Book 2 FF:Till the End of Time(updt*June8*pg140)(Page 123)

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Originally posted by flora212

wowow...just awsome..great!!!Clap ClapLOVELY..AND NO WORDS TO DESCRIBE..I MUST SAY U ALWAYS WRITE THE DARK PART OF UR FF VERY INTERESTING.. thanks and I love you kitty emos...cuteee Big smile
I ALWAYS THOUGHT THAT ARYAN CANNOT BE BAD...ANYWAYS I HATE THAT BLOODY MOHINI...NOW I AM VERY WORRIED ABOUT PIA..ASE NA HO KI ABHAY KAHI PIA KI JAAN KHATRE ME DAL DE AS HE IS NOT IN NORMAL FORM!!! BUT I AM REALLY EXCITED TO SEE ABHAY AS SADU AGAIN.. yes, Aryan would die before betraying Abhay for real. Abhay will do everything he cant think of and you guys cant think of so will have to wait.. 
UPDATE SOON... Umm.. maybe you are wrong Wink will update tomorrow.. 

Originally posted by lost_in_love


wow!!! That was a superb smashing update tanzie!!!! Clap Clap Thumbs Up
ya! It was full of shock bt d way u presntd it wth thrill nd action,it was just magnificient! Star Star i was ryt! Poor aryan was desparate to save hs wife n unborn child nd thot dis is d harmless way!! He trustd mohini whch was no doubt hs biggest mistake!! Ouch 
mohini: "he is pure heartd mayb mre than Abhay!!" Shocked i hv no probs wth dis sentenc tanzie,as i adore aryanEmbarrassed bt may i knw y its so!!?? Is it 4 d huge aryan fan followng?? Wink
bt on serious note he is truly too much innocent nd datsy he belevd a dangerous entity lyk mohini!! Approve Thanks a lot Indu. no no.. it got nothing to do with Aryan's fan following LOL he is pure hearted thn Abhay. Abhay is no saint and he does mistakes but Aryan doesnt. he is always good to everyone, naive and simple. Abhay isn't. he is complicated, dark and can turn into really dangerous creature which Aryan can't until the situation is out of his hands. 
bt wat abt peehu nw? Will mohini truly b able to kil peehu as per her plans?? Is there no1 who cn save peehu? Confused
and who was mohini talkng to? It seems there's sum1 else too who wants revenge 4m abhay is thus helping her!!
Omg!! Mohini is soo disgusting!! Angry She left abhay in a cmplet mess!! Poor abhay! Nw wnt b able to remain hmslf anymre!! Ouch
and she evn shatterd poor aryan's world nd made hm a traitor towards abhay,pia...hs whole family!! Cry
Oh..i am feeling bad 4 both aryan n abhay nw!! Cry mohini hs ruind both their lives!! Angry Villain ke bina story me masala nehi hota LOL and i still haven't decided what to do with Peehu. u will have to wait for that. i cnt deny dat dis whole twist made my fav8 ff Heart evn mre interestng nw!! Tongue Approve Embarrassed
nw it will b a treat to watch abhay's change of behaviour towards evry1 n specialy Pia!! Wink 
on a serious note it wil b anther test of pia's love..both of their love! Embarrassed 
the road scene already gave a hint of dat i guess,as abhay's face changd a bit hearing hr name nd her tears wrenchd hs hurt unknwngly nd made hm feel 4 her... !! Embarrassed Offcourse Abhay will forget everything and even himself but not Pia.. just like she didn't forget Abhay when her memory was gone Embarrassed
bt again 1mre questn..mohini said she knew abt peehu's cnditn evn b4 cuming! Does dat mean she had evrythng plannd frm d beginning?? And does d blood she tuk 4m abhay is really gonna bring bck ragini?? Ok.ok..nw i wil stop! If u dnt wanna answr dez qustns nw its alryt!! LOL In dat case i wil wait 4 d updats to get my answers..Tongue Smile
once was a terrific updat truly..Star I dont know about Ragini yet LOL and there's someone involved who made all this possible. will reveal it when time comes. 
nw m waitng to see abhay's actns n hw pia handle wats aryan gonna do nw..nd wil amby b able to knw d actual truth...Smile nd am waitng to get all dis answrs!! Embarrassed
cntinue soon..thanx fr pm..take care..Hug
p.s. I said i wud unres n glad i was able to mak it.!! Smile aww..thanks a lot. dont take pressure. study hard ok n thanks a lot for commenting between exams  Hug 
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Originally posted by .rumki.


