A Dignified Exit!

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Posted: 16 years ago

hey guys!

Yesterdays episode was shattering. To see Amey leave at this stage of the show was really disheartening. I really wonder what the Janta thinks when they vote.. or perhaps theyre being paid to vote like for bad singing.

I mean, c'mon.. Anuj just CANT CANT CANT sing. week after week he continues to prove it, and the judges never fail to pick on that. Finally we get to see him reach the bottom 2 and he is still safe. Absolute CRAP!!! i dont think Himachal has such a huge population enough to make this one guy have high number of votes.. i cant seem to understand the logic behind this except pure and blatant BRIBERY!

Amey really moved me when he told his mom and friend that it was just a game show. Really showed how humble he was. If he really was greedy for the title, he would have for sure agreed for the rematch. WTG AMEY. You just proved your worth.. Wish it was me instead of Anu who gave you that congratualtoy hug. You are already a winner, and all your fans here will agree with me on this.

I am a Karu fan, but also enjoyed Amey's music, cos i enjoy good music. I cant beleive that Karu has to now compete with Sandeep and Anuj. They're barely competition for him. II2 would have been a success if Amey was in top 2 with Karu.

Looks like we'll have to suffer with music vidoes of the new idol Anuj Sharma. Poor state of the Indians!!

Posted: 16 years ago
So true.

Theres really no competetion for Karuniya now but by the looks of things I wouldnt be surprised (shocked rather!!!) if Anuj becomes the next Indian Idol. Im sure the judges are repenting on their decision to bring him back. I think he's got a very shreiky voice which definitely dosent soothe your senses like Karuniya's and Amey's does.

It is a shame that Amey has left and with him has gone the excitement of this competition. He has earned a lot of respect and love from the people though because of his fair and just approach of yesterday. He truly has a lot of self-respect and very high morals. But at the end of the day "jo jeeta wohi sikander" and he'll lose out on all the good things that this success would have brought him which he truly deserved!

Really shocked and sad to see you go.

Posted: 16 years ago
its very wrong.. i dont like when ppl vote.. they never vote for the good singer. thats why i have stopped watching any show that the janta votes for. its hurts to see your fav leave like that. Cry
Posted: 16 years ago

Yes , yesturdays epi was realy shockingShocked n sad. Cry Cry Unhappy

I cnt believe dat amey went out, i mean hw n y. Confused Confused I so agree wid u marymathew, amey is really humble n swt.

I fink most people didnt vote 4amey bcoz dey thought there are alot of people who will vote 4amey.

I mean im not sayin dat anuj isnt a gud singer, he is a gud singer in many ways n so r the rest but compared to amey . . . amey is way beta dan anuj.

I fink it was very brave of amey 2say dat he does not want a rematch because if he did want a rematch dat wud make him sound dat he knws he is beta dan anuj n doesnt diserve 2b out(big headed basically)!!!

I mean evn da judges wasnt approving 2this decision!

Im also a karu fan but i also enjoy amey performance. I also agree dat there is no competition between karu wid sandeep n anuj!

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Posted: 16 years ago
I TOtally agree wid you !!amey shudnt be out YET and now karunya has to compete wid anuji and sady??IS THIS JUSTICE.....YA I KNOW JUSTICE IS BLIND!!!
Posted: 16 years ago
i agree with all of u yesterdays episode was shocking the good talent was voted out .i really enjoyeed him singing ithink the stage has faced ahuge loss
but this is not the end it might be begining of abriGHT future good luck and best wishes to AMEY
Posted: 16 years ago
this boy has talent.. I know he is going places with that voice. he's gonna sell albums like crazy.

i wanna see how many albums can these anuj sell if he becomes an idol. All the Himachali's would possibly have one. hear it once, and then leave it for dust to cover it Tongue

i really hope all Amey fans begin to vote for karunya.. Thats the only way we can save indian music amoungst our generation. India... VOTE WISELY!!!!!!!!!!! Angry Angry
Posted: 16 years ago
Amey is talented and will bounce back. To say Anuj can't sing is ridiculous.....can u sing??? ummmm prob not which is why u and me rwriting and he is their singing!!!

Karunya is my fav but with the fan following Sandeep has he may just win the whole thing.

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