Anuj is Human too

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Posted: 16 years ago

I will never forget the look on Anuj's face when the results from the last episode were announced and the 3 judges started their act and started to walk out. Poor Poor Guy.. Keep singing ..more power to you, and may you be selected the next Indian Idol.. who cares what the Judges think.. this is an audience slection formatted show. so Anuj sing with your heart out and tot he 3 judges .... you guys better apologize to all of us at the next some class

that is the only way you will be vindicated..


Posted: 16 years ago
Please stop this kind of promotion for Anuj!

Posted: 16 years ago
yup yup i completely agree anuj is human.....that's why he participated in II........ LOL LOL Wink
Posted: 16 years ago
Completely agree....Whats judges did was completely stupid and kiddish, And why are they saying again and again ki Junta wants Amey back or Janta wants a rematch,....Most of the audience on the set were Amey's family members and his friends....So obviously they will support him....If you hold the same show i Himachal then they will see...
And Anu malik even said 'Kauvvae' to anuj and he was just standing...i hope anujh becomes the next Indian Idol;
Posted: 16 years ago
I agree......this 'tamasha' was kinda unfair with ANUJ.....

Where were you all these days, ma manager???
Posted: 16 years ago
Originally posted by Ashwamedh

If you want to post polls like these, atleast give a favourable option too. I am a fan of Amey since the day he sang in the auditions, but this is going a bit too far now. What is Anuj's fault? He didnt ask to be called back, the judges decided that. He is not sending lakhs of votes for himself. People are doing it. I am in no way an Anuj fan, and he has not been singing well ever since he was called back, but you guys are stooping to crappy levels now. Stop this mudslinging now, Amey is out. Now lets hope Karunya wins. And let me tell you, Amey's career is now established anyway. So take it easy. Express your opinions, but exercise some restraint

I agree with U...
Edited by sweetgirlnilam - 16 years ago
Posted: 16 years ago
I really felt bad for that poor guy

I was completely bowled over by AMEY - he was the only one who supported ANUJ - that shows his clss.

I really pray to god that ANUJ get proper returns for the humiliation he received that day.

Best of LUCK Anuj

I will vote for you from next week though you were never in my fav list - but now i really feel for you
Posted: 16 years ago
well i do think wut the judges did waz rude... Confused

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