I had gussed it before that may be peehu is pregnant and Mohini is using this as weak point of Aryan but never thought that Peehu will be in a serious state.why she took such a big risk?plz don't kill Peehu. Peehu is mohini's cousin but still mohini want to kill PeehuDead

Mohini has become so evil.she wiped off abhay's memory but what will happen to him nowConfused?hope pia will be able to help Abhay.feeling bad 4 piaCry.she was so heart broken

Mohini is trying to wake RaginiShocked but is it possible?hope Mohini wont hurt Pia.

one question how to kill mohini?

Woww.. you guess it.. hats off because only 1 else did and I really wanted someone to guessed it.. Big smile To help Abhay they have to understand what's wrong with him.. you will see how difficult it is in next update...
Mohini wont hurt Pia... her concern is Abhay and nothing else... how to kill Mohini ha LOL important question and let me tell's next to impossible Ouch

Originally posted by -Sonia-

wow! Wat an update, tanzie ! 

OMG! Mohini is one wicked witch .. (sanjeeda is a gud choice).. She wants to bring ragini back ! Will she succeed?.. (who do u hav in mind for ragini ) ? 

My poor aryan... He is so helpless.. But now, i want him to fight back mohini & save abhay , peehu & his child... Dont kill peehu.. Plz ! 

Abhay lost his memory but i'm sure that even the darkest magic cannot erase piya from abhay's heart ! 

Eagerly waiting for the next chap..& to see the different colours of abhay raichand.. 

Continue soon 
but, u didnt pm me this time ! :( 

Thanks dear. yea Sanjeeda is damn good as a villain. I donno about Ragini yet. lets focus on Mohini for now. Sure it cant. no magic or power can remove Pia from Abhay's heart. will update tomorrow and sorry i was sleepy  to missed your name maybe Ouch

Originally posted by --Siva--



Tanzie, why are u doing this? WHY? This was supposed to a pleasant love story with hurdles.. Hurdles could be someone else and not Abhay himself..

Please make him better in next update itself! PLEASE!

Aryan.. Did he really trust Mohini? I know his kid is important but the fact of last one purity wasn't stricken in his mind before? Only after Abhay was thrown as trash? Oh my Aryan, I'm really upset on u!

Now, who will turn Abhay back to normal? Peehu? 

Peehu.. Is she in death bed? Really? No chances of survival?

Mohini-- She is set in motion to revive her sister back.. How many twists Tanzie..?

Could you possibly think of an FF that doesn't have an twist at all? If that was an exam then you would sure sure get poor/no marks!

The Twists queen!

Thanks for the PM dear!

OMG... Shocked someone seems really mad at me ROFL 
I have no intention to make Abhay better so soon and trust me when I will guys are gonna love it. and mein aadat se majboor hoon Big smile
twist n tragedy ke bina my story is incomplete LOL 
Mohini doesn't know herself if she can bring her sister back. it's just a desperate try of a desperate loving sister. 
awww...sorry Hug
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Posted: 2012-05-27T14:26:56Z
Originally posted by -juhi-lily-

omg!!so much turns nd twists!!!!Shockedabhay ko jo hua so hua since he is the hero to wo to thik ho hi m realy feeling bad for aryan peehu nd pia...mohini is so evil how cn she???to matlab agar ragini wapas aa rai hai there must b some dark magic...meaning she cn also b evil...nd y do i feel that that caller whom mohini was talking was jeh????dying to read nxt chappy thank u for pm.

Right you are Juhi.. Abhay is hero so everything should be ok with Abhay. but Aryan is also a lead. not to forget it. you guesses are really good is all I can say. will update tomorrow...

Originally posted by ..tora.tangled.

tanzie with each update u take my breadth away!!awesum!!omg!peehu is pregnant??and she really will die??oh dear..what must aryan be going through..and that evil..i literally have no words..she plans to bring ragini bck?????omg.,and what has she done to abhay dare she???u said abhay vl b like this until...until whatt???dying to read nxt part!!!

