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Posted: 16 years ago

It is said that an idle mind is a devil's workshopTongue…yeah, right now I am idle, and thus acting devilish….don't kill me for coming up with this threadCryCryCry….but this is my ultimate manda & sanda threadBig smile……and I promise that I will never again come up with any such threadLOLLOLLOL… many of us have reached to this conclusion after months of debating, months of observing, months of speculating and after months of pondering…here is a record of the series of turnouts that has culminated in the ss' entering JJKNOuch…so here we go


Chronology of events in ss' life


  • Late 1999-early and punjj meet on the sets of the movie tere liyeBig smile…hit off well and start datingTongue….ss thinks that she is in love and so does punjjTongue


  • Early 2003:… and punjj still  going strongClapClap………seen together at many shows and events and are inseparable as substantiated by this article



Sidenote: ss has always wanted to marry early in life and settle down as that her been her only aim in lifeSmile… ss would repeatedly talk about marriage as her ma was a bit insecure as her dad has passed away Cryand her ma wanted to finish off all her responsibilitiesSmile


  • mid 2003:…ss wanted to marry punjj Smile…so she nags punjj to marry her(substantiated by this article

    Today my assignment is to go to Apoorva Agnihotri's house to meet his wife the new Kkusum Shilpa Saklani. When I first meet her, she strikes me as very hyper and high. Dare I say, manic?!  Apoorva looks worn out with circles under his eyes and looks quite skinny. I observe both individuals. Apoorva has starred in many movies: Pardes, Pyar Koi Khel Nahin, Dhund - the fog, Pyar Diwana Hota Hai, Kasoor, Krodh and Lakeer and now in TV Series Jassi Jassi Koi Nahin. Shilpa starred in films like : Tere Liye, Na Tum Janno Na Hum (Small role) Ganga in "Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi" and Kkusum in "Kkusum".

    After I leave, I go to Psycology expert Dr. Mrindal Malhotra. He says "Shilpa displays high behaviour and I suspect that she can embarrass herself and apoorva. From what i know of them, Apoorva is worn away and she is quite dominant. She is defintely suffering from Mania". I then proceed to go to a famous astrologer who doesn't wish to be named. He tells me " Shilpa and Apoorva will have to work on their marriage as time goes on. Shilpa is very dominant and she is very tempermental.Apoorva is very down to earth and very humble. The is a match that will need a lot of work. Shilpa again, has qualities that can nag and also excessively boast about her hsband that he can feel distressed". I enquire about their future "Well....they will have 3 kids, tow girls and possibly a boy. Shilpa may have some conflit regarding her children as they grow older as she may come across as controlling". I tell him that Apoorva chose Shilpa "yes, but initially things are very different when they met, she came across as sweet and didn't display her true nature. That is why it didn't work out with Arjun Punj because she wanted marriage and kids for the sake of it not thinking about Love. I think marriage should be the union of Love". At that I leave and observe my thoughts...well what a day.

    End note: This is just a observation and is not meant to disrespect Shilpa. What is written here is the truth. I am a journalist (student) and this was my first assignment. I do not represent any paper or magazine. This is truly from my own personal experience. Please tell me what u think.  

  • …Mr.Punj who was right then working in sanjeevani had film aspirations Confusedand did not want to tie the knot so early but ss wanted toOuch …..then Mr.Punjj found Ms.Gurdeep who was his co-star in sanjeevani and who was not too keen on an early marriage  and he thus breaks his relationship with ss and starts going out with Ms..Kohli…..but mr.punjj's break up was blown out of proportionOuch and he was made to look the villain and everyone blamed him for dumping poor bechari SSCryCryAngry … one bothered to listen to the other side of the story….article to substantiate this

    BREAK-UP OF THE YEAR...... Shilpa Saklani &Arjun Punj

    The two were quite a couple until recently when the unfortunate split happened. While Shilpa is going around saying 'This is one aspect of my life full of queries but I don't want to know the answers, because even if I know the answers I won't be able to do much', Arjun is said to have found solace in Gurdeep Kohli's arms



