Hum aapke hain kaun-ff 4 Arjun-Bhoomi

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Posted: 16 years ago
Arjun,Bhoomika,shefali study in
                                                          ST.Peter's college.A
                             reserved,good at
                                                          studies.very handsum too.B
                             is a
                             cheerful, naughty girl.she is
                                                          very optimistic.S,the
                             rich,fashionable girl is her
                                                          friend.she wants her luver
                             be a dashing guy...who makes
                                                          her happy with
                             she was sure that A wud
                                                          make her happy.tho she is
                             after him,he does'nt mind
                                                 S is sad.B
                             decides 2 make Ks 2 fallin
                                                          luv with S.they all
                             4 excersion. during the
                                                          excursion,infront of every1
                             she teases A-S as
                                                          luvers.S was shy &
                             happy.A becomes angry & he
                                                          complains it 2 the
                             principal Sr.Rose. Sr was
                                                          angry at bhoomi-shefali. Sr:i
                             heard that u both always bunk
                                                          class. S:no sr,i was
                             not feeling i did'nt
                                                          go 2 class. Arjun:shefali is
                             innocent.bhoomika is the trouble
                                                          maker. Sr:Bhoomika,this is
                             last warning,if u repeat
                                                          it,i'll send u out of the
                             college. B pretends 2 be
                                                          guilty:sorry Sr.i promise
                             that from this moment
                                                          onwards i'll be the decent
                             student in this college. Sr
                                                          gets angry with B's
                             short skirt:what kind of dress
                                                          is this?2morrow onwards
                             decent in ur dressing
                                                 shud be a model 4
                             others' dressing. B :ok
                                                          Sr. when they go out of the
                             room,A smiles at B in
                                                          the spirit of
                             winning...she becomes angry.
                                                          the next day ppl felt
                             funny 2 see Bhoomi cuming on a
                                                          bike in a diff dress-she
                             was dressed in the traditional
                                                          gujarati style.dark green
                                                          ornaments.big nose ring.all
                             laugh.B go 2 each class 2
                                                          expose herself. A
                             cud'nt contol his laughter.
                                                          bhoomi goes 2 her
                             class:excuse me sir,may i get
                                                          in? the sir was surprised
                             see her dressing:whats this?
                                                          B:sorry sir,'m 10
                             minutes late. ppl in the class
                                                          laugh. sir:not that,ur
                             dressing..immediat ely Sr.rose
                                                          cumes:what's this funny
                             style? B:u only told me 2
                                                          wear a nice dress 2 be a
                             model 4 others.its nice no.i
                                                          luk nice in this
                             traditional look,right?
                                                          Sr:don't wear this 2 class
                             think its better 2 wear
                                                          shorts,atleast no 1 teases.
                             B:so u allowed 2 wear
                                                          shorts?very gud. she hugs the
                             Sr.Sr was wondered.


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Posted: 16 years ago
Nice one Clap pls continue.
Posted: 16 years ago
Please continue in Fan Fic section and PM me the link

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