KZK updates for 20-24 March

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Posted: 16 years ago
KZK update for 20 March-

Prerna and Rishabh are standing outside Mukti's room in the building and having heard everything between Mukti and Sharad, Rishabh tells Prerna that they have to leave the place now. Prerna disagrees and looks at the door angrily. She pushes it open and Prerna and Rishabh enter the room. Mukti, Shravan and Jeevan are shocked to see them both. Prerna stares angrily at Mukti and walks towards her slowly. She is very livid-

Prerna- Look Mr.Bajaj,this is our daughter- Mukti. The very daughter which I loved right from the time she was so small. The same girl for whom I willingly agreed to become a mother all over again. I never differentiated between my kids and her..and look at what she does today. She's joining hands with our enemy- Shravan! and...this is our son Shravan- the kid who Anurag raised with all his heart for 20 years and still he does not get the value of it. I dont know why both of these are hell bent on going against people who love them the most.

Prerna looks on angrily at both of them and then tells Mukti that all this was least expected from her and she had never ever dreamt that she would have to see this day in her life. Prerna tells her that she's broken her trust today and also the relationship that they used to share uptil now. Prerna tells Mukti never to call her Chotti Maa again and from now on, she's "Maam" for Mukti. Prerna severs all ties with Mukti and tells her that now she has only bitterness towards her and this bitterness will never fade from her heart. Mukti tries to explain but Prerna is in no mood to listen. Prerna moves her face away from Mukti and Rishabh sternly tells Mukti that they do not want to continue any relationship with her and they are leaving.

Prerna and Rishabh leave. Mukti runs behind them to make them stop but they dont listen to her. They go and sit in their car. Prerna looks up to find Mukti looking on sadly from the door of her room. Prerna looks at her and remembers a past incident when Mukti was small and she'd stood first in the class and came to her calling her 'maam' and then, Prerna had told her that she need not call her maam and from that day she was Mukti's Chotti Maa. Prerna gets tears in her eyes and looks at her angrily and then leaves.

Shravan taunts Mukti and tells her that if she had listened to her she would not have to hear such things from Rishabh and Prerna and that she can still be on his side and she WILL get justice. Mukti looks at him angrily and tells him that because of him, she's lost her mother again and she does not wish to talk to him and asks him to leave. After Shravan leaves,Mukti grows sad thinking about the whole thing.

Rishabh is at home and walking around the hall amidst some tension. Anurag enters and asks Rishabh as to why he called him here. Rishabh tells Anurag that he knows how much Shravan means to him and that he's raised Shravan like his own kid and that is why they have been throughout overlooking his mistakes but this time the matter is serious and they need to do something. Rishabh tells Anurag that Shravan is trying to pair up with Mukti in order to get her justice by filing a case against Sharad and they all think that Sharad can never do such a thing. Rishabh tells Anurag that because Shravan is related to him that's why...Anurag cuts him and tells him that he is free to do anything with Shravan with least regards to himself and assures that this time he will set things straight.

Prem is listening to the entire conversation and laughs to himself.

Shravan is sitting at a bar and holding his drink when Indro passes from there and stops when he sees him. Indro sits there and asks Shravan what he's doing in a battered state like this. Indro passes comments on him and Shravan grows angry. Shravan tries to hit Indro but Anurag holds his hand. Shravan is shocked to see him. Anurag tells him that he's had enough of his nonsense and he'd never thought that Shravan would use a girl for his own business, and that too someone who is a victim of such a horrible incident. Anurag tells him that last time around he was fighting with his father, but this time he's locked horns with Rishabh Bajaj and he will suffer if he tries to act smart. Anurag tells Shravan that if he continues to behave like this, he will soon be in jail.Anurag tells Shravan to take this seriously and that this is no joke and he should stop misleading Mukti into beleiving false things.

Shravan tells him that he's hardly affected by his blabber because he is more helpless than angry. Shravan tells him that this time around he's very sure of what he is doing and will stand by Mukti in each and every step till she gets justice. Anurag tells Shravan that he is only manipulating her and he will not let this happen. Shravan tells Anurag that they (Rishabh,Prerna & Anurag) always claimed to follow the truth but when Mukti told them the truth, they kicked her out of the house. Anurag tells him that whatever they have done may be wrong but whatever he is doing IS definitely wrong and he gives him a final warning. Anurag and Indro leave. Shravan is furious.

