kzk-k3g a new story part7, plz read!!!!

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Posted: 16 years ago

The most anticipating match in the college history begins.

Gandhi's (Nehru University) team comes to the court, follows by Vineet and their team captain Anuraag. Nehru University student's cheers and hoots for them, where Mumbai University students boo them. Then, Eagles (Mumbai University) team comes to the court, follows by Swayam and the skipper Rishabh. Mumbai University students rock the stadium seeing Rishabh and Swayam. Nehru University students boo them.

The match begins, the ball starts by Gandhi's team, with in a minute, Anuraag scores two points shot. Prerna stands up and claps with Anuraag name, anuraag in reply gives a flying kiss to her. Then, Prerna looks at Bajaj, who is staring at her. She doesn't care; she just ignores Bajaj starry eyes.  Then, Eagles tem passes the ball, Swayam gets the ball and passes to Rishabh and as he tries for two points shot, Anuraag grabs it. He passes to vineet, vineet then passes to his teammate, then again to another teammate, then again the ball comes to Anuraag and he sees Risbah blocking him, he passes the ball to Vineet once again, Vineet scores two points shot. So, the scores with in 7 minutes are Gandhi's 4, Eagles 0. Eagles scores their first point in 9 mins 35 secs. So, the scores come down to the 4-1.

The match goes on and on and as the second quarter ends the scores come down to the Gandhi's 53, Eagles 37. Rishabh and Swayam, can't believe what's happening. Rishita, Menka and whole Mumbai University students are tensed. Sara who is watching the game live in television, she is crossing her fingers. Where, Gandhi's team are exited that till now, they have been manage to hold on Eagles.  Vineet says to his teammates that they shouldn't get over exited as, it's just the 2nd quarter ends, and they have 2 more quarters to go, and we never know what it's going to be a turnover when and where. Anu agrees with Vineet and says the same thing.  Prerna tells Ruchi that she knows that they are going to win, where Ruchi tells her that they are ahead but not winning because 2 more quarters are about to go. Rishita tells Menka that what's happening to Bhai (Rishabh) today? Gandhi's team is ahead of us, that ridiculous. Menka who is listening, just shooks her head, but doesn't say anything. (I don't know why she is smiling to herself, when she sees that Rishabh's team are loosing).

3rd quarter starts.

Both teams are on their potential skills and showing their talents in the game.  Eagles try everything they could, but still at the end of the 3rd quarter Gandhi's hold them by 77 to 68.

4th quarter starts.

4th quarter brings the house down mainly by Rishabh and swayam, who couldn't do much better in those previous quarters. They are just adding and adding the scores.10 minutes to go and Swayam scores an amazing 2 points shot. He gives h5 ti Rishabh. Eagles fans cheer for Swayam and Rishabh, Gandhi's are thrilled as, Eagles are just few points them. Tthe scores come down to the Gandhi's 95, Eagles 91. Rishabh looks at the score board and tell Swayam that they still can have them. Vineet tells Anuraag that they are just 4 points lead against Eagles, they need to score few points right now to shut Eagles. Anuraag gives hi5 to Vineet.

