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Posted: 16 years ago
Hey everyone!! I wanted to make a sinndoor I decided to make one....rite now I'll post a character sketch and like the main if anyone wants to continue after I write the first one they are most welcome.. pls reply with your comments.....

Raizada Family
Virendra Raizada
Head of the family, has three kids, Rudra, Dhruv and Tara. Married to Kavita for 26yrs. Owner of Raizada Industries. Has strict principles, loves Tara the most....and spoils her a lot
Kavita Raizada
Married to Virendra for 26 yrs. Has 3 kids Rudra Dhruv, and Tara. Very caring and an ideal mother. Dhruv is the apple of her eye.
Rudra Raizada
25 yrs old, attends college. most popular guy in college. Plays all sports so is like a big jock.....thinks too much of himself (I'm the Best) thinks that bcuz Vedika is the most popular girl and he is the most popular guy they shoudlbe bf/gf. Oldest child, feels left out bcuz his Dad favours Tara, and Mom favours Dhruv.
Dhruv Raizada
23 yrs old, attends college. Slightly nerdy(good two shoes) Secretly likes Vedika, but can't tell her bcuz he's afraid of rejection. Dotes on Tara. Trys to fit in with Rudra's gang. Is  best friends with Suraj (Vedika's brother) also is Vedika's tutor. Middle Child
Tara Raizada
21 yrs old, attends college. Hangs out with their gang. Best friends with Vedika and Niharika. Closer to Dhruv then Rudra, she knows that Dhruv likes Vedika, but can't tell her. She likes Suraj, and she hasn't told him yet. Vedika and Niharika know how she feels
Khanna Family
Uma Khanna
single mother, controls Khanna industris since her husband dies 12 yrs ago. Has three kids, Niharika, Suraj, and Vedika. Good friends with Kavita, secretly wishes that since their families are so close, they should all get married to each other. Very loving and understanding.
Niharika Khanna
24 yrs old. attends college. Secretly likes Rudra, but no one knows, except Dhruv. Best friends with Vediak and Tara. Very shy, and a quiet person. Loves her gang
Suraj Khanna
22 yrs old, attends college. Knows that Dhruv likes his twin sister Vedika, Likes Tara, but has onlt told Dhruv and Rudra. Very smart and out going.
Vedika Khanna
22 yrs old, attend college. Best friends with her whole gang. She knows that Tara likes Suraj, but hasn't said anything. She now keeps thinking abt Dhruv all the time, and is wondering why that is happening to her.Extremely out going and popular

So that was the Character Sketch...let me know if you like the idea, if you do then I will start the story tom.
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Posted: 16 years ago
Sounds Good..cant wait till your first post.... Big smile Edited by moderngirl - 16 years ago
Posted: 16 years ago
sound good cont soon Smile
Posted: 16 years ago
Part 1
The whole gang is hanging out in the canteen. Dhruv keeps lookin up at Vedika, and she feels a little uncomfortable...
Dhruv:(to himself)Wow. agar ek baar mein isi ke sakta ke mein isi kitna pyar karta meri life baan jati.
Ved: (to herself)Yeh Dhruv meri hi taraf kyun dekhra hain?? Mere teeth mein to kuch nahi hain na....
Rudra: So Vedika, what's new?? Tumhe hamari party ke liye koi date mile ke nahin??
Hearing this Dhruv looks up to hear Vedika's answer..
Ved: Nahin Rudra, mera koi date nahin hain, mein akeli nahin aa sakti kya??
Niharika: Tum akeli kaha hoi, mein aur Suraj tumhara saath aayenge na? Kyun Suraj...
Suraj busy looking at Tara, hears someone call his name, and wakes up..
Suraj: Kya kaha di?
Niks: Maine kaha, ke mein aur tum Vedika ke saath Rudra ki party mein jayenge na?
Suraj: oh haan I guess, agar mein apna sara homework time pe finish kar paya to...
Tara:(to herself) Ye kya Suraj.....Tumhe ana hi parega, varna mein tumhe aaj kese kaho ke mein, mein tumse pyar karti hoon....
Dhruv: Suraj... tum apna saara homework ghar lana, aur mein aur tum mere room mein homework karenge.
Rudra: Anyways, enough talking abt skool work....Vedika tum 2 minute mere saath wahan chalogi?
Vedika: Kyun??
Rudra: chalo na pls???
Veds: Aacha (to niks) mein abhi aai
When they are leaving together you can see Niharika and dhruv's face looking down wondering what they were talking abt?
Niharika and Dhruv go and get some food, while they are doing that, they are talkin abt what they are going to be wearing at the party tonight...

Now Rudra, and Vedika...
Vedika:Kya baat hain Rudra, tum mujhse kya baat karna chaata ho akele mein??
Rudra: Wo mein soch raha mein aur tum kyun nahin saath mein.......umm......hum kyun nahin saath....ummm
Vedika: Rudra tum saaf saaf kyun nahin kehte ke tum chaate ho ke mein aur tum bf/gf ho jaye?
Rudra:(surprised) Umm Vedika, kya tum sach mein meri gf banogi??
Vedika: Haan baba!!! Chalo abb mujhe ghar jana hein.......aur abb to party ke liye kuch zyaada hi tayari karni paregi...mein abb host ki gf jo hoon?? Hain na?
Rudra: Haan Haan Chalo
They go back to the table and they are walking hand in hand......seeing this Dhruv and Niharika's face completely shatters..
Vedika: Ok humari baat ho gayi, abb Suraj hum chale??
Suraj: Haan Chalo Chale
Niks: Waise Vedika, tumne aur Rudra ne kya baat ki??
Rudra: Woh to tumhe aaj raat party mein hi pata chalegi....(smiles sneakily)
Dhruv: Abb Bhaiya hum bhi chale??
The End!!!

Sorry it was soo shortCry, I had a lot of h/w and stuff so I'll update soon with a nice long one!!!!
Wow that actually takes hard work....pls reply with comments...and if anyone wants to continue pls e-mail me so I can let you know of my main story idea.
[email protected] or [email protected]

Pls reply with comments I'm really nervous!!
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Posted: 16 years ago
Dont be nervous happens....

your first part was ROCKIN Clap

Cant wait for the next part. Tongue Tongue Tongue
Posted: 16 years ago
only one comment was it that bad?????
I'll update next on tuesday!! I hope there will be a few more comments!!
Posted: 16 years ago
Hey everyone!! Thank-you soo much for your wonderful comments...I've been really busy with school work and events at school so I'll update my fan fic tom

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