  • later months of 2003:…….ms.saklani goes around washing her dirty linen in the public and making a big hoohah out of the whole brake up  and  article to substantiate it


sidenote:Ms.Rakshandha Khan , ss' friend philosopher guide, witnessed the worst phase of ss' life……..and she knew that ss wanted to marry early and that she had a sordid relationship with Mr.Punjj…..and it was then that she started working with mr.agni on JJKN….Ms .RK, being Ms.Congeniality, BFF-ed to AA who would have told her that he wants to marry and is looking for a goodlooking  homely girl….RK instantly felt that ss would befit AA perfectly and vice versa…..and thus she dediced that"they were meant to be together" Ouch….thus she left no stone unturned to make these two forcibly(???) fall in lowe..she would go to the KSBKBT sets to brainwash ss and she would praise ss to glory on the JJKN sets….and finally, one day, she arranges for a meeting


THE MEETING OF SANDA IN A BARRISTA  OUTLET….dum dumadumdum dumdumadumdumdumadumdum….dumdumdumdumdumdumdum..


  • Last months of 2003-early 2004:----------Ms.saklu who was a bit paranoid of the industy guys, all thanks to  mr.punjj, was not really into AA………but the latter was very much into the former as ms.RK had literally spellbounded him and he was like an enchanted prince enchanted by the sorceress RK(lol, tried to bring in some comedyLOLConfused, failed terriblyDead…...sorry…lets leave comedy to moniBig smile)….ok, so the enchanted bewitched price runs behind the  princess(get the pun buddiesWink) and woos her in the right earnest and finally, the princess nods after throwing an overly humongous amout of attitude, and then the prince sweeps her off her feat and they get married….yayyyyyyyyy……… marital blissTongue:....Ss couldn't have been happier….she was on cloud 9!!!!….afterall, kya baat haiiClap…..she got the most good looking man in IndiaWinkWink as her husband….and what's more delicious is that she gets a pukka  introvertish  JKG   who would  never ever  raise his voiceOuch ……so ss couldn't have asked for more…her husband was doing financially well and he was on JJKN  playing a negative Casanova who had some cheap romantic scenes with her godmother RKDead(please people,  the very  few scenes where mallika and armaan used to flirt  is like earthen scum compared to the janda scenes…so ss wasn't all that insecure thenSmile)…….so she was happy……..


  • January-february 2005:….6 months post marriage:------------------  at this point of time in JJKN, the track was revolving around the jealous armaan who confronted jassi time and again and slowly, the ice seemed to thaw and that made ss uneasyOuch………all her old ugly memories of punjj was refreshed….she feared that the colleague cordiality might perhaps in the future change into something more solid……..


  • April-may 2005……………………..1 year post marriage:…..armaan's popularity seemed to grow by leaps and bounds as by this point of time, he was totally positive  and had a big fan following(albeit nothing compared to the B-wood stars but compared to  his colleagues, AA has a fan base)…….and manda seemed to get more and more comfortable(evidenced by those J Bedi scenes and the hug in Raj's house and the"I just want to look into the eyes that jassi looked into; I just want to touch those hands which jassi shook,EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed  etc etc dialogues by armaan….)….and ss' insecurities seemed to grow along with AA's increasing popularity……


  •  june-august...........this was the golden era of full  on janda romance…..the tham jaa video, those car scenes(where armaan asks  jassi not to call him sir), the first date(where they hugged etc etc), the proposing scene(tumhaare saath 5 minuted guzaarna mere liye   yugon se samaan haiEmbarrassed), the amritsar scenes(the chandni raath, the frolicking in the hay scene, the TMJ video) and then the studio mysterious ahem ahem etc etc…..these scenes were the best and at that point of time, ss was working in kkusum and was away from AA most of the time…and that's perhaps when  manda really started  having mutual feelings for each otherWink….insecurities GREWWWWW and ss got clingy….threads to support my hypothesis(these threads were started in june....) =+shilpa+saklani =apoorva+ =apoorva+



