21st march update

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Posted: 16 years ago

Hello Guys.

I have never written an update before. I will try to do my very best.

Let me start!

Well the whole family of Nimmo is in the lounge chatting while Nimmo is setting the table and there it goes bang!

Kanta bahen: Toda na toda na..!

then, Nimmo's mom says that today let's all cook a shandaar dinner and Nimmo immediately says: koyi kuchnahin baneya. aaj mein sirf banayoungi aur aapke liye taiyaar karoungi special cheese biryani!

Nobody seems to be enthusiastic about the cheese biryani but nevertheless they le Nimmo go forward with the dinner preparation.

LOLLOLLOL I cannot hold my laughter. whatever happens in the kitchen is so funny.

Nimmo is in the kitchen preparing food. She makes the kitchen a mess and finally put the biryani to cook in the pressure cooker and comes in the lounge and says that dinner will be ready soon.

Then here we hear a huge explosion sound coming from the kitchen. Kanta bahen goes: yeh to hona hi tha...Nimmo jo kitchen mein aaj gayi.


Kanta bahen then prepares a really shaandaar dinner for all of them. After the dinner, they decide to have a party but Nimmo's father puts on old songs and everybody else is bored especially the three sisters. Kanta Bahen makes fun of Nimmo's dad and mother while they are dancing and later they all join them. Nimmo prays to God that nothing should spoil the happy moments of their family now.

And we hear an akaash vani ( apparently it is only us viewers who can hear it) and it says as after night, day comes and after all the bad days, good days come. it seems that the next morning, a very good news is going to come in Nimmo's life.

the next scene we see is that Nimmo is opening the door and found a Sardarji who gives her a letter. when Nimmo asks him from whom the letter is, he says it is from God. Nimmo doesnt believe him and she goes inside with the letter and Nimmo's mom comes and talk to the sardar ji and then the latter leaves.

Nimmo gives the letter to his dad to read it and the latter comes to know the good news and takes all his time to tell his family, including Nimmo just to annoy them. He finally says that Nimmo has got an interview from the same company where he used to work for the post he left and according to him, Nimmo will definitely get this job. everybody is so happy and is jumping with joy.

Nimmo's mom says that there should e naach gaana and celebrations. there goes kanta Bahen with her broom dancing dus bahane karke le gaya dil le gaya dil....worth watching scene ...very funnyLOL


Nimmo is now talking to god and thanking Ganeshji but at the same time taunting him as she usually does and then sees a tray of prasad. she tells him that now she will eat the prasad coz he isnt going to eat it anyways. She tastes some and find it really vey hot and she takes away the tray saying that she will let it cold and eat. she goes to the window lace of her room and about to eat some more prasad when she sees two birds and she says that : 'tum bhukhe rehte ho aur na mujhe khane dete ho' and she leaves the prasad for the two birds. that's so sweet!

Next scene is that Nimmo is helping Naina to fold her clothes while Naina is talking on the phone. Naina disconnects and Nimmo asks her whether it wa sone of her bfs. naina says that no it wasnt and she has not yet met the right guy yet ..the guy whom when she will see, her dil ki ghanti will ring. Then she starts practising her catwalk. kanta bahen and Nimmo's and Naina's mom comeand kanta bahen says: kya Nimmo, kya chaal hai? koyi aise na catwalk karta hai?

and then she demonstrates the catwalk herself. I must say she has got some talents man and then she dreams she gets a crown after winning a beauty contest ( hawa hawayi song in the background) and her dreams soon breaks. she soon realises everybody else has left except Nimmo. she asks Nimmo about her dreams  and Nimmo says that her life is very simple. she will first get a job and then marry whoever her parents choose for her. her dad comes and says that those who havenot made any plans for their future, God has made even bigger plans for them.

then Nimmo's papa tells her a few important things like u know how u say it in Hindi..haan he gave her some seekh.

next scene is that Nimmo's father is taking her for the interview. they stop on the way because Nimmo wanted to buy some channa masala. After a while his father got her a new pair of sandals because she had a very old worn out one. Nimmo as always tells him : iski kya zaroohat thi?

her dad asks her to wear them now. Nimmo takes out her old sandal and throws it behind her and it gos and falls on the back of this guy who was about ot enterhis car. He picks up the sandal, turns back and takes out his sunglasses and says: you! can u come here please?

Nimmo hears him speaking and then says to the channa masala merchant that that guy is calling him. the sunglasses wala guy says to Nimmo that he is talking to her and ask her to come closer.

Nimmo's dad askshim what the matter is and the guy says this is between me and the girl and Nimmo's dad says that he is the girl's father. The guy then says: oh, so she is your daughter! yeh seekhaya apni beti ko ki aate jaate logon par chappal pheke?

then nimmo's father tells him that u should be ashamed that you ahve parked your car where there is no entry signa nd Nimmo backs him up with : yehi problem hai is desh ki...educated people bhi na kabhi uneducated people ki tarah behave karte hain! then the three separate. the guy goes his way saying : subah subah na jaane kin logon se paala par gaya hai...while Nimmo and her papa go their way with Nimmo's dad telling her what if the guy turns out to be her boss and Nimmo says that this happens only in hindi movies.

Nimmo and her dad arrives at the office of the guy who is supposed to interview Nimmo. the boss is sitting with his back turned to them and when he turns, what a surprise? Hindi movie joke turnsout to be reality.the sunglasses wala guy turned out to be Nimmo's boss. he says he knows all about nimmo: rah logon par chappal phekne wali..badly behaved in public etc.

He then asks Nimmo to fill out a form that he hands out to her. Nommo starts writing on the form but her pen wouldnt write. therefore she shakes it and instad she spills ink all over the paper and on the boss's white shirt and that's the end.

Tommorow's preview: The boss comes to Nimmo's house and Nimmo opens the door for him and what a shock! Nimmo is completely smeared in flour. The boss tells her that Nimmo instead of taking her file, shetook an important file home and hands her her file saying that she has got an appointment letter for the job she interviewed. Nimmo is so happy and she hugs the boss...

Guys I noticed that something is gonna happen between nimmo and the boss...well let's see! No sign of Eijaz khan in this episode.

Well see you and hope to get your feedback for this update.



Edited by n_nisha1 - 16 years ago
Posted: 16 years ago
Thanx........I can't beleive that they shopwed the other guy and not Eijaz.........Ekta Angry
Posted: 16 years ago
ekta always teases the viewer with the main male actor, i remember she did the same thing with angad in kaisa ye pyar hai Smile
Posted: 16 years ago
thank u nisha 4 the update Big smile

dont when eijoo will make his entry Embarrassed
Posted: 16 years ago
thanx... it was a great update .. u should do it more often .. :>
Posted: 16 years ago
you have done really good job...great updates...also the episode was quite funny today...
Posted: 16 years ago
Thanks alot Nisha Great update
Posted: 16 years ago
thanx a lot hun wonder wen will eijaz make his entry ??? itz pobably the grandest entry ! Embarrassed

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