Book 2 FF:Till the End of Time(updt*June8*pg140)(Page 113)

Posted: 2012-05-04T22:23:36Z
The bond of brotherhood is really strong...
Aryan and Abhay did share such a bond so far, I believe...
The only reason - the only credible reason- is Peehu is in danger...
Otherwise Aryan would lay down his life to protect his family...
But it's hard for me to believe that he did it even if it was for Peehu...
Maybe I am too much of a Salvatore addict - those two keep each other above anybody else...
One night of love and tragedy the next morning...
Pia has to always face the worst...Ouch
Loved it dear!
PS: Whose face do you imagine for Mohini..
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Posted: 2012-05-06T02:02:38Z
When will u update? Cry
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Posted: 2012-05-09T07:57:22Z
Originally posted by ..dishu..

beautiful SR tanzie. Blushing 

but OMG mohini took abhay away! and aryan helped her Shocked has peehu been enslaved or what???

what will happen to Pia now Shocked
Thanks a lot Dishu Embarrassed Aryan offcourse has a huge reason behind doing it and yes, he didn't really  help voluntary. Abhay would be back with no memory of Pia. 

Originally posted by ---Priya---

mind blowing update tanzie Clap Clap
abhiya wedding.. both their wedding dress looked  awesome Smile
abhiya love making was passionate and hawtt Embarrassed
but the last part was a shocker... 
mohini is back? Shocked aryan helped mohini to take abhay awayShocked
how did aryan do something like this? im sure there will be some valid reason for aryan to do this.. 
now what will happen to pia? Confused
plz continue asap... cnt wait for the next update...

Thanks a lot Priya. Glad u liked it. Offcourse there's a very strong and valid reason for doing this. otherwise Aryan would die but never betray Abhay. Abhay will be back soon. no worries. will update soon. maybe on saturday.

Originally posted by abhiya_pkyek

awesum updt tanzie

abhiya dresses were awesumEmbarrassed
mohini took abhay away n aryan helped her.why??Shocked
continue soon nthnx 4 d pm

Thanks Prima. Glad u loved the dresses. Will know Aryan's reason in the next update. 

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Posted: 2012-05-09T08:12:31Z
Originally posted by peehu24

hey tanzie..that was such a an awesome update...

oh..u started beautifully..but ended..tragically LOL..

finally they are married...loved them..they were so cute

but how aryan can do this? he did this peehu?

mohini is back...oh...btw..even i like that song!!

hope things get well soon...

update soon...

thanks for pm...

 I love that song and Peehu you seem to be really busy this days but still thanks for commenting Smile

Originally posted by abhiya0006

loved the Abhiya wedding!! The emotions were well described!  Clap

Misha didn't turn up for the weddingOuch

Abhiya SR BlushingBlushing

Mohini is back and  Aryan Just betrayed AbhayShockedShocked there must be a reason to that though

thanks for the pmHug

Thanks a lot. Misha is so stubborn na Ouch Offcourse there's a HUGE reason. will see it on next update. 

Originally posted by flora212


Thanks Nafi. He didn't turn negative. Glad u liked the SR. 

Originally posted by strawberryrashu

Wowie sr was awsum...the wedding dresses were fab...update rocked tanzie...i am sure one day u will publish a book my wishes r there...and mohini back ...why did aryan help maybe alina or pehu in danger...


Thanks you Rashu Hug  Awww... I really wish to publish my book...inshAllah Smile 
Aryan did it for a purpose and you will see why Smile
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Posted: 2012-05-09T08:26:13Z
Originally posted by -juhi-lily-

amazing update tanzie!
how nicely abhay convinced pia to forgive arnab...Smile
the wedding was so nyc and beautifulEmbarrassedand what shud i say abt SRDay DreamingBlushing
but the last part was a shock to my systemShockedShockedARYAN HELPED MOHINIShocked
god y did he betray abhay????is peehu mohini madam's hostage????
continue soon dear..
thanks 4 pmSmile

Thanks a lot Juhi. Only Abhay could have make Pia understand because she will listen to him Embarrassed 
Glad u liked the I had a hard time ...i wrote to back to back steamy updates in here n in beautiful disaster as well Stern Smile
Will know Aryan's reason. next update will be his story and you will feel sorry for him.

Originally posted by mandy1024

 Thrilling update as usual Tanzie Big smile Lots of highs Clap n lows Cry Thanks Manasa... i know.. starting was good and end tragic Confused
Loved the way Abhay convinced Pia to give Arnab a chance Embarrassed Feeling bad that Misha couldn make it though Ouch Abhiya wedding was described so beautifully. I felt like I was a part of it. Kudos to u Clap Their outfits were simply outstanding esp Pia's. It was simple, elegant and beautiful just the way u have described her in ur FF Smile n their SR was beautifully n aesthitically described Day Dreaming Loved the way Pia convinced Abhay to let go of his fears n make her his. SUPERB ClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClap But the next part left me in a sad sad sad state CryGlad u liked it. I wanted it to be simple and Im a huge fan of classy dresses with elegance. i dont go for trends for too much showy things.Embarrassed The she devil is back Shocked Her entry was superb. The song selection was superb. It was perfect for Mohini's entry Thumbs Up That song is beautiful n equally eerie too Ouch Coming to Aryan Angry Arghhh I hate him like hell right now Angry He betrayed his own brother for that fool of a woman, Peehu Dead They both are stuck up fools meant for each other Ouch I will never ever press u for Aryan Alina coz Alina deserves better than Aryan anytime. I wish Amber wrings his neck for what he has done Angry Poor Pia Cry I wonder how her morning will be like Ouch Loved it Tanzie Smile I love this song.. its dreamy like Mohini herself. and don't judge Aryan so early. you might be sad next update for judging him so badly. he has a huge reason offcourse. Smile

Originally posted by ..tora.tangled.

tanzie!!!wait let me catch my breath..,what an absolutely fabulous update...and OMG!!!what a twist!'aryan???????i can't believe...he did it 4 get her back na???bt betraying abhay to mohini...unexpectd..i m still shocked...i always knew mohini would b bck bt nt lyk dis...oh god just when abhiya were starting a happy life..and abhay was overcoming hs hesitations...n i wnder how pia will react,...she will b devastated..cntnu asap tanz...cnt wait 4 the nxt update!!

Thanks a lot Tora. Aryan has a reason offcourse and you will know why. Pia would be devasted yes.. but Abhay will be back soon. ..very soon...
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Posted: 2012-05-09T10:04:09Z
Originally posted by TeDylove

when i started reading the update and read that aryan is lost i knew it..something would be bad happen...Ouch but like this..Shocked i always new that abhiya's life is never how can be their wedding night gone without big cress..??CryCry I didn't even want to give the SR but Heena would have killed me so I had to... dont worry Abhay will be back to where he belongs soon. to Pia.

when u finish update and i come to read and my eyes directly go on last and i am really heart i think i didnt want to read this update..and i literary run always from IF..LOLLOL 

then your comment come in my mind when u tell us..abhay become naughty and pia is wild..and my hope his back..and i am back to read..LOL you have to wait a little longer to see more of her wildness Wink

so.their wedding night explanation was so beautiful..and passionate..EmbarrassedEmbarrassed thanks a lot Smile

and i know aryan only did this bez of peehu,sure mohini had done something with peehu..otherwise aryan never did this..Cry i hope when pia is awake they brought abhay back to pia otherwise pia will gone truly riachand.. Aryan has reasons for sure

sorry itni bar me first time mene itna lamba comment kiya..but i want to share with u my fillings bez i know  when u wrote this how could u for update
no problem at all... i love big comments dear Hug
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Posted: 2012-05-09T10:10:22Z
Originally posted by -Sonia-

OMG! OMG OMG OMG OMG...That was one hot and shocking update Tanzie!

Yeh kiya kar dala . . Itni badi khushi ke baad 440 volt ka jhatka de dala !!!

The wedding was amazing! Abhiya are the most perfect & beautiful couple !!!
The suhaag raat was HOT... Infact SUPER HAWT !
Abhiya just dosent seem to get enough of eachother !

Now the last part.. Wat was that ! You said that mohini wont be coming anytime soon.. I hope , its a nightmare or dream ! please.. Let abhiya have a little happiness.. Aryan cant do this.. Now, i cant wait till the next update!

Continue soon
thanx for the pm

Aadat se majboor hoon Wink thank you... i was worried while writing the SR... Aryan has a huge reason... will explain in the next update... thanks for reading Embarrassed

Originally posted by .Shiva.

beautiful as alwaysClapClap, i really felt bad for piya when she said that she slept on the floor cold and hungryCryCry
 arnab i want to stab him myself, how dare he says that she should reconsider for her marriage with abhayAngry Arnab is Arnab afterall... and he doesnt know Abhay is soo good but he will realize his mistake soon 
abhay raichand always brings piya jaiswal into the light, she might fall into the black hole but abhay is always there to pull her back to the real world from darkness to light. 
i always adore alina from the moment she enter the show and i so love it when she was he;ping piya to ease her pain a littleClapClapClapClap that's what i call a true friend. 
gosh abhiya were looking stunningEmbarrassed 
Abhay smirk sensing Pia's thoughts and kissed her hands, "Hold your thoughts. I would be back."
i am getting butterflies in my stomach when i read this part BlushingOMG!!!!! what a steamy scene of abhiya suhaag raat, hot hotBlushingBlushing thank you Bani Hug yes, Abhay can make Pia understand better then anyone because she will listen to him.. and SR and the pallu scenes were your ideas LOL
WTH!!!!!! aryanAngryAngryAngryAngry dont be angry on Aryan... he has reasons Embarrassed

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Posted: 2012-05-09T10:19:39Z
Originally posted by abc123chiti

hot update...!!!! Embarrassed
n awsome ofcourse...Clap
abhay is soo nice...Smile
loved abhiya's romance...Embarrassed
n dere wedding tooo...Smile
but mohini...?????????? Confused
she came back...??? Confused
it was a really wrong timing...
what will she do now...??? Confused
n how could aryan betray his own brother...???Ouch
never thought of aryan like dis...Ouch
n what bout peehu...???Confused
i guess aryan did it to get peehu back...??? Ouch
but abhay saved him twice how could he do dis to him...???Ouch
how will pia react ven she will come to knw bout abhay...??Ouch
feel really sad for abhay...Cry
on his 1st wedding night nly...Cry
n where's amby...??? she is f9 ryt...??? Confused
i guess she will help pia to get abhay back...Smile
but still i mean aryan how could he do dis...????? OuchOuch
vo to next update mein hi pta chalega...Confused
update soon...Smile
will be waiting eagerly...Smile

Thanks a lot. glad u liked it. Offcourse there must be a huge reason behind Aryan for doing it. he had no other way. Will explain his part in the next update Smile

Originally posted by MS-meghasharma

amazing update.

really loved how abhay made pia understand arnab's side and its coz of u that for the first time even i did not hate him for whatever he did.

abhiya romance was hot. Thanks Megha. Abhay is wise enough to make Pia understand Arnab has a reason too. he didn't wanna see his bride unhappy. 

why does mohini have to make her entry at this time and aryan how could he just do this to abhay considering he did so much for him.

where has she taken abhay and why?i hope she doesn't plan to kill himConfused Aryan has a huge reason and no mohini dont plan to kill Abhay. 

amber would definitely kill aryan for this but i feel there might be some reason for him to do this.has she blackmailed him but how?

btw thanks for pm Amber wont know so soon but she will be devastated when she will know... your welcome Embarrassed

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