  • August-september….and then came NB and this was a god send golden opportunity for them to spend time..remember buddies, in ALL the NB interviews, both said that they are doing the show mainly as they can spend time with  each otherWink….. and plus, jassi had ran away to   nainital and manda hardly had any scenes…..and even the few scenes that they had were either the confrontations or the hide and seek scenes and no much scope for sparks to flyOuch…..and sanda were practicing 24-7 and AA did not have much time…but all these days, he missed MS supported by this excerpt"I always look forward to working with her.Even when there are no scenes between us, thankfully there have been
    dream sequences to make up for the loss (laughs). I used to miss working with her when we didn't have scenes together"
    maybe ss could see these things and thus became all the more insecureOuch…….the mona-mm rumours would have given her some solace Smilebut she would have very well known that those were rumoursWink….but as MM was there on the sets, ss really did not mind as she knew that MS would be careful, not flirting with anyone as the media would cook up all sorts of stories which she would definitely want to avoid!!!!…..


  • November end-december-january….NB got over and AA was in goa……to shoot for the make up scenes……..and those scenes were like the ultimate…..gosh, that night scene was too real and natural…….and right then, eggjactly right then, this article came upDead


Jassi, Karan sizzle in Goa
   By: Tushar Joshi
   November 29, 2005

Mona Singh and Karan Oberoi
Mona Singh has two reasons to be on Cloud Nine. Not only did the actress win the Indian Telly Award for the Best Popular Actress on Sunday, but also got to spend quality time with co-star and close friend, Karan Oberoi, during a recent schedule in Goa.

Karan wasn't needed

In the second week of November, the Jassi cast flew to Goa for a shooting schedule. Actress Shilpa Saklani (who is not part of the show) accompanied husband Apoorva Agnihotri on the outdoor; however, it was Karan's presence in Goa that created a flutter. Even though Karan (who plays Raghu in Jassi) was not needed for that schedule, he arrived in Goa as if it was the most natural thing to do.

Full-on entertainment

A unit member revealed that it was understood that Karan was there to give "special friend" Mona, company. "Both Karan and Mona have been quite open about their special friendship relationship in the last few weeks. In fact, it was quite a sight to see the two cuddle up and hang out together. Since Karan wasn't required for this shoot, he was free, and made sure he kept Mona entertained."

The unit landed in Goa in the second week of November, for a five-day jaunt. "Karan was required to shoot a few scenes in Mumbai as well. I remember him spending the first two to three days with Mona in Goa, after which he returned to the city."

Hotel move

Another source revealed that the actor wasn't keen on hanging out with the entire unit, and wanted to spend time in private with Mona. "He kept asking her to move into a different hotel; they did change locations for a day." This didn't go well with the production house, which wanted all the actors under one roof.

But an actor from the show said, "Karan was staying at the same hotel with us; he, too, is part of the show, and we are one big family. We didn't expect him to check into a separate hotel. But as soon the day's pack-up was announced, Mona and he would disappear from the group and hang out on their own."


The couple took advantage of their Goa sojourn by taking leisurely walks on the beach at night, shopping and sampling the local cuisine. "It was evident that Mona wanted only Karan by her side," says the actor. "She was always in a better mood when he was around. In fact, when he left, she whined about how much she missed him."

Feelings on show

Surprisingly, when we contacted, Karan, the actor went into denial about his Goa trip, "I never went to Goa for any schedule," he said. "I was busy shooting in Mumbai." Confides a friend close to the actor, "He was thrilled to bits when he gave Mona the award on Sunday. It was hard for him to hide his feelings that night."

Mona Singh was unavailable for comment.

[email protected]

Lessons in chemistry

Mona Singh and Karan Oberoi may not have spoken about their relationship publicly, but it was hard to miss the chemistry they shared at the Indian Telly Awards on Sunday night.

Karan was on stage with Shilpa Saklani to hand over trophy to the Best Popular Actress — as soon as he opened the envelope, his face split into a broad grin, and his eyes lit up.