Shravan is driving his car when he's stopped by a car in the middle of the road and somebody sleeping on it. Shravan honks loudly and the person wakes up. It's none other than Prem. Shravan gets outta his car and walks towards his car. Shravan asks Prem what was his intention for making him stop like this. Prem asks him where he's going.Shravan tells him that it's none of his business to know. Prem tells Shravan that he knows everything about how desperately he's trying to get Mukti's faith and use her as a weapon. Prem adds that Shravan is just wasting his time in this case as there is just no proof on the basis of which he will fight. Shravan asks Prem why he's talking like this to him. Shravan tells him that he knows Prem in and out and Prem will never do anything for anybody unless the outcome is in his favour. Shravan taunts him and tells him that he could not be of his biological mom, he could not be faithful to Aparna and now whatever he's talking to him surely has a motive.

Shravan deduces and tells Prem that surely there's something between Prem and Sharad and that is why he's so desperate on making Mutki's case weaker and weaker. Prem grabs his collar and tells him not to talk rubbish. Shravan asks him to move the car but Prem refuses. Prem and Shravan have a minor scuffle when a police van comes and they both leave the place.

Mukti's in her room when a neighbour comes to invite her for the pooja  taking place downstairs at the moment. Mukti goes and tries to call up Prerna but she does not answer the call. Mukti's upset and performs the pooja. While doing the rites,Mukti recalls the rape and how Prerna left her side. At the end of the thing, Mukti sports a determined look and wipes her tears away.

That's it!

KZK update for 21 March-
Sharad is flirting with a girl inside his car and the girl tells him that she has loads of fun with him and wishes to meet up with him again. Sharad tells her that he had the same fun with her and they'll meet very soon. The girl leaves and Sharad gets a call from a person who tells him that he cannot do so much with Mukti and get away scotfree. When Sharad asks him what he means, the man tells him that he's the same photographer he'd met up with earlier. Sharad asks him why he's called when he got all his money. The photographer tells him that he has more photographs which he can hand over for another 5 lakh ruppees. Sharad is anxious and asks the man where to meet him.

Rishabh is waiting at some secluded place when a car comes and out of it comes Anurag. Both of them are surprised to see each other. They both find out that they have been called to this place by a common person. Mukti comes and tells them both that it was her who called them here. Rishabh and Anurag are furious. Rishabh tells Mukti that first the fact that Mukti's playing with Sneha's life shocked him and now he's just not able to beleive that she'd make them come here by all the wrong reasons just so that they can be persuaded to beleive all the accusations she has lined up against Sharad. Rishabh tells her that he is no mood to listen to her and comprehend whatever she is saying. Rishabh and Anurag are leaving the place when Mukti stops them both. Mukti agrees that she called them by cheating but that was the only way they'd agree to come.

Mukti continues and tells Rishabh that he has always considered her his daughter and asks him to stay for that sake. Rishabh tells her that he raised her as his own kid but the last few days have completely shocked him and now this is just too much to take. Mukti tells Anurag and Rishabh to give her one more chance and if she fails they can give her any punishment that they want. Rishabh and Anurag agree and Mukti tells them to come and hide behind some bushes as Sharad will be here anytime to destroy the evidence against him.Rishabh and Anurag reluctantly follow her.

At the Bajaj house,
Sharad is waiting by his car. Prem comes to him and asks him what's the problem. Sharad tells him all about the photographer and the phone call. Prem and Sharad sit in the car and go for the place.

They reach the place and the photographer's waiting for them. Rishabh and Anurag are shocked to see Prem and sharad. The photographer hands them a packet telling them that this is the evidence. Sharad takes the packet and throws it away. He punches the man hard and tells him that he knows he's lying and it's just another trick of Mukti's. Rishabh and Anurag come out of the bushes. Prem tells them that he just cannot beleive that they are actually siding up with Mukti again. Sharad fakes sadness and tells Rishabh that he's very hurt by the fact that he still doubts him.

Rishabh and anurag scold Mukti and tell her that they can never think of trusting her with anything again.Prem too leaves and Sharad is left alone with Mukti. Sharad taunts her bitterly and tells her not to use her brains as she does not have any and she should stop her lame efforts in trying to trap him over and over again because now nobody is going to beleive whatever she has to say. Mukti is sad and starts crying.Sharad touches her and tells her to take care of herself (mockingly) and advises her not to be unconscious again or she'll have to pay a price for it again.Sharad leaves and Mukti loses all her courage.

Kamini and Mohini are at the Bajaj house and tell Prem and Tushar that they have come to ask about the Holi celebrations. Tusshar tells them both that they are aware of the conditions at home and they cannot possibly talk about celebrating Holi in such a time. Kamini tells them that it's ridiculous that they cant celebrate because of a driver's daughter who has gone out of her head. Prem tells Kamini not to say such things about Mukti in front of Prerna otherwise she'd end up having a slap on her face,just like he did when he tried to say things like these in front of Prerna. Kamini is least amused. Mohini assures her that she will herself talk to Prerna about the whole thing.

