dis weeks episode

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Posted: 16 years ago

dis weeks episode was also as usual i.e really gr8.

i liked d  way ajay showed dat he wntd 2 flirt with rashmi.d way he says 2 shaina"rashmi ko zara pyar se interrogate karna"(somethin like dat) and d way neha responds by pattin on his cheeks was really awesome.even at d end ven ajay starts 2 get up but after lookin at neha sits down and asks vishaka 2 take care of rashmi.

did u guys notice d scene  whn ss members go 2 rashmi's house after learnin abt rahul's murder. the one whr shotgun's reflection was shown in rahul's blood.i think dat was amazing.

and d way aryan shouts at rashmi 2 shut up.he looks so goood thr .i tink d famous hindi dialogue"gusse mein tum aur bhi ache lagte ho" suits him well hre.shaina is d perfect crimnal psychologist.she is brilliant  . she realises  rashmi is lying that  she had never seen rahul b4 and  even rememberin abt  anoop's proffesion. i dont think any one  other than kuljeet cud potray shaina's character so well.actually i think the casting 4 ss is perfect and no one else in the whole world cud replace these characters (specially that of aryan).

although ss is a thriller ,it covers every topic from crime to romance to humour.i hv already talked abt crime( aryan and shaina) and romance( ajay and neha 4 ).now comedy .wt r zubin and boxer 4? zubin's calling d detective as junior sherlock holmes and boxers's rxn to dat makes ss a complete all rounder.

three cheers 2 ss

Posted: 16 years ago
Yeah I agree completely especially "gusse mein tum aur bhi ache lagte ho" part.I think anger and seriousness suits to Bhanu's face although I like his smile and think it's cute.
Posted: 16 years ago
i wanted to post a topic completely ditto.... yeah all the scenes u spoke about were really amazin... shaina is a brilliant psychologist,no doubt. and aryans anger alwz gives me goosebumps..he's soooooo damn good at it. of course, i wouldnt really enjoy it if i was the one he was shoutin at, but on screen, it seems jst amazin...i think the best form of his anger was shown in the bomber episodes, esp when deepika was kidnapped. remember the way he used to yell on the phone? even a few episodes back, when a mothr and daughtr were kidnapped, he was rememberin his life , and there was this scene when he broke his phone in anger , then realised and said'god save me' and went to his cabin, while shaina pickd the pieces of his phone and told papaji,"i cant see aryan like this, papaji"
this episode too , his angry "SHUT UP!!!" sounded awsome...
i want to add some more scenes i liked...
when shaina was listenin to the tapes,they kept showin a close up of her face,especially her eyes...and i was mesmerised by them, i think shaina has the most beautiful eyes.
when shaina has to leave bcfoz her dad is ill, she tells ajay, who at 1st,dosnt know wht 2 say, then says,"u take care and keep in touch". when he tells aryan abt it, aryan's reaction of utter concern showed so much.he dials a number5 on the phone immediately, which im sure was shaina's but doesnt get thru to her.
also when aryan found out abt rashmi's marital status, and she was on the chair and he was kneelin down beside her while interrogatin...when she finished,aryan said,"but ,thats wrong...yeh galat hai...agar tum shaadishuda ho to mujhe nahi lagta tumhe is contest mein bhaag lene ka bhi haq hai" and when rashmi tries to persuade him he retaliates,"rashmi,i feel sorry 4 u...lekin jo tumne kiya uska koi justification nahi hai....it doesnt wrk like that...mujhe woh tapes public karne hi padenge...SIT!" and he leaves the room. this scene so aptly showed that though aryan undrstd that wht rashmi did was out of fulfillin her dreams, ther is no justification 4 doin somethin morally wrong...it is this sense of his that cannot permit wrong , that makes me see that he is alwz right.
when they catch the detective and he confesses, aryan looks disgusted and says"tumne kuch paiso ke liye apna proffesin bech diya...ab koi bhi kisi detective ko hire karne se pehle sau baar sochega...its tooo..." he leves without completin...
abt ss, what is amazin is that they dont just solve crime bcoz its their job.....they do it bcoz they cannot tolerate anythin thats wrong or any sort of injustice...it is this absolute intolerance of injustice,that justifies their evry action and makes them so pure towards their duty...i think they do more than justice to their profession...
i hope the world was full of such real human beings...then it would've been a better place to live in...lets hope , we who love ss so much, can learn somethin from the characters we love , and grow up to have thei8 level of justice someday!!! Thumbs Up
Posted: 16 years ago
It is so touching Cry .Great post.
Posted: 16 years ago

totally agree with u widluv2aryan
Posted: 16 years ago
u added to the scenes i forgot.thanx reshma
Posted: 16 years ago
another thing abt the previous episode...this one not really related to the scenes, i think neha looked great in her smart blue dress , as she alwz does in those short dresses...and also in the startin in the black top.
on the other hand,i thought shaina's hairstyle looked terrible. it was the first time she had not ironed her hair, and the messed-up look doesnt suit her at all.she should stick to her old look.
ditto ajay...his suits were nice, but i think the denim-jacket look siuts him better. the suits(that he said his mother got 4 him) dont really go with the character.
Posted: 16 years ago
i agree with shaina's hair thing.earlier i thought she was looking a bit odd. i thought it might b bcoz of that dark pink top.but later i realised it was her hair.

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