16 March written update

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Posted: 16 years ago
hi, ive neva given an update b4...but i'l giv a quik update...

starts wid pammi walkin in n givin kavya divorce papers, kavya says do u kno wot ur saying, pammi says yes, i want a divorce, if i cant get property i dnt need 2 b here... bauji n udas try 2 convine pammi sayin she shouldn't ask 4 a divorce, but instead pammi insults dem all, nitya cums n gives pammi a tite slap n gives her a fake lecture...

pammi insults nitya saying u can stop acting now mummy ji, stop ur beta beta acting coz u aint gna get da property now...

kavya gets mad, walks up 2 pammi, gives her a tite slap n says u want a divorce den here, he signs da papers, throws em n walks off, 1 by 1 dey all walk off leaving pammi alone 2 cry.

pammi den goz 2 ved n tells him dat now u'l b wid ur real mum all da time, remember i love u so much n will miss u...

den dey show her walking out, kavya looking at her from da window, dey hav a little stare den kavya closes da window n goes...

nitya cums 2 taunt pammi, she says i finally threw u out of da house, but pammi says u didint throw me out, i left myself bcoz kavua n anjali r gna b 2geda no mata wot, nitya says dat will neva happen, pammi gives her a dialogue on kavyanjali, dat dey are 1 n not 2,dey live in each udas heart n feel each udas pain, der relationship can not be broken by u, me or wo (God), kyunki unka rishta upar wale ne banaya hai, which shuts nitya up.

anjali is shown talking 2 her mum about doing all dis 4 kavya bcoz she loves him n wants him 2 b happy, she will neva let pammis house b broken.

den kavya is playing wid ved, bebe cums n tells him 2 bring anjali bak 2 da house, kavya says no, she is happy wid yug, bebe says no, i have seen it in her eyes, she still loves u, but kavya says no, 2moro i will go 2 anjali shaadi n giv her da best gift eva, i will giv her ved.

nitya hears dis n cums running n tells kavya he cant go, (i didnt undastand exactly wot she sed) but she makes a sad face n goz, den kavya says 2 himself sorry mama, ive always listened 2 evrything uve sed, but dis tym i cant, i have 2 go 2 anjali.

den kavya is going up sum stairs wid ppl dancing about, he thinks its anjalis wedding, den he says sumthing like 'ved now u can go n live wid ur mama' n it ends afta he says his dialogue.

sorry if ive missed anything out, its da 1st time ive eva written an update!

enjoy, n it was a gud episode!
Posted: 16 years ago
thanx u did a good job!
Posted: 16 years ago
Thanx sana Tongue Smile .....a gud 1 for the first try......btw,i llllllluuuuvvvved 2day's epi Wink .......shhen di,u should make this sticky as so many posts are regarding this.....
Posted: 16 years ago
thanks alot
Posted: 16 years ago
Posted: 16 years ago
thanks natassha is no 1! Alot of people were waiting 4 this and AWESOME 4 a first try! Smile Keep it up! Wink

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