Posted: 16 years ago

just spoke to the madame!!!!!!!! she pull-ed my leg... she told me she lived two blocks away from me and was the asian aunty i despised... and i believed her Cry 

but our dear amaam diya is too cute... Tongue 

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Posted: 16 years ago
LOL LOL LMAO!!!!! LOL Clap wish spy photographer can send us Lashy's cuty facial expression right now! Tongue Embarrassed Edited by sowmyaa - 16 years ago
Posted: 16 years ago
Hehehehe!!! Lashy I can't believe you actually fell for it!!! LOL

And you know guys, I had always imagined our Lashu as a hunterwali - with a whip in one hand and a padlock in the other LOL and i thought she'd have a strong and dominating voice - I couldn't have been more wrong. She has such a fresh, young, sweet and sexy voice and is so warm and friendy that I did not feel that I was speaking to her for the first time!!!

You guys were right, our Lashy honey sure does rock!!! Clap
Posted: 16 years ago
hunterwali LOL ya, ur right lashy's voice is very sweet and she is not at like hunterwali..i wonder how she tackles all the naughty becharams here on JJKN... probably with love Embarrassed
Posted: 16 years ago
hahaaha lashy u know what hansa gave me a fright and surprise too some days bck
she had called me all the way from london to mumbai and i was so surprised that i just didnt know what to say

i thought this gal must be havin accent but she had clear shuddh hindi
she says tum mujhe pehchanti nahi kya hamari bahut purani pehchaan hai
and i said muje lagta hai dur desh se call hai mera
and she said pehchaan kaun

i said tapori
and then u shud hv heard that laugh
my tapori had called me all the way from london

and lashy mayb its time we also get to hear ur voice
wait till minnie catches u
Posted: 16 years ago


good one.

so we are getting a good idea of how hansa must have been when she was younger..... that is when she was not yet an examplary mom . a real handful i suppose. Embarrassed 

and lashy.... you fell for her pranksLOL LOL LOL LOL ...... but kids do not get ideas, she is gentle but can be tough too Clap

Posted: 16 years ago
Awwww hahahahaha!!! Hansa Di...u ol prankster! LOL That's too cute ladies! I wish we could all do that, but my parents might freak if they got long-distance calls from ppl outside the USOuchLOL...and Oh the explanation I'd have to give themEmbarrassedLOL...not cool! lolz!...but that's what calling cards are for!!!LOL
Posted: 16 years ago
hehehehe...lolzzz Hansa di! LOL LOL LOL Nice one! Tongue Tongue Whats the plan for April fools? LOL Wink J/K!

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