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LOLSheesh!!…So I actually avoid idol as I knew the resultCryCry and I switch on my television at 10:00…and guess whatTongue…. I end up watching what I had very much wanted to missCryCryCry….JJKn starts at 10:10…..


There are these 3  members from the COSMOS fashions who are in a meeting with Aryan…they strongly feel that jassi's name must be on the brochures ..Aryan is shocked and he says that usually it's the chairperson's name that is on the brochurers….but those people say that its jassi's vision and her creation ClapClapand thus its apt that she represnts GM….Aryan tries to explain things to them but they are not willing to change their decisionBig smile….nandu eas eavesdropping on  all this and calls up jassi and tells her about this latest development..she is happyTongue……



aryan is cursing jassi and says that nowadays everyone gives importance to jassi and that though she is a secretary, she is given more importance than the chairmanConfused…….then jassi comes in and hears what Aryan says(though not fully)…aryan asks her as to why it took her 4 hours for her to return from the gynaecologist ….she tells him to stop suspecting and that she has proven it time and again that she IS loyal to GM……..then she threatens a resignation and Aryan  gets scared and thinks that if at this point of time, jassi resigns, then GM would be finished and thus tells her  that as a chairman, it becomes his right that he knows where his employees are during office hours……



Night timePinch…jassi by the window at the walia house….billo comes in and asks her as to whether she is thinking about armaan…she says that she is thinking about something else….she tells billo that she does everything for armaan(same usual dialogues) and that she wants his blessings…….

Armaan walks into shuili's house to ask her as to why he was asked to vacate the guesthouse/outhouse…..she tells him that she has dissolved dhanraj fashions and that he is no longer a partner……..armaan says that he would leave only after taklu asks him to as it was taklu who appointed him..but she shows him a letter signed by taklu Confusedwhere its said that as armaan was responsible for the 15-30 crore  loss, he is throw out…then armaan asks her as to why is he  is so abruptly given the pink slip(ok, whatever lolLOL….document which taklu signed)… shuili says that he did not trust her….when " maine dosti ka haath badhaaya, tumne use tukra diya…tho tume yahi chahiye"…..armaan is  shocked  looking at this venomous  and satanic behaviour of shuili Angry……

Jassi is at GM talking to maddy..she thanks maddy for all his help but she tells him that he must  do something to keep jaggy  engaged so that he doesn't spyWink…maddy agrees……shuili calls up Aryan to tell him that she wants to meet him….Aryan agrees to meet her and says that he would be there in half an hour......jassi just then somes in and tells Aryan that  some financier wants  to meet him..Aryan tells her that he has to go somewhere then…so  he hands jassi the key to his drawer which has all the important  financial details…first he is a bit hesitant to give the key to her but jassi again talks about the need for Aryan to trust her and blah blah…..then he hands her the key…….


Armaan is in his room…with all the dhanraj fashions clothes  thrown on his bed(ok, now someone tell meLOL… managers of fashion houses store all the designs/creations at their homes…I mean, it should have been either in the warehouse or in the officeConfusedOuch)…….some driver comes and tells armaan that the taxi has arrived…..armaan thinks of the flashbacks and then starts throwing all those clothes around……ok, we know that one by one, everyone is going insane….next it would be METongueTongue…I was driven to the verge of insanity this evening , first watching idol, and then  watching shuili and if she continues acting this  pernicious tomorrow, then don't be surprised if youll don't find any updateSmile….ok, lol..i am acting like one of those kekta heroines BUT shulii's behaviour drove me totally mad today…..

Aryan instructs jaggy to keep a keen watch on jassi and he leaves…maddy is trying hard to patao jaggy to come on a lunch date with himLOLLOLLOL…….jaggy says that he never promised maddy anything like that but maddy says that he DID promise him…then nazneen comes in and tells jaggy that he  is cheating on pari….jaggy gets confused and leaves  to meet pari….so jassi  can now breathe free…yayyyyyyy to maddy……

Then jassi opens the  chest  and starts searching for some file and finally she gets some document and then she  says that "Aryan..ab tumhe pataa chalega is doosron par ilzaam lagaana kitna bhari pad saktha haiBig smile"…..

Arman meets shuili…shuili says that she has thrown out armaan and that dhanraj fashions is no longer taking part in COSMOS fashion fiesta and that she wanst to sell dhanraj fashions to Aryan for ONLYWinkConfused 15 crores…..she tells him that she wanst 15% of the GM shares in return as she feels that GM will rule the industry in the comming years  and that  the shares will appreciate….Aryan stares

Ok buddies…now see, I am skeptical about it BUT I think that it is all a plan…see, like yesterday's episode ends with shuili breaking  torso/staute and jassi looks back….but today, the episode starts with GM….so maybe jassi and shuili might have had a discussion and maybe armaan is unaware of the planWink…because I just don't think that anyone, (not even  a fictitious character )can act so bitchy…..who knows..shuli might turn out to be the seraphWinkConfusedwell, I might be wrong alsoOuch….and well, thank goodness SS did not enter today..after watching that idol showdown, I would have been in NO MOOD to watch ss on JJKN….Confused

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Posted: 16 years ago
OMGGGGGGGGGG buffie poor armaan, y does she have to throw him out Cryfor such a silly reasonConfused, update jaldi plz I am really curious now Big smile Edited by honeylime - 16 years ago
Posted: 16 years ago
OMG!!!!what the hell........omg! I hate Shulli!!!!!!!grrrrrrr
Posted: 16 years ago
I've hated shuili from day one! but u know what...this is worse...I feel soo bad for our armaan....
Posted: 16 years ago
lol!! Kya update hai buffie!! lol!! Big smile Thanks so much for the heads up!! LOL Tongue Wink
Posted: 16 years ago
Yeah i think buffy is correct jassi has made some plans with Shiuli. In the promo it shows that shiuli proposes to armaan. so if she is keen to throw armu out then why will she give a yellow rose to him and even jassi is aware of shiuli's love interest on armu Embarrassed (i saw it in the promo)

But the question arises, if shiuli is positive then what is the role of SS Dead here. i mean shiuli can help JANDA out but why SS(knight in shining armour). Confused
Posted: 16 years ago
i don't think so there is any plan between jassi & shuili.
as in PREVIEW-ARmann is telling Jassi that uski jindgi barbad ho gayi hai.and shuili has dissolved DHANRAJ HOUSE.and jassi was shocked. Cry
Posted: 16 years ago
Thanks buff..oh man..I hope SHREW has a plan.. Confused




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