Just then, Prerna enters and Rishabh follows. Prerna tells them that there shall be no Holi in their house because of such a huge incident which has taken place. Prem asks her about Mukti and Prerna tells him that from now on, Mukti's dead for her. Mohini suggests that they all play Holi at the Basu house so that Sneha can enjoy the first Holi after her marriage. Everyone agrees.

The next day, on Holi..Rishabh goes to the Basu house sans Prerna and everyone welcomes him. Rishabh and Anurag hug each other. The Guptas also come there and everybody is ushered in. Sneha asks Anurag about Sam and he tells her that she'll be back in a couple of days. Anurag asks Rishabh why Prerna did not come. Rishabh tells anurag that she wont come today. Anurag's worried.

That's it!
KZK summary for 22 March-

1) sneha is not happy that prena is not there for her first wedding holi . anurag hears this

2) anurag goes to prena and tells her to come but she says she doesnt wanna come but agrees

3) mukti is sad and deciddes to meet prena

4) sneha is happy that prena came and wishes each other holi

5)mukti goes to bajaj house but doesnt find anyone and someone tells they are gone to anurag hosue

6) mutki goes there but prena sees her and leaves frm there.

precap- sharad tells sneha he has an important work so he will go and come from office


KZK update for 23 March-
Sharad spots a pretty girl at the party and gestures to her through his eyes to meet him outside the place.The girl leaves.Sharad turns back only to see Sneha.He's shocked to see her there. But Sneha has not noticed anything and asks Sharad what's wrong. Sharad puts his hand to the neck and tells her that it was paining a bit and he was searching for her only as he wanted to tell her that he's going to office for some very important work. Sneha and him are arguing when Prerna comes & asks what the matter is. Sneha tells her that Sharad wants to go to office even on Holi. Prerna tells Sneha that it is a good thing to work on festivals and asks Sharad to go but come back soon. Sharad assures Sneha that he'll be right back and he just wants to send an important mail to his client.

Then there's a funny scene of Yamini who's searching for sweets. She goes to her room only to find Prem and a girl kissing. Yamini is extremely shocked and immediately leaves. Prem looks up to find no-one at the door and tells the girl that there is absolutely NO privacy in the Basu and Bajaj household. They both go back to kissing. Geeta wonders where Yamini is and finds her praying to God asking him to make Prem mend his ways.Yamini tells the whole thing to Geeta and then they have a hearty laugh.

Sharad takes the girl to a hotel and makes her sit on a couch.Sharad closes the door and tells her that he has always wanted to tell her something. He sits near the girl and takes her hand in his, telling her that she is extremely beautiful. The girl asks him to tell her something she does not know and that she gets this compliment from everyone she meets.The girl asks Sharad if he is the same person who is the main accused in the rape of Mukti. Sharad is shocked and asks her how does she know about it. The girl tells her that she's a page-3 daily and she goes to each and every party and gets all the gossip. Sharad tells her that it's nonsense and there was no rape- he and Mukti had loads of fun. Sharad tells her that if Mukti was available for Prem, she was very much available for him as well. Sharad unbuttons his shirt and is going close to the girl when there's heavy wind and the window opens.

Sharad stops and goes to the window. He closes the window only to find prerna's reflection on it. Sharad is thoroughly shocked and shaken. He just turns around and stays rooted to the spot. Prerna looks at him with all her anger.She thanks the girl and she leaves. Sharad and Prerna are left in the room. Prerna tells Sharad that she had seen Sharad take the girl along with him in the car and she had followed them to the hotel. At the hotel, when Sharad had gone somewhere, Prerna had approached the girl and told her to do all this in exchange of loads of money- just so that she could get to the bottom of this entire thing and so that her doubt'd be cleared.Sharad's shocked. He moves back slowly and his back collides with the wall and he stops. Prerna walks up to him and slaps him tight. She continues to slap him and hit him atleast 10 more times. With the last slap, Sharad falls down on the floor. Prerna is crying, she remembers the time she married sneha off to Sharad and Mukti's reaction when she was raped. She just quivers and asks Sharad-"Why?" and leaves.

Sharad is dumb-struck. He gets to his feet and flees the place. He rushes to the Basu house.

