Contest On Hold for Balloon Recalculation

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Posted: 16 years ago
Hey friends,

Due to a lot of questions were reported as wrong and were found to be seriously And forget the questions with wrong answers as who knows more then me who have been spammed with PMs due to wrong questions. BUt it was great that many of us took it as "Bura na maano holi hai LOL and were happy playing".

Now the Wait is over! And the news is that at India Forums we are going to have an extended Holi. I am sure by now you all must have been enjoyed Splashing Balloons on each other till it was halted.

Due to a large chunk of questions were reported as wrong and with so many questions already in transit it was difficult to change over 200,000+ balloons questions.

So finally the tough decision was taken that we had to restart the contest again after taking out all the reported wrong questions from the question bank and adding a few hundred more new questions to make the contest more interesting. A lot of code optimization also went into it.

We had some questions already in our databank which were taken and we added newer ones, more relevant ones for the current year.  In the process of adding them, to ensure transparency and give everyone including everyone a fair chance including the Dev Team members, the questions were entered by over 50 people and they were not allowed to see each other's questions answers.

So verification was not not done.

However later a lot of questions were not relevant to this year and few were incomplete or incorrect options.

The funniest I came across was:

How many members India Forums have:
a) 2000
b) 4000
c) 6000
d) 9000


Some questions were entered with wrong answer as the correct option, which led to a lot of anomaly in the contest, leading to some members being splashed with too many balloons.

Okie cutting the long story short  Big smile

Just quickly go to this link, and start playing again.

It took us a lil while to set right the questions, we are sorry for the delay.

 Par der aaye, durust aaye…

Lets have an Extended Holi this year on India Forums. So let us spread the cheer of Holi in India Forums for a week more, let the fun of Holi linger on in our minds, our daily activities on IF for one more week.  Lezz just play Holi for a whole week.

So lets start playing guys.  Don't spare your friends.  Keep up the steady flow of balloons (sparing me please) LOLBig smileEmbarrassed

Posted: 16 years ago

Thanks for fixing up the answers! Clap Clap Smile BTW, vijay just dropped a balloon on you.LOLLOL And my target it to drop it on everyone who posts in this thread, its easier that way. lolz.


Edited by meghavi - 16 years ago
Posted: 16 years ago
yay.......i had a high score there before (high means really high) LOL LOL LOL now i hope i will do better!!!!!!! LOL LOL
Posted: 16 years ago
Thanks Vijay Big smile

Posted: 16 years ago
Thanks Vijay, and here are balloons for everybody.
Posted: 16 years ago
thnx a lot vijay Big smile

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