Song by Subrahmanya Bharathi in Tamil

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Posted: 16 years ago

Song by Subrahmanya Bharathi in Tamil
Sindhu nadhiyin misai nilavinilE

The song is all about commodity & services exchange amongst the Indian states -
There is one line where Subrahmanya Bharathi says we should exchange Marathi poetry for Salem (of India) Ivory...

Bharathi being a Tamil poet seems to have had good understanding and appreciation for Marathi literature..

I love the rhythm and flow of words in this song. But I have not mastered the language well enough to translate word by word...
Could Vidhya or somebody here translate this song. Just curious to know What all Bharathi suggested for Commodities exchange..
Could somebody upload this song?
Posted: 16 years ago
sindhu nadhiyin misai nilavinilae
chaera nannaattilam pengaludanae
sundharath thelunginil paattisaiththu
thoanigal oatti vilaiyaadi varuvoam

Bharathi brings about a complete national integration in this song. He says - Basking in the Moonlite Sindhu river along with chera kingdom girls (present day kerala), lets sing songs in the beautiful telugu language and lets row and play along the river.

Well..Kerala women are supposed to be the most beautiful down south and telugu is the most melodious language down south too.( Overall i wld rank telugu next to mishti bangla)

gangai nadhippuraththu goadhumaip pandam
kaaviri vetrilaikku maarukolluvoam
singa maraattiyartham kavidhaikondu
saeraththu thandhangal parisalippoam

Let us exchange the wheat grown in the banks of ganges with the betel leaves grown in the banks of River Kaviri. Let us exchange the shayari (poems) of the brave Marathas with the elephant tusks of selam( Tamilnadu).

Iam not sure if marathas are famous for their shayari..iam ignorant abt that but salem elephants have the hugest tusks. ( Veerapan used to stay near Salem forests)

singalath theevinukkoar paalamamaippoam
saedhuvai maeduduththi veedhi samaippoam
vangaththil oadi varum neerin migaiyaal
vaiyaththu naadugalil payir seyyuvoam

Let us build a bridge to Srilanka..Lets make a huge road over the ocean. With the excess water from Bay of Bengal lets irrigate the entire nation.

Well he seemed to have taught abt nationalisation of rivers a long time ago.

Actually this is the shortened lyrics as used in a movie. He has written a lot more. I have Bharatiyar Kavidhaigal volume.But its 3:43 Am here and am so lazy to go and fetch it. Will PM u on that tmrw.

Meanwhile, Bharathi has penned some wonderful, romabtic songs too and another one abt his love for his daughter.
Chinna Chiru kiliye - A parent's love for his daughter Beautiful lyrics. They just engulf you.Theres this one line which takes the cake. Let me sample it for you.

" Uchi dhanai mugarndhal garvam ongi valarudhadhi
Mechi unai oorar pugzhaldhal Meni silirkudhadhi"

Means -

If i kiss your forehead my pride just keeps growing big
If people around us praise you, my body shivers all over. You should be a parent to understand the depth of these lines.

Theres this romantic song which goes like this...

Sutrum Vizhi - Theres this line..

" Moothavar Sannidhiyi Vaduvai muraigal pinbu seyvom
Kathirupenodi adhu par kannathu mutham ondru"

Remember bharathi lived a 100 yrs ago and he says to his beloved during those times

Lets obtain the worship of elders for our union...lets not worry abt the unnecessary customs of marriage now.
I cant wait further for a kiss in my cheek.

Bharathi was truly a revolutionist in his age and was a strong advocate of feminism. He has written more wonderful gems. But I want to listen to other views too.
Posted: 16 years ago
Vidya, Fantastic Clap Clap Clap.
Wow, what a detailed explanation that too at 3.40 in the night? This is what can be called as Passion...
Posted: 16 years ago
Sudha.. I love Barathi and his works...cldnt help writing!
Posted: 16 years ago
Here goes Srianne...The song is Chinna chiru kiliye. You can hear it here:

cinnanjiru kiLiyE kaNNammaa selva kaLanjiya mE
yennai kaliteertE ulagil yErTram puriya vandaay

piLLai kani amudE kaNNammaa pEsum porcittiramE
aLLa aNaitiDavE yenmunnE aaDi varum tEnE kaNNammaa

ODi varugaiyilE kaNNammaa uLLam kuLirudaDi
aaDi tiridal kaNDaal unnai poi aavi tazhuvudaDi

ucci tanna mugazhndaal garuvam Ongi vaLarudaDi
mecci unnai ooraar pugazhndaal mEni silirkudaDi

kannattil muttam iTTaal uLLam daan kalvari kolludadi
unnai tazhuviDilon kaNNammaa umnatamaagudaDi

saTTru mugam sivandaal manadu sancalam aagudaDi
neTri surunga kanDaal yenakku nenjam padaikudaDi

un kaNNil neer vazhindaal yen nenjil udiram koTTudaDi
yen kaNNil paarvai yenrO kaNNammaa yen uyir ninra danrO

sollum mazhalaiyilE kaNNamma tunbangaL teertiDuvaay
mullai siripaalE yenadu mugantavirtiDuvaay

maarbilanavadarkE unnaipOl vairamaNi kaLunDO
seerpaTri vaazhavadarkE unnaipOl selva piridumunDO

Bharath Rahman

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