march 21st update

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Posted: 16 years ago

hi guys me updatin 4 2day...on behalf of shefsBig smile plzz bear wid my pathetic update coz i m updatin 4 d 1st timeLOL

d show starts wid ashi goin in d room n screamin wen she sees d blood on her bed sheet. she runs away 2 call sum off her freinds. wile she is gone sum1 cums removes d blood stained bed sheet n puts a clean one.

ashi cums wid a no of gals n says u wont believe it d bed sheet is covered wid stains. wen she switches on d light the bloodstained sheet is gone. she says plzz trust me there was blood on d bed sheet.latty paases weird comments n says trust is 2 big word 2 use. but finally no1 believes ashi.vrinda tells her 2 go 2 sleep.

in uv's room, sid says 2 uv-dude u vud've seen that wacko's face...pehli baar maine ashi ko daraa hua dekha. uv says awesum dude n dey cont makin fun of ashi.

next day ashi is sitting in d canteen wen a gal cums n says ashi i want sum blood...can u giv me sum.d whole canteen makes fun of ashi.just then vrinda cums n scolds every1 4 sayin all this.ashi tells vrinda that no1 trusts her.vrinda consoles her n says she shud 4get all these things n concentrate on elections.ashi says that she has given up hope.vrinda says no its not over yet n v can still win.

ranveer goes 2 uv's room.there he learns abt d prank wich uv n sid played on ashi.he is not amused.uv asks y.he says he still hasnt decided whom 2 vote 4.uv says wat.ranvir then says that he has 2 meet tia n rushes out of d room.uv asks sid wat does ranvir mean....he still hasnt decided..wat is 2 decide.sid says mayb v shud leave him alone coz he is relly truobled.uv agrees wid him.

tia n ranveer r roamin around,wen shy cums n tells ranvir-do u hv any idea how much studies u've missed.ranveer is kinda worried.she is abt 2 take ranvver wid her wen ran stops her n says 1 min shy.he kisses tia n says that studies r also imp naa. n i'll surely meet u.n goes away wid shy.shy wile goin givs a cunnin smile 2 tia.tia remebers all those scenes where she had cum 2 know that shy was creatin differences bet her n ranveer.

in d common room sid is readin a scary book wen meher cums n astonishes him.she says sid u r sucha fool itnee jaldi darr gaye.she says ye toh kuch bhi nahi,u shud've seen ashi's face yesterday.meher becums suspicious n asks wat was sid up2.first sid doesnt agree 2 tell then givs up n tells meher abt d prank wich he n uv played on ashi.meher says thats ridiculous.sid makes meher promise that she wont tell anythin 2 ashi.

n chem lab ran n shy r studyin.just then tia cums n sees shy n ran studyin.she is just movin 2 wards then...wen sum policemen cum n ask ran is he ranvee. shy n tia r equally shocked.he asks him kii kal ke incident se pehle how many calls did u make?n 2 whom.ran ans that he doesnt hav a cell n he uses his friend.....he stops in bet n asks y r askin me all this. d police man says that it is abt d incident. tia cums in bet that ran doesnt know anythin abt it n plz leave us alone.v both r already in tension after that incident.police man says that he is only tryin 2 help but tia waves him off n d police goes.she then cums n hugs ran.shy says wow tia tumhari ran ke liye kya loyalty hai.loyalty ho toh aisi!! tia says u r rite shy tia kii loyalty sirf ran ke liye hai...aur ran kii sirf tia ke liye.

next ashi is seen sittin in her room n is v tensed.just then laila along wid meher cums n tells her that d prank in wich she had saw d blood on her bedsheet was planned by uv n sid.meher had promised sid not 2 tell u,so she told me.n by d way ran wasnt 2 happy wen he came 2 know abt this he probably b teamed wid us.ashi says omg uv itnaa gir sakta can he do this 2 me.then she says wid ran on my side i'll take a nice revenge from uv n comp destroy him.....thats where d epi ends

preview-sonia is talkin 2 ashi.tia then tells ashi that she has heard everythin n know wat 2 do.sum 1 is announcin d results of election polls....n d winner is.....v hv 2 watch tom


phew updatin is a tough work.Winkpeople plzz 4giv me 4 d late update n bear wid this horrible update...n plz dont 4get 2 write ur comments on it.

Edited by nigam_radhika - 16 years ago
Posted: 16 years ago
thxxxxxxxxxx radhika

awesome update........

by the way is this your first ?! hard to believe...its sooooo good
Posted: 16 years ago
awesome lovely update dear radzzooo thanx a lot Smile
Posted: 16 years ago
yea right radz its too good a wonderful 1 as fr ur first attempt

thanx a bunch
Posted: 16 years ago
Thank you sooo much!
Posted: 16 years ago
Ita not horrible ,it is wonder ful .Thanks for the update.
Posted: 16 years ago
awsome update thank u soooooo much.......
Posted: 16 years ago
thk u sooooooooooo much radz .....i missed the episode tooo............awesum update Clap

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