9 minutes to go Anuraag surprises them with another 2 points shot, the break through they were waiting for.  That makes the score 97-91. Anuraag once again gives hi5 in the air to Prerna, Prerna gives him hi5 in the air too, then she looks at Rishabh, who is instead of getting mad, he shows her his forhead, reminind Prerna the conversation took place early this morning in front of the temple. Then, Rishabh calls Swayam that either do or die, they have to win, no matter what, even if they are 6 points behing them. Swayam and Rishabh exchange their hi5. Anuraag once again trying to get the two points shot, fro nowhere, Rishabh comes infront of him like a fire, grabs the ball from his hand and heroicly, he throws the ball, from the outside of the circle for the 3 points, and he gets it. 3 points guys, no one can believe that, even Anuraag can't believe that, he is just amazed. Vineet along with Gandhi's just left stunned Rishita shouts and gives hi5 in the air to Rishabh. Swayam gives Rishabh a hi5. Rishabh stares at Prerna. Prerna doesn't care. Again, as the Gandhi's were passing the ball, from no where Rishabh gets the ball, he throws the ball in the net from the outside the circle, and again gets the 3 points shot and the scores become 97-98. That stunned everone, including Swayam, Vineet, Anuraag, Prerna, Ruchi, Rishita, Menka, Sara, the audiences, Eagles and Gandhi;s. 6 points in a row, that's just amazing. Rishabh looks at Prerna, Prerna has a intense face as she can't believe what just Rishabh did. Ruchi tells her not worry they will get them. Eagles for the first time gets the one point lead in the game. Rishita excitingly tells Menka that now she gets the hope that they will win tonight. Menka doesn't respond. Rishita asks her what's the matter, isn't she happy that Eagles are winning? She knows, Menka is upset because she is still mad that her brother didn't wish her on a Valentines Day, and he went out with Sara. Menka says that if she knows so much about why she isn't responding then just let it go okay. Rishita is jut amazed with Menka stubborn attitude.  Anuraag and Vineet tell each other that Rishabh has turned out the table on them. Vineet tells him that, they need to be cool and to play with the cool temperament. Anuraag seems kind of worried.  Vineet tells him not to worry; they shouldn't loose their hope to win. Anuraag gets some relief, he tells him teammates let's go as they can still get them. The game begins once again where only 4 minutes to go. Anuraag starts the ball, he passes it to Vineet,Vineet  passes to Anuraag, Anuraag passes  to his teammata, he passes back to vineet, Vineet passes to Anuraag and Rishabh who is blocking him, tries to grab the ball, Anuraag throws the ball for the two point shop, Rishbah jumps in the air to catch it, the ball is in the air, everyone's is watching the ball going inside the net, Prerna, Richui, Rishita, Menka, Sara, Vinet, Swayam and all other people are watchig the ball going inside the net, the ball goes inside the net and we see Rishabah  falls on the floor and breaks his ankle.  Gandhi's gives hi5 to Anuraag. Prerna shouts, Ruchi smiles. The scores once again favors Gandhi's as they take the lead 99-98. Rishita, Swayam and the Eagles are upset and worry, as not only they are behind the Gandhi's once again by one point but Rishabh has an ankle injury as well. Medical personnel come with the stretcher and the medicines to aid Rishabh. Swayam comes to give hand. Those medical personnel suggest Rishabh that it's better to go to the hospital. Rishbah yells @ them, saying he would go to the hospital once this game gets over and if only Eagles win against Gandhi's. If Eagles loose tonight, no matter how much pain he would have, he wouldn't go to the hospital. Medical personnel gives up, even the Mumbai University professors and the principal tries to change his mind about not to be so stubborn, but, infornt of Rishabh, they give up. Rishita is terrified, praying god to help his brother and their team. Menka this time Sara has tears in her yes, watching this live on TV. She prays to god to make Rishabh fine, what ever happens let her suffer but plz doesn't do nothing harm to Rishbah. Rishabh tells Swayam that he doesn't care if has pain, but now it's Swayam responsibility to fulfill his wish by winning this game. Rishabh asks Swayam, to promise him that, he isn't going to let Rishabh down and he is going to win. Rishabh gives his hand to Swayam, Swayam puts his hand on Rishabh's hands and promises Rishabh that even he has to die, he doesn't care, but, he promise that he will live to the expectation and he is going to win this game, no matter what.

2 minutes to go.

Everyone's tense. Rishita is biting her nails. Menka is just watching intensely, Prerna, Ruchi join hand. Vineet is saying his mates to go here and there. Anuraag gives hi5 to Vineet. Swayam has the ball; he looks at the clock, which is ticking. Rishabh gives hi5 to Swayam in the air.