Thanks a lot Tora. I hope she survives. i dont want to see my Aryan in peril too. that i cant tell.. you have to wait...Wink
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Posted: 2012-05-28T04:48:53Z
When will your Sunday come??Ermm
Mera to Monday ho bhi gaya...ROFL
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Posted: 2012-05-28T04:59:03Z
hey tanz!!!...I am curious...tumhare hafte me kitne sunday aate hai ?LOL
meri to ek hi ata hai.ROFL...guess what aj meri monday bh ho gayi..ROFL...
update karna yaar..TongueSmile..
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Originally posted by urmita

tanzie, u just keep dropping bombs with every update..ShockedBig smile..awsome u didn't even pm abt this updateOuch...nt fair..i was so impatient already... sorry i missed your name. i update usually late night so does it in hurry Confused
nd reading this update...i was like---whoa! wait, what???Shocked
peehu is pregnant,nd dieing?..that stupid girl,phirse ek buddhu wali harkat karke aryan ko phasa dia...poor soul.Confused..i hope she lives, or what will happen to aryan?...i fill so sorry for him...i just new it was something to do with his peehu...poor he really shudn't hv trusted mohini with abhay or even baby&peehu... desperate situations calls for desperate measures and same with Aryan... peehu n aryan's love story is cursed..
that chudail dare she do this to abhay.Angry...i m feeling like strangling her...pls give her a painful death at the end of this ff.Angry..nd she is gonna wake ragini?...not cool...nd does she really think making abhay clueless is gonna make pia hate him...not gonna happen...right?..nd there is sumone with her...dont tell me that ragini is gonna be back claiming my abhay..Angrydont kill peehu, dont wake ragini pls...Ouch I donno about ragini yet...not decided... n yes, offcourse mohini has got backup LOL
this is the trouble dont do nything unbearably bad like that pls..
so now abhay raichand is gonna hang btwn being sadu, lovely nd baby!  huh! ...m already excited..LOL..pia will win him back with love m is most powerful..par vo pia ki life ko khatre me to nehi dalega na.Confused...m afraid abt that...pls dont make him go to dark side or anything...i dont want that in this ff...nd he is gonna be like that untill what..that baby wont be the one to break this spell right?..coz thats gonna be a longgg time...Shocked lets see...good assumptions btw...LOL
update again soon...cant wait to see our 'No-clue Raichand'LOL...and dont forget to inform after dropping bombshells like this...LOL  
OMG look at this i just wrote an essay...Shockedover-reaction i s'pose..LOLLOL i love essays.. make me happy that readers pay attention to my writing Embarrassed

Originally posted by madhuri16


just catched up with ur updatesBig smile...
m starting with abhiya's wedding...i luvd their costumes!!...
black n red was sooo perfect...i can imagine themDay Dreaming..
n SR was sooo romanticEmbarrassed...i luv ur portrayals of characters...all those emotions were soo good!!..
i was blushing reading romance after a long was magical.mainly piya's expressions n feelings!!..was mind blowing!!.Blushing..
Mr.Sadu raichand stole d show 4 me in all those chapters expect 4 d lastEmbarrassed...
n abt my honey...m really upset tanzie...i can't see him in pain.CryCry.
reading abt him left me shattered.Cry..i dunno y..i want this alina aryan pairingOuch..though i know he is all 4 peehu...i hate mohini 2 d coreAngry...that b***** dare she play with my honey!!!.Angry.
i feel bad 4 peehuOuch..i wish u don't end up killing honey can't take it....i miss my honey in his old self...i want 2 c him normal in d old way...
so there is someone with mohini..Shocked...but u know wat!!..Mohini is stunning!!!..
i luvd arman n amber!!..wish they end up together!!...
now everything is upside down!!!!..
OMG!!OMG!!!...u mean m gonna get bk d old attitude n rude raichand!!...m waiting!!..Blushing
but i feel bad 4 poor god tanzie!!..waking up with allthose dreams n seeing her husband totally undetectable..m waiting 2 c piya...n how she is gonna take this!!!...
don't say me rohini will b bk claiming abhay soon making things worseAngry!!...
..continue soon tanzie...luv u n tcHug

Thanks Madhu...welcome back  Hug Hug
I missed your comments. glad u liked everything. i knew you would be another one whom will be upset with me for taking Aryan in such peril. but it was so important for the story you can understand. Mohini is crazy so she can do anything and her hatred for Abhay is beyond explanations. Pia will be shocked and broken. she will try to cope up with the situation and lets see how she do that. Ragini wont come back so soon. 
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Posted: 2012-05-28T13:15:23Z
Dear r u going to update today?
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Posted: 2012-05-28T13:19:55Z
Originally posted by flora212

Dear r u going to update today?

yes, atleast half donno LOL and no Pms... PM tomorrow... 10 mins
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