"This is for someone really special to me," said an emotional Karan, as Mona walked on stage and hugged him, before accepting her trophy from him.

… that the whole attention would be on mm and mona but not on manda…, now everything  part of this puzzle is getting together……yeah, so this article and thus the attention on mm and mona……but by this time, they had started shooting for  the janda scenes again and to make things worse for SS, RK quit the showOuch….till then, she had the  that RK was there to keep a watch but now RK quit and manda were all on their own…mm was hanging around but soon, he too was killed off and now it was only manda and manda….Big smile


  • February:…….well, this was the limit….. ss couldn't take it anymore…..the punjj incident will always be at the back of her mind where punjj fell for gurdeep………so she didn't want it repeating again…so with great difficulty, after pestering AA/TnD/SONY, ss entered JJKN….ta dahhhhhhhhhhhhh…….. now she is there to keep a watch  and no more manda………….


Now look, I find absolutely NO REASON for ss to enter JJKN….i seriously don't think that she was indispensable for the role or anything like that as it's a simple cameo which can be played by anyone…..and ss aint the best actress that if the role is not played by ss, no one else can do justice to itConfused…...why did it have to be SS?????? And  which sane production house would want  the male lead's spouse  to enter the show where his romantic partner is another woman….deeya is married and wouldn't she understand that IT WILL JUST NOT BE THE SAME ANYMORE…….and even SBS says that the real reason is something else …and what could the real reason be…..well, that's a open book…………..


plus, sanda are normal human beings…and if  I have to trust my aunt who had a love marriage, she says that first when one dates, one sees absolutely NO FLAWS in the parter…….he/she seems to be flawless and everything in him/her seems to be really nice and in short, one is blindfolded by the infactuation and is unable to see the flaws….but  when they either get married early(as in the case of sanda) or when the courtship lasts for a longer time, the flaws and the shortcomings become conspicious….. And then the true colours come out and that is the real test…the initial attraction fades away and then it's a question of loyalty and commitment…. and I personally think that AA is too committed to SS and will never break the marriage…breaking a marriage is not that easy and AA is sadly, not that successful/rich also (like aamir/saif)…but the insecurities grew so much that it was impossible for her to stay at home calmly…


don't kill meCryCryCry…mods, trash this thread if people have any objections…but just my observations….buddies, this was just ss ka safar…AA and MS' safar is yet there…if you'll like this, I can post the other two safars so that the trilogy is complete……













Posted: 16 years ago

And I hereupon award the degree of Doctor of Philosophy to Buffie the Slayer for successfully completing her thesis on.......... LOL
Posted: 16 years ago
are baaaaap re.... Wacko kya re buffie tum bhi...puri book likh dali ss ki life pe.... LOL though good one... Wink Cool but really dude..why are you tooo hard on poor soul!! Ermm Tongue
Posted: 16 years ago
Whoaaaaaaaaa, quite an article Clap Clap Yup there are pieces falling into the place esp abt SS insecurity and her weird behavior off late LOL LOL LOL

Couldn't have agreed more Embarrassed

I dont wanna say much here Wink
Posted: 16 years ago

Originally posted by hansa


And I hereupon award the degree of Doctor of Philosophy to Buffie the Slayer for successfully completing her thesis on.......... LOL

this is just ss ka safar...manda ka safar, sanda ka saphar, AA ka saphar, Ms ka, wait...the buffie bashers will be here soon Cry

Posted: 16 years ago
buffie.. LOLLOLLOL are ur exams over.??? u seem to be on a roll.. quite an essssaaaayyyy.. u just dont get tired do ya?? LOLLOL
Posted: 16 years ago
Great going Buffie! Clap Clap Clap

What can i say?you have said it all!

P.S> Thanks!
Posted: 16 years ago
Buffie this is excellent !!!!!!!!!!!!! I will call you Dr.Buffie from today and present you with the SandA Thesis Award... LOL

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