Swayam starts the ball, he passes the ball to his mate, that mate passes to another mate, and as that mate passes the ball to Swayam, in the middle of the air, Vineet grabs it. Gandhi;s fans cheers as they know now, they will win, Prerna smiles, Ruchi gives a clap. Swayam tells his mate not to be frustrated.

Vineet who gets the ball passes to Anuraag, Anuraag passes to Vineet , Vineet dribs the ball and passes to Anuraag,  but unfortunately, Anuraag couldn't catch it, however, Swayam catches the ball making the last minutes turnover. Rishabh shouts Swayam!!! You can do it. Eagles chants Swayam name and claps with the name Eagles, Eagles.

Swayam runs, Anuraag and Vineet follows him. Swayam passes the ball to his mate, that mate passes the ball to another mate, and that mate passes the ball to swayam once again. Swayam gets the ball, he looks at the clock only 15 seconds remaining. Anuraag and Vineet try to block him and tries to grab the ball from his hands. Swayam looks at Rishabh for once. Rishabh gives him a thumps up. Swayam throws the ball; everyone's watching that ball which is in the air.  Rishita, Sara crossing their finger hoping that ball goes inside the net vice versa, Prerna and Ruchi crossing their fingers hoping that ball doesn't go inside the net. That ball hits the board, then it hits the side of the net and in the third drop it goes inside the net and the score becomes Eagles 100-Gandhi's 99. The match referee whistles indicating that the time ends there as well. Eagles players run cheering 'Yeah! yohooo!!! We did it! We did it!!!"  Swayam jumps with joy in the air, Rishabh looks up and then he gives the thumps up to Swayam and for fulfilling the promise. Whole Mumbai University students come down to the court. Eagles players carry Swayam on their shoulder, chanting his name. Swayam for once looks at Rishita, Rishita in her reply gives a sweet smile back to him. Sara jumps on her couch for an amazing victory and she thanks god. Rishita thanks god and tells Menak that it was one the most amazing match ever and she says but, what ever, they won against those Gandhi's. Menka who hasn't said anything in this whole game, gives a hug to Rishita and agrees that indeed it was a greatest match ever. Anuraag, Vineet and the Gandhi's players get stunned for the one point loss to the Eagles. Prerna and Ruchi couldn't believe, for what just they saw. Prerna has tears in her eyes and looks at Anuraag, Anuraag couldn't look back into prerna eyes, but he indicates her to wipe her eyes. Vineet consoles Anuraag, indicating that what ever happened, happened.  Swayam goes next to Rishabh and gives hi5 to Rishabh and they hug each other.

So, the kzk-k3g part 7 ends with Rishabh and Swayam hugging eachother and Rishabh giving an sweet smile to Prerna adding a  salt on her wounds. Rishabh and Prerna exchange stares.

Kzk-k3g part 7

R.j Edited by RJ1234 - 16 years ago
Posted: 16 years ago
WWooooooWWWWWWWW!!! Great stuff RJ bro! I was getting so damn excited just reading this stuff about the bball match! Kewl and rocking!

Rishabh ROCKS! Wooohoo!!! Clap
Posted: 16 years ago
thanks a lot yaar for sharing
Posted: 16 years ago
wow i am happy rishabh won. great going. post part 8 soon Clap
Posted: 16 years ago was a thrilling match...the best was that Rishabh won in the end Big smile
GR8 stuff Rj. Clap
Posted: 16 years ago
Galzu, tum khush nahin ho kya, tumhare Rishab ki team ne match jeeti.
I am expecting more and more replies.
Manasi, tulip, ronitr, ponitpf, ronir krazy, sweta.sweet, aakriri wating for your response.
Posted: 16 years ago
Hey! I forgot to tell you that, your opnion, suggestions and comments do matter to me and helps me to improve further more in my studies.
Galzu (Sara) welcome back and I hope you like it.

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