoples whom i have seen or meet in the ICU unit related to same problem...

I always laugh that what is Problem ...? but now today or within these fours days i have learnt a new lesson that what is problem...~ when it comes to U or some one related to U than u feel it...

saarrthian ~ all my friends how is will read this plz Prayer for my Bro ... Shoaib karan jeet sahil...


Posted: 16 years ago
Hey Tammy...we r all wid u.....just keep faith in God...He will set everything rite.... Smile we all will pray that yur brother recovers soon...but u keep strong...yur family needs u.... Smile
Posted: 16 years ago
Omg! Tammy, don't lose hope...God will make everything fine. I'd pray for his speedy recovery..
Posted: 16 years ago
Tamaana we are all praying for Shoaib. By the Grace of Allah Inshallah he will recover soon.

Posted: 16 years ago

Originally posted by raj_sahil


Tammy, dear, don't cry please. I know how hard it is for you but you have to be strong. You can't just lose hope. As Shirley said, your family needs you and if you don't be strong, who will look after them? They need your support the most..Be strong..Try to hide your tears for them..

Posted: 16 years ago
he ll recover soon Smile dont worry
Posted: 16 years ago
hey tammy dont lose hope...Allah taala will definitely make him recover..Ameen!! itnay saray loago ki duain zaya nahi ho gii Insha'Allah...n u gotta b strong fer yr parents..ur bhabi also....just dont worry...ok..we r all here fer u...n u gotta b dere fer ur family..Insha'Allah shoaib bhai ko kuch nahi ho gaa,,.Ameen...bas dua karo...sab theek ho jaye gaa..Insha'Allah..
Posted: 16 years ago
Tamanna we all pray Shoaib.d'nt loose hope. Smile

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