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Posted: 16 years ago

Hey guyz! I jus started watching Kkavyanjali n i really lyke this show! I heard Iqbal Khan was gonna cum in april n that's why i started watching but now im really liking it. so can u guyz just give me a short description of the show, plz? I jus wanna noe how kavya n anjali fell in love, the obsticales n do they styll have feelings 4 eachother. n if they do then y aren't they 2gether? Plz answer my questions guyz? Thanks 4 ur help!

Luv Tania

Posted: 16 years ago
well it all started wid kaavya and anjum (anjali's sister) they were in luv, but anjum died and anjali believed kavya was the cause of her death so she paired up wiv nitya 2 get revenge.
Angry Angry Angry
This is wen she faked 2 like him and they got married. She kept and comming infront of him as anjums ghost in the attempt of gettin him mad. What nitya and anjali wanted. But then she really stareted to like him, and told him the truth. This is wer nitya went against anjali. Clap Clap

Den they lived a happy life 2geda, but kaavya always believed his mother over anjali (as anjali tried 2 tell him dat nitya wanted his wealth only and get him to be mad), nitya den made kaavya think that anjali was having an affair with yug ...... and she was pregnant wid yug's child (but the child was really kavya's but he did not know coz he was drunk wen they ehem ehem )
Kavya being a fool believed all of dis and kicked anjali out of da hose , yug den looked after her as a friend ....but then he started to like her. They got divorced. Cry Cry Cry

ohhh yeh Pammi came and made matters worse by giving nityas side, in order to get married to kavya as she 'loved him'. Kavya started to not lke anjali and got married to pammi. Ouch Ouch Ouch

then yug wanted to get married to anjali so they got engaged. THen kaavya over heard pammi say that anjali was pregnant with kavyas kid, and was devistated. Cry Cry Cry

pammi thought he was going to leave her and so she faked that she was preg. 2. Dead Dead Dead

any way......... after lots of episodes anjali gave birth and nitya took her baby , telling the doctor 2 lie to her and say her baby died....... Cry Cry

Nitya told pammi to go away from the family so that she could 'have her baby' which was really kavya and anjali's (she knew about the fake pregnancy) Ouch Ouch

pammi had da baby and den it leads up to the recent episodes of anjali findin out da baby is hers as pammi told her coz the baby has a disease of sum sort

dis is all i can think of ....hope it helps !!!!!!!!!!!!! Wink Wink Wink
Posted: 16 years ago
i should get to updating those video archives soon LOL LOL LOL before kyph fans take over this forum LOL
Posted: 16 years ago
LOL yepp tru sayy bro

we dnt wnt the army of KYPH marching in LOL LOL Wink
Posted: 16 years ago
thanks for the updates cleared some stuff up
Posted: 16 years ago
Thank- u so much! I really needed help n now i feel so bad 4 anjali. Thanks a lot 4 ur help!
Luv Tania
Posted: 16 years ago
hey, jus carry on watchin it.......
i think dats enough 4 all of us !