Prerna is still in the hotel., thinking over what all happened.She stumbles as she walks to the stairs and thinks about Sneha and then, Mukti. She breaks down on the hotel stairs and thinks that she has done a grave mistake by not beleiving Mukti and she has ruined both Sneha and Mukti's life. A man comes and asks her what happened but she's in no state to reply. She just keeps on crying.

Sharad reaches the Basu house and rushes to Prem. Prem is intoxicated by the bhaang and is joking around with Indro- not understanding a word of what he is saying. Sharad pulls him aside and tells him that Prerna knows. Prem is still under the effect of bhaang and tells him that just like the climax of the film Mother India,Prerna is going to kill him first, then Sharad and then all the people here. Prem hands Sharad the bhaang and jokes it all off. Sharad is very tense and wonders what to do.

Mukti comes back home and Jeevan guesses she was not able to meet Prerna. Jeevan tells Mukti that he had fallen weak at the moment when Mukti was weak, but promises Mukti that they will not give up the fight and they WILL get justice for themselves. Mukti tells Jeevan that it is of no use and they cannot stand against the likes of Rishabh, Anurag and Shailendra. Mukti tells Jeevan that it's best they leave. There's a knock at the door. Jeevan opens the door and is shocked to find Prerna.
That's it!


The episode begins with Prerna and Mukti sitting on the floor together. Mukti questions her why she has come here and tells her not to be worried for her sake because she is leaving forever and will never ever return and never see Choti maa or the rest of the parivaar ever again. (Mukti and Prerna are both crying immensely) Mukti tells Prerna how weak Mukti and her father are against Prerna and family and that they can do nothing to get justice. She tells Prerna that "Aaj hum apni kamsori se dhoor ja rahe hai. Kabhi nahi aaoongi apke paas." Prerna suddenly says to Mukti "Muhje maaf karde." She says she didn't understand how wrong she was doing by thinking that Mukti was lying. She tells Mukti that she has found out Sharad raped her. They all are shocked. Mukti cries of relief. Prerna tells her that she heard it for herself and now the life's of both her daughters have been ruined. Prerna then says while touching Mukti's feet "Mein tere pher parti hoon muhje maaf karde." Mukti stops her and holds her hand. Prerna starts saying to Mukti how wrong she is has done by not recognizing Sharad's true face and gave Sneha's hand to Sharad. THEN Prerna goes bolistic looking towards the ceiling and says "Kyun nahi diya meine saath !!! Aisa kyuun kiya !!! Meri bachiyon ne kya kiya beghara that era !!! Ghalti koi aur karega barengi mere bachiya !!!" Then she breaks down again. Mukti consoles Prerna. Prerna abruptly gets angry and tells Mukti not to worry and that she will get justice and no one will stop her.


The scene comes back to the Holi festival and Prem is terribly drunk and goes to Sharad and tells him to eat because he won't find food like this in jail.


Sharad imagines Prerna coming to the Holi festival with Mukti and the police. Prerna comes and tells everyone what she had seen and heard. Then Sneha comes up to Sharad and slaps him followed by Bajaj and just as Anurag is about to slap him he comes back to his senses. This lady ask Sharad if he has seen Prem around and he says no he han't. Then the lady finds Prem and Indronel laying on a bed together doing who knows what and freaks out. They both were drunk. Lolzzz


Shavan comes and talks with Sharad and does his normal trash talking and wanrs him and tells him that he knows everything about what he has done. Sharad tells him not to give Mukti's side and not to go against the parivaar. Anurag, Bajaj, and Sneha come and Anurag ask's him why he has come here and what he wants. Shavan tells him he came to wish him holi sarcastically. Anurag grabs Shavan and takes him out of the house. Shavan tells him that one day one of his own will bite him some day. Sneha tells Anurag and Bajaj how lucky she is to have two great fathers.


Finally Prerna really comes back to the festival and encounters Sharad at the door. Sharad does not let her through and tells her that what he did was a mistake and that he was drunk and raped her in the hype of the moment. He tells her he couldn't control himself. He then says that he will do anything to repay Mukti. He will give her as much money as she wants. He says he will even get her married into a good home and parivaar. He says he does not want to loose Sneha and is willing to do all this for her. Prerna tells him that he has ruined her life because he cannot give back the "izaaat" that she has lost. She tells him that thank god you are my son-in-law otherwise I would have already killed you and been in jail for killing you. She tells him that " aab teri assliyaat mein saab ko bataoongiii." Sharad suddenly has a change of character assumingly and yells "Hey Prerna!!!!!"


The episode ends.Edited by ronitfan - 16 years ago
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Actually my first reaction was do not go to shravan but i think he witnessed the whole thing because he was present at the party.

Thanks for the update

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