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Posted: 16 years ago
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March 17, 2006
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Kumkum's time leap from April

Posted online: Friday, March 17, 2006 at 0000 hours IST

Star Plus' Kumkum is all set for a 20 year leap from April 10. The main protagonists, Hussain and Juhi Parmar along with the rest of the actors will continue in the new format. Juhi's grown up kids (presently she is pregnant with twins) from Hussain will be the new entries to the show. Commenting on the leap, Rajesh Chadha, Senior Vice President (Operations), B.A.G Films said, "We are always working towards an interesting script with a mix of interesting characters. The leap in our serial has taken place after 3 1/2 years which is quite commendable. I am sure with this leap our viewers are going to enjoy every moment of the serial." Time for an interactive mytho
Everything on the small-screen is reality-based... singing, dancing, biking even laughing. So, it's not surprising that mythologicals too are turning into reality shows. There was a time when mythos ruled the small-screen but with the advent of private channels, the genre was slowly eased out. No wonder, the makers are finding a new way to get back into business and everyone knows how big the genre can be, both in terms of making and the moolah it rakes in. No other genre brings in as much money as the 'gods' do. So, soon we will have an interactive mythological show. A top production house, we've heard, is making a show based on God-related incidents that have changed people's lives. A little bird told us that the mega serial to be aired on Sony will have real people narrating personal incidents which will be recreated on screen. Get Gorgeous on Channel [v]
From March 16 at 7.30pm tune into Channel [v] to discover the beauty of the girl next door and launch her in the glamorous world of high fashion. The hunt for the country's hottest face will be selected in a eight episode series. The first episode captures the excitement of auditions that were held in New Delhi, Bangalore, Pune and Mumbai where Nayonika Chatterjee, chief expert panelist auditioned thousands of hopefuls who tried every trick in the book to get into the competition. Will Miss Pune, Rucha Gawas' confidence and prior experience get her a fast track entry into the competition? Or does Lucky from Lucknow whose ambition is to become the country's next supermodel have the style and attitude to impress? Or Rachita, the 30-year-old doctor from Bangalore who refuses to leave the auditions unless Nayonika selects her! Stressed out
Aditi Shiwaikar who plays Khushi in Miilee fainted on the sets whilst shooting a rain sequence. Hardly surprising as Aditi was already running a temperature and one shower was enough to get her shivering. She collapsed and a doctor was summoned. A grateful Aditi says, "The people on the sets were very helpful. They immediately massaged my hands and feet fed me brandy and carried me to my room." Citing stress and overwork as the reason for her collapse, the actress who is doing four Hindi and one Marathi serial, is thinking of cutting down on her work. She plays Gaurav's daughter Sonu in Kahani Ghar Ghar Kii, Komal in Hare Kkanch Ki Choodiyan, Neeta in Shararat and Sania in Hya Gojirwanya Gharaat. Since Shararat is a weekly she doesn't find it stressful nor does the Marathi serial trouble her cause "they shoot many scenes in a day". She has a problem shooting for Hare Kkanch... because they require 10 days from her. "I have spoken to the producer and am planning to quit the serial," she informs. The serial she enjoys most is Miilee where as Khushi her track is gaining as much prominence as the protagonist Miilee in the coming weeks. Holi special
Sunder Kaaya, Meethi Boli, Bheegii Teri Choli Hai, Bura Na Maano Holi Hai
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Hasya Kavi Special on March 15 will be simultaneously telecast on SAB and Sony at 9 pm. Sahara One's Hare Kkaanch Ki Choodiyan which is to be aired on March 15 at 8.30p.m celebrates the festival of colours in the farm house of Singhania. Predictably there's lot of masti and gulaal splashed about. Sania has invited Apoorva and amidst the celebration, Jayan (Sharda's ex-husband) who is dressed as waiter approaches Sharda and offers her snacks. Sharda is shocked to see him. Kanhaiya notices Sharda and asks her the reason for her nervousness. She tells him about Jayant but Kanhaiya refuses to believe her saying that there are still two more years to go for Jayant to be released. On the other hand, Rashmi arrives with Jagtap and meets everyone. Shyamlee brings the thaali of colour and asks Rashmi and Jagtap to apply it on each other. Ravi puts black color on Jagtap's face. Suddenly Shyamlee starts getting flashes of Raghu's murderer..Now, that's a dark holi... Saat Phere on Zee is splashing the colour for three episodes. Beginning with the three couples. Saloni-Nahar, Brijesh-Tara and Dheer-Aditi dancing to the Sholay number 'Holi ke din dil..' and 'Aaj na chhodenge humjoli..', the serial will showcase Koda maar holi tradition of Rajasthan where the bhabhis hit the devars with cloth lashes. To save himself from Tara's lashing Nahar will disguise himself as a woman dressed in kurti,lehnga and chunni. That's called literally getting into the spirit of holi... A date with the Dutts
