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Posted: 16 years ago


He he he, now that I've got your attention, this place was getting complacent and I as the creative genius of this place cannot take mediocre level of topics and post. (No offence to anyone, but we're still only six pages of topics!!!!)

So in a bid to get more activity here, here's another topic that may die a natural death, or mayb spark along mile long analysations.

We all agree that the Adi/Chandu romance suddenly landed in our laps like a long overdue Christmas present. We also agree that it might sound a little too good to be true, and in totaly filmy ishtyle, there is going to be an angry father and a supportive beeji? That is unless what decentgirl says is actually right!

Anyways- without getting into who's right and who's wrong, we'll do what we're here to do, discuss what we want to. Whether tomorrow Chandni gets married to varun- its not in our hands. (touch wood!!! Just a figure of speech)

So if what we have been thinking is true and if Bauji puts his sad nose in between Adi and Chandu- will Chandu do that once scene where Kajol asks SRK to sweep her ofto the pahadis of london. Will she stand up? Meaning- will she ever go against her family and her father?


Discussion is hereby open.



Well we started out with the above, but I agree with shefs that analysation one was along the same lines. So instead of discussing whats going to be chandu's reaction- lets discuss what can never happen in IC!

For example: Aditya shaving his head!

Chandni getting married to Varun.

So start!

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Posted: 16 years ago
i dun think so riddhi ....chandini will eevr go against her bauji ......and ther r 2 reasons for thuis
1. as i told in ur otheer post...after all the emotional drama and blackmail ....she will never think of getting invoved with adi........though she willl ..strt liking him but she will never put a step foward to this relatiion
2. she knows tht her bauji will be dishearten and break if she betrays him. he already got betrayed by manisha and his only hope is chandini ....... she knows it very well tht he will never be able to take this.....
so my conclusion chandini will never go against her bauji
so left with only choice is ....her bauji realises tht she loves adi and also realises tht adi is not tht bad after alll....and agreess
Posted: 16 years ago
Well, I have to agree with Shefs. Right now, it doesn't look as if Chandini will go against her Bauji and his total faith in her that she will do no wrong. Though she is still oblivous to Adi's advances and has no intention of ditching Dilawar at this moment, in my opinion, she is slowly feeling the flutters of love. And according to another topic already posted, it is also very possible that she will come to find out that it is Adi who paid the bills for Manisha and who almost decided to quit his post just for her. So she will definitely reciprocate the feelings. And Bauji going back to Jalandhar leaving Chandini alone in Mumbai is another omen that something surprising might spring up between the two! Also Beeji and Dadaji who were nearly nonexistent upto this point may also play a pivotal role in bringing the two together. Dadaji already approves of Chandini and is encouraging Adi openly and here Beeji is also doing tareef of Adi. So who knows?
Posted: 16 years ago
hmmm...i agree wid shefs...after yesterdays rona dhona chandini wont go against maybe once dilavar comes to mumbai he'll realise that chandini loves adi so he'll marry manisha instead of chandini...or like shefs said bauji will understand depth of adi's and chandini's love so he'll agree.
Posted: 16 years ago
yeh me 2 thinks same
right now it dosent seem like chand will go against family
but yeh later when she truely falls in love wid adi
dat time she'll try to convince bauji

thn even i think vish will play a key role in convincing chandnis family coz bauji is impressed wid vish
Posted: 16 years ago
chandi is ideal good indian girl so will stand by her kadoos bhauji;but will surely have sudden enlightenment wehn she sees adi being tortured for loving her
Posted: 16 years ago
i also agree with shefs
Posted: 16 years ago
good topic..and well written... Clap

but one thing i noticed was...when amy pointed out about adi's love for her..she was even hesitant..or anything..she felt good..and poor girl never mentions dilawar....she has promised her bauji, but i think somewhere, she's just like manisha...

she wants do so much but he folks wont let her... Edited by hetal - 16 years ago

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