22nd march update (very brief)

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Posted: 16 years ago

Hi friends,

As nobody has updated till now, i will give a brief update. I did not catch first 10 min or so.

Jigyasa has gotten Bani to the mandap( in a big ghoonghat). The rituals are going on. Pheras take place. Bani is scared and Jigs is ecstatic.

Then is the time for Maan bharna. When Jai lifts the ghoonghat he sees Bani and is shockedOuch. He storms away from there. Jigs says he has high bp and she has his medicine. She goes after him and tells him big bhaashan how Pia has run away.How people are going to question his mardangiLOL. as he was marrying a girl half his age. She went on and on. And begs him to go and get married to Bani and think about consequences later.Angry

Jai is angry but he goes down finishes all the rituals. Bani is shit scared as to what to do.Confused then Rano has stolen Jai's shoes and he is very sarcastic as to how much money  does she want. Then he says no more rituals and drags Bani to his house.Angry Jigs and Ranveer are very happy and laughing.

The preview is also that Jai is dragging Bani all the way to his house.

Thats all. I did not see from the beginning so i dont know what excuse Jigs gave for Bani not being there. I hope Jai is not angry at Bani for long as it was not her mistake and she wanted to help him out of a tough spot. But most hilarious was Jigs telling Jai atlaeast 4-5 times, peple are going to question your manliness as the bride has run away.LOL. Now I think thats stupid, Jai also thought so and he told Jigs to shut up.

Posted: 16 years ago
thank u very much i have been watin for hours appreciate it very much.
Posted: 16 years ago
Hey thanks for the update yaar!

Oh God, Jigs is just too funny man...but I love the woman now, she got Jai married to Bani Big smile

Poor Bani, Jai is going to eat her up now...till he gets hold of Pia and Pushkar! Ouch

I kind of think that Jai's reaction is justified in a way...he really had no option! Same goes for Bani, she had no choice but to agree.

Can't even begin to imagine, what is going to happen now...


Posted: 16 years ago
thanks i knew it it will happen!
Posted: 16 years ago
thxx for the update Tongue
Posted: 16 years ago
Thanks for the update! I still can't believe Bani and Jai are married, and now he's going to treat her like crap! Angry It's not like she wanted to marry him either. Dead

Oh well, I'm sure she'll start giving him a piece of her mind soon and then keep him in line, like she does with everyone else! Wink

Posted: 16 years ago
thanks 4 da short update Big smile

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