mujh par hue zulm,..quite funny 1nes

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Posted: 16 years ago

mujh par hue ab mere yahan kuch frnds hain to socha i share wid them:

*last week i had cum 2 dwnload the if int of hussain inspite i knew my cousins hd 2 cum n when i gt back i gt a slap frm my small cousins...only 7yr old

*then they all my 2 cousins used 2 tease me abt hussain juhi in every baat

*1 day my bro says he saw hussain juhi on sahara 1...n then i tried 2 switch on my tv....n my cousins took away d remote n locked the room...when i chngd channels frm d tv 1 of them opend the room n didnt allow me 2 c it....n guess wht it ws a prank

*on 16th nyt my frnd n me msging...she says i wnt the same card u sent 2 hussain...she hd cen it...n we hd all the chat,...n guess wht i discover...she says her behen ws just setting a paplu on me 2 c hoe fast i reply cing hussains name

*my cell hs lots hussain juhi pics so they all make fun n tease me n i cryyyyyyCryCryCry

*every day i gt up im teased by hussain juhis name...god im told tht i hav all the energy for them n nuthing else

*stories by my sibling r made n all sorts n hav 2 cry so frnds ask me u lyk hussain ya juhi...n all sorts

to aap sabk liye to yeh funny hue par only i noe muh par bitti haiCry

hey friends plz do share ur xperiences with all of wuld b fun n plz do it

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Posted: 16 years ago
i know anku a few incidents really touch us deeply no matter how much funny they sound to others but for us they're reall really important. reading your story i can see quite a few similarities between us as i too get hurt in small things.
but don't worry we (your friends) are always with you.
so just smile and don't bother about others.
life is a pth, so step forward. don't look back as many things might make you sad.

smile. Smile   
Posted: 16 years ago
chota mu aur badi bat. yaar apne cousins se mujhay milvao on ki aisi ki tasi jo tumhey aise kehte hai hussain aur juhi ke barey mein how dare them Angry Angry Angryab kahein to meri bat kervayo on se mein hoon na Smile       
Posted: 16 years ago
thnx ppl,....but dun take this very seriously
i just luvv my sweetu cousins...its just tht they luv me

* day my small cousin tld tht su kk r this n tht n i dint talk 2 her n at the end of the day she ws kk sumit r the best

*they even sd so small hain phir bhiu ki kk sumit to aapki jaan hain didi
Posted: 16 years ago
tum bhi na sweet of them Smile
Posted: 16 years ago
ya i noe they r my jaans....luv me so much...kya kahun...
Posted: 16 years ago
ankita ur not the only 1 who gets teased about this topic, even i do. it's quite funny by their reactions. Smile
Posted: 16 years ago
even i am being teased by my friends.

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