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Posted: 9 years ago
i miss my inspiration from whom i got inspired strted making siggys she is none other than shikzz(starry.phoeinix) miss her soo much :(((((
Posted: 9 years ago


BengaliChica92 (snigdha) - remember her guys? she started the rage of making those siggys w/ the notebook paper texture and the siggys w/ a blue tint to the coloring.. i remember when everyone started doing the same lol heres a sample:

Basanti_diya (diya) - she was the first person I requested a siggy on in IF...she was very sweet and always had these chatak bindaas siggys that were colorful and blinking/glittery type
living.doll (mummu) - I didnt know her personally but for hte life of me i cannot find her shop nor her userid where i can stalk her... she might have changed it but i still cant find it :'( ... this girl beyond anyone on IF had the most h i g h q u a l i t y avis ever! and her once pic siggys are what inspired me to make those type too
Posted: 9 years ago
I miss the following people:

Sahar Khan aka RKM who closed her shoppy!!Unhappy but she does make random stuff still =)

Mona -monus-

Posted: 9 years ago
Alisha, Kaira, Tina on top of my list.
desigrl05 probably since she decided to leave IF
desigrl, aap toh khud jaare ho, how will youzzz ban mee ApproveROFL


Will add more..
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Posted: 9 years ago
^^shut up anku, tu aa bolly forum mein..main tereko ban karti hoon :|
^^ these two girls will always define KaSh for me..I remember seeing kaira's creations back in the day and the entire world and their mom used to use them
zinu.xo - she used to be super active back in 07/08 and very popular but she suddenly left :'(
sanya21 (?)
^^these girls owed me a rahulmuski siggy back in 09 but they also left :'(
Amberosia (sp?) - i remember how everyone use to be mad about her siggys..she did the ultimate ones w/ the pastel colorings and all
SuhanaSafar - i think she's in med school hence why she left..but i loved loved her painting lookalike siggys..her style was unique!
Posted: 9 years ago
Originally posted by -RougeDreams-

Sahar Khan aka RKM who closed her shoppy!!Unhappy 
this fool is still around..we need to tell her to open up a gallery so she can atleast update whenever the hell she wants and we wont demand anything :X
Posted: 9 years ago
Originally posted by desigrl05

Originally posted by -RougeDreams-

Sahar Khan aka RKM who closed her shoppy!!Unhappy 
this fool is still around..we need to tell her to open up a gallery so she can atleast update whenever the hell she wants and we wont demand anything :X
I know she is but still... and we should do that! Approve
Posted: 9 years ago
SUPERB topic !! I shd say this is the best DOTW i have seen so far in this entire IF :)

I always wanted to thank this one person who has always been my reason of siggy making.. This single girl's creations made me try to make some siggies which I thought would be impossible ! and I am not boosting up or anything but I DO feel i am at the list of "good" siggy makers therefore m soo thankful to this girl who is the reason behind my success :)

And she is none other than basanti_diya..

Everyone gets amazed the way I can make a good siggy out of any LQ pics however, The credit goes to her ONLY as she was the 1st person from whom i received a tut on brightening ur pics :$ and apart from that this girl never failed to amazed me by her animated siggies which would be like so damn clear no matter how many pics, brushes she used Stern Smile.

Sorry for being all emotional but i had alwayss wanted to make ppl know how much I have been inspired by her and i feel this is the PERFECT place to let my heart out for her :)


Ofcourse, TK di, I love love loveee her work soo much like everyone ! I shd say there has and will never be anyone more talented than her :P She simplyy rockss !! 

Kaira- I always saw her work on KaSh and she was A M A Z I N G !! mann she had all those sort of unique effect and style on her siggies but would never fail to impress anyone in IF :O I really really miss her work !! 

Sharona- The girl whose work would give an aura of sparkling stars Embarrassed.. I dont think i need to say how amazing this girl is and her work coz more than half of IF knows her work really well !! And why wouldnt we her siggies are just soo fabulous and bright and sparkly then anyone would fall in love with them :$

Tina- is everyone referring to the girl who made loads of Maneet siggies ?? I am not sure if she stopped making or anything but this girl is super duper good yaar :O:O:O Her siggy would be simple but still it would always rock :P Her maneet stuffs are always my favs !!

Once again thankyou so much for this thread yaar !! Really appreciate it ! 
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