karu stood up for amey and said the truth

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Posted: 16 years ago

guys ive been seeing a lot of posts regd wat karu said.

guys pls dont copy bits and pieces and give wrong info,hes now being made out to be too proud and arrogant, whereas the truth is far from wat we see.

to start off this is exactly what he said:

Karunya was the first to speak up after the shoot, as he felt that after Amey, it would be he who would be voted out next. "For Sandeep and Anuj to have reached this point, it is a big thing. They have surprised audiences and themselves. But now after Amey leaving I feel I have no real competition," said Karunya. "As for the voting system, I feel that it would have been better if the judges only voted.

I don't know even if I still believe in the system. I feel that Amey might have missed out because Maharashtra's votes were distributed between him and me. I feel losing him on the show is one of the biggest losses for Indian Idol."

guys he said all this and stood up for amey. he said that he was suprised that sandeep and anuj came in top 3 instead of amey.

karunya has been honest and has stood up for amey unlike the other contestants. if u think standing up for the right is being rude so be it.
to me he is the indian idol, bcoz hes honest and true

Posted: 16 years ago
kuch us nai sahii kaha thaa par sara kuch nhee
Posted: 16 years ago
maybe the way he said was wrong, but comeon he 19 yrs old, atleast he didint say things like my boyish looks, smile, dance worked for me, which are being said by ppl older thatn him
Posted: 16 years ago
he said the same thing i said sitting in my home,so he is honest.the only major problem is that sandy and anuj are much more mature and older than he is and they both know what to say and when to say,but what do you except from a 20yr old boy?do you except him to be mature like amey and react softly ,no yaar amey is way mature than karunya and he knowz how to handle the situation but karunya,poor guy,is younger and immature .and he has to REACT like this or else i will call him:

Posted: 16 years ago
Clap Clap Yes this was a good exlpanation to why Karu said all that.Its quite understandable that he reacted this way,and it did reflect on his singing as well.If you compare his last week's performance with this week's you can clearly see that he is singing for the sake of it.When Amey was around ,Karu was pouring his heart and soul into his performance.I dont see that anymore and I can understand why he has lost that passion.But then again it is a competition and you have to give it your best shot.Regardless of who is in and who is out.So I am looking fwd to some extra ordinary performances from Karunya in the coming weeks. Big smile
And yes his immaturity was evident when he answered that way,but guys we can forgive him...Bacchaa hai abhi... Tongue
Posted: 16 years ago
YES BACHA HAI BECHARA,UKAL bhi lambe loogoon ki gutnoo mein hoti hai.....bjut he rox and vote for the best i.e KARUNYA
Posted: 16 years ago
Amey is idol already - so Karunya for no 2 spot is acceptable.

I am not aginst him but you should watch your mouth, best example is how Sonu made Antara to eat her words on national television.
Posted: 16 years ago
Karunya is not wrong in saying this. I am not saying this because I favour him but I am saying this because by expressing his thoughts he has shown his honesty. And comeon tell me what was wrong in his words? What is wrong if he feels Amey's absense in the competition. Amey was as good as him as a singer and he felt his competitor's absense. And was he wrong by saying that Anuj and Sandeep has surprised audience by reaching till this stage. No doubt about it. The answer is yes. They have definitely suprised audience by reaching this stage because their performance is not all upto the mark. Both Anuj and Sandeep go besura lot of times. So what was wrong in Karunya's words. Just because he gave his honest opinion doesnot mean that you have to go on abusing him

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