Catch Priya Dutt Roncen along with husband-Owen and brother Sanjay on Rendezvous with Simi Garewal on Sunday, March 19 on Star World. Simi Garewal returns with the second part of an emotional rendezvous with Sanjay Dutt. In this episode, the siblings talk about the special bond they share with each other. Priya speaks of how she manages to maintain her individuality in today's political scenario and how she juggles between work and her family. In his first-ever television interview, Owen describes the daunting experience of wooing his wife! Excerpts:
Simi: So there's a seven-year difference between you two? How did he treat you? Sanjay: Always like a kid sister, even till today.
Simi: Suppose you could change one thing about Sanjay, what would it be?
Priya: Only one? (Laughs).. He's mmm.. can't get the word. What do you say?
Simi: Gullible???
Priya: Haaa! He's an extremely gullible person!
Simi: Abhi bhi?
Priya: Ekdum! He thinks that he is extremely smart and all that but he's not! He is extremely gullible.. anything for a sob story. I wish he could change and see what people really are.
Simi: Priya, you are very resilient and very uncompromising in your values! How are you going to fit into that system?
Priya: (Laughs) That's a very good question, because I think that's something I ask myself everyday. You know there are so many things that go against what I believe in and that's the time I have to take a stand and say.. No this is something I am not going to do or this is something I'm going to do because I believe in it and it may not make people happy. But I think I will continue to be like that. That's what kind of sets me apart from a lot of other people!
Simi: (To Owen) You know, I have to tell you… I used to match make for Priya!
Owen: Really!
Simi: But see.. She's so independent.. She found you herself! (Laughs)
Simi: Actually, who found whom?
Owen: We were doing work together on some fund raising activity, actually for the Spastics Society of India.
Priya: I approached his company to help us organize a fundraiser. Then we started working.. became good friends - became pals.
Owen: We were like buddies actually. Then one thing led to another. It was a very strong connection we had.
Priya: Our views were very very similar!
Simi: Owen, tell me - wooing Sunil Dutt's daughter and Sanjay Dutt's sister must have been daunting?
Owen: Mmm.. Very very daunting! I'll be lying if I say it was not daunting! First of all, Mr. Sunil Dutt's daughter.. the most amazing person I can ever think of and then the man himself Sanjay Dutt!
Simi: For a very shy person as I know you to be, how did you come forward to even propose?
Owen: See.. I used technology SMS (Laughs)!!!! Pure suhaag raat
Arjun and Bhumika of Saarthi are set to consummate their marriage on March 21. What's the big deal, you may ask? Well, viewers of Saarthi will be aware that the serial draws parallel with Mahabharata and in the case of Arjun-Bhumika they represent Radha Krishna. So this is not just any erotic suhaag raat cossumation, but one that is depicted through the purity angle. Arjun and Bhumika have always been very innocent characters and their romance has also been the pure and innocent. The similarity between these two relationships is that both couples have known each other for a very long time and it is now that they are reaching the pinnacle of romance. This is a story where just as Krishna tries to woo his lady love Radha, so does Arjun pine for the love of his wife Bhumika who until now shared a very platonic, pure and innocent relationship. Rajesh Shringarpure plays the character of Krishna, while the Prachi Shah is Radha. Celebration, women style
On International Women's Day, Anu Ranjan threw a grand bash for women from different walks of life. Says Anu Ranjan, "The spectrum of women attending is truly comprehensive and broad- based. We had a bevy of personalities that range from housewives, artistes to professionals and so on. And together, we celebrate womanhood with unadulterated fun and frolic, partying to the hilt."

Launch party
When Dheeraj Kumar does something, he does it in style. That was evident when he threw a bash to celebrate the launch of his celebrity game show Jodee Kamaal Ki. Siddharth Kannan, the compere of the evening was in his usual best and in his typical style welcomed the couples who have participated in the show to the podium. The celebrity list included Bappi Lahiri and Chitrani Lahiri, Baba Sehgal and Anju Sehgal, Shaan and Radhika, Nikki Aneja and Hubby Sunny Walia, Amit Sadh-Neeru Bajwa, Neeraj Rawal and Puja Ghai Rawal, Ronit Roy and his wife. Every couple described the wonderful experience that they enjoyed while shooting for this show and Siddharth Kannan also requested Baba Sehgal and Bappi Lahiri to sing a few lines for their spouses which they readily agreed to. Raju Srivastav also cracked a few jokes that sent the entire crowd into laughter. The producer then uncorked the champagne and a huge cake was also cut by him and his wife Zuby Kochchar to celebrate the launch. Shailja Kejriwal the creative head of Star was present and also spotted at the venue were Ali Asghar, Anang Desai and Chitra Desai, Hussain and Tina, Jatin, Kainaaz, Kiran and Rinku Karmarkar, Lalit and Meena, Manish Goel and Poonam Narula.

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