Book 2 FF:Till the End of Time(updt*June8*pg140)(Page 124)

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Originally posted by kuttu

So Mohini wants to bring her sister back. I wonder if the sister is going to appreciate this gesture of hers as the Abhay she loved is no more hers. Mohini some how doesn't seem to be an evil self. She seems to be an over possessive sister.
Finally Aryans brain started working. He figured out that his child would be safe. So is Aryan and Peehu chapter finally going to be closed. As Peehu has hurt him beyound a point. He has lost himslef infront of his own family and the adopted family too.
Now for Abhay and Pia. Looks like in his deep mind he can still feel for his love. And Pia surely has that to her adventage. So we get to see a new Abhay. Nice twist I would say. To fall in love once again . And Pia surely is not the one to give up considering the fact that she facwed so much of danger for that one man.
And for the most mysterious part in this update who was over the phone. Has the wolves got something to do with this. Or is there an actual bigger villan than Mohini in all this.

Her sister wont be coming back any soon. Its not Mohini's primary plan for now because she has tried everything but failed. her primary motive is harming Abhay. just anyhow... 
Aryan still cares for Peehu and offcourse his child but he cant forget what he did to her. Abhay n Pia will be in great trouble handling each other. because it will be impossible to understand Abhay. the one in the phone get into the situation with just a coincidence but he is gonna enjoy the advantage of this coincidence... 

Originally posted by -_Sweta_-

Mind Blowing update Tanzy...Clap
Such a great twist...
Woah!! I can't believe Mohini will do such a thing... I was shocked... ShockedShe's is such a big time player.. OuchShe wants her sister to come alive again?? She took the blood of Abhay why did she make him forget everything??Confused Awwieee.. My poor AbhIya!! Shaadi ko ek din bhi nahi hua tha and fate played such a big game with them...Cry thanks a lot dear. Mohini has a reason to do everything n you will know it in time.. yea Poor abhiya...
I had tears while reading the part where Piya found Abhay...Cry
I so wish that Aryan would have never listened to her...Unhappy
I'm wondering how will Piya cope up now..Ermm
Oh I so H-A-T-E Mohini...Angry Pia will be broken but she will try her best to bring abhay back...
I'm waiting to see what topsy turvy turns does their love story take...
And Here comes The Angry Young Man ABHAY RAICHAND *Drum Rolls*LOL
Waiting to see the Old but Hot and Happening Avatar of Abhay... Was missing this side too...Embarrassed its gonna be very interesting trust me.. atleast i loved the outcome LOL
Precap looks damn interesting... Can't wait for it...Blushing
Now you've got to update real fast this time... Pretty Please with cherry on top...LOL
You are a Fab Writer Tanz... Keep it up..Thumbs Up
Thanks a lot for PM...Big smile
Lots of Love..Hug im deadwith work...just dead Ouch i cant even reply to everyone... love u to u dear Smile


Originally posted by PurpleFairy

Woman, do you realise that I will not be coming back to this FF for at least a month now? And yet you leave it at this point?Stern Smile dont so busy tht when u will come back u wont have to read more thn 2 chapters i guess Tongue LOL
Ok, I am keeping it really short this time 'coz I'm kinda in a hurry but beautifully written as always. I knew Aryan will never betray Abhay without a reason. I feel so bad for him and Peehu. And of course, for AbhIya. Abhay's gonna suffer from MPDDisapprove Abhay will be DIFFERENT... in a good n bad way... u will see why...
I didn't quite understand what exactly Mohini did maybe 'coz I skimmed through it very quickly but I hope Peehu survives and so does her child and both of them undo this dark spell by Mohini.
I know Pia will always be Abhay's promise of light and help him through this terrible phase as well. I just hope Mohini's plan backfires miserably and no one hates AbhayStern Smile Abhay will be unbearable but very sweet at times so no1 can hate him. and u read again when u come back...i know u must be very busy before leaving... 

@Next chapter name: Rofl! Chalo good hai. Kapdon mein nahin kam se kam personality mein rang hogaWink

Take care, Tanzie! Will miss you tonsHug ROFL nice one... and I miss u loads... come back soon ... have a safe n nice trip dear Hug Hug 

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Tanzu i wanna res jaldi update start kar
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Originally posted by Eowyn

What a perfect villainess!
Mohini rocks Tanz!
She is two steps ahead of all!
Aryan, poor soul!
What will it take to finally give him a peaceful existence!
The guy wishes for gud and strives to do that and life just screws with him.
The various hues and shades of Abhay
Hmm interesting!
Tanz u are awazing!
Love you
PS: Plz tell me in which chapter Ragini's history is explained, i wanna refer it again.

Thanks a lot Nidha. yes, Mohini is a true villain. enough of grey characters because more grey characters r gonna come Wink Aryan has a pure soul and naive heart and maybe thats why he gets so much pain. giving u the links: 

Originally posted by -Chinky-

Beautiful update :) got abhay married when I was not here ? LOL   But when I came back, I got my treat in the form of their suhag raat <3 . It was amazingly written...
And god this mohini ! She is such an evil vamp..hate her. Hate her. I just hate her Angry 
My poor aryan..mohini double crossed him. What a pain he is going through... Cry 
Hope he somehow rescues both peehu and their child. Tell me one thing..are you planning to bring ragini back ? Ermm yaar sirf mohini ki aane se itna kuch..toh ragini kyun ? Cry

How will piya deal with the changed abhay ! He is gonna hurt her like anything.. But as you said,he will be seducing piya
and will be extremely sexy ! Ahh..i will be waiting then Evil Smile 

Love you Hug

Welcome back LOL 
I already mention some ppl will kill me for making Aryan miserable and your name was included LOL 
Ragini...dont know..let's see... 
Pia will be broken but she will be fighting for Abhay. and u will like Abhay seducing sure u will LOL

love u too and come back quickly Tongue Hug

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Sorry guys, i wont be able to reply everyone individually because by now you all know how busy Im and how difficult it gets for me to update. so thank you, i read all the comments..

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wow tanzie. a fabulous and long update. loved the way you described the different shades of Abhay. But above all his heart could still feel Pia's pain and that is what will bring him back.

Loved that child-like Abhay sleeping in Pia's lap. Embarrassed
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Update sadu raichand back Partyand he was so rude but cute also and i know pia will get him back
this mohini aargh mad women she shld also die with her sis permanently she can live with her thats what mohini wants ROFL as usual mindblowing update...btw any romance in nxt update TongueEdited by strawberryrashu - 2012-06-01T01:23:25Z
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Posted: 2012-05-28T13:44:23Z
OMG Tanzie !
awesome update...beautifully wriiten..loved it
these different shades of abhay are so much fun... The seducing part left me speechless.. Never thought abhay cud do this.. Lol
abhay seems to be too cute when he behaves like a child..& when he is sadu , he still cares for piya!
I hope , peehu & the baby are fine!
Feeling terrible for aryan, amber n piya! I hope , they succeed in bringing the real abhay raichand back!
Continue soon
thanx 4 d pm
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