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Posted: 16 years ago

For some reason, nothing is happening in KSBKBT anymore... they get stuck with the one topic and that remains for the entire episode.

Ba enters Meera's house and both have a chat. Ba says that it  was unfortunate to see Savita die in this manner, but it was what was written in her fate. She says that she knows why Tusli gave mukti. Meera is stunned and says that she cannot understand that Ba knew this. Ba says that she knows that Meera knows all of this info and is tells her to hide this secret and not tell anyone else for the sake of unity and oneness in the family; otherwise, the family will be destroyed and she will not be able to bear that in this stage of life. Meera is baffled and says that she needs to bring justice to her mother, Savita and that she will try. Ba is unequivocal.

At the funeral, everyone is gathered and all are remembering the past times shared with Savita. Meera comes in and all are shocked. Ganga gets mad and tells her to leave. She refuses and says that she has a right to attend this funeral and pay her respects to her "mother". She starts with her usual nonsense (Savita was my mother and all that) and says that she will not forgive Tulsi for doing this. Ganga orders her to leave and Meera says that she has proof this time against Tulsi. All are wondering and she plays a video of her and Ba having a conversation about Tulsi's role in this situation. All are shocked. Gautam and Sahil are mad and Karan and Ganga cannot believe this. She gives an emotional speech and says that now the family must believe her. Ba gets mad and says that this is just a set-up and does not mean anything. Tulsi says that what Meera is saying is true. Ba is shocked and so is Mihir and the others.

Tulsi says that she cannot hide the fact that she helped Savita attain salvation and explains the entire pain and the reasons to why she performed this and this was what Savita wanted. Mihir gets mad and does not respond. Tulsi starts to say that she is the culprit and starts to cry. Mihir pushes her aside and takes the corpse to the cremation ground. In the meanwhile, all recount their memories and Meera smiles like a devil (HATE HER SOOOOO MUCH)


Karan rushes off as Tulsi is arrested. Sahil does not go, seems to agree with the police while Ganga is shocked.



Meera shocked to hear that Ba knows the reality of Savita's death

Ba pleading with Meera to contain this "news"

Damini remorsing the death of her great mother-in-law, Savita

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Posted: 16 years ago
Im the first one to reply! YAY! Thankz so much!Big smile
Posted: 16 years ago
thanks a lot for the update! Big smile
Posted: 16 years ago
shriman, great update thanks yaar. Smile
Posted: 16 years ago
thanks for the update
Posted: 16 years ago
Thanks for the update
Posted: 16 years ago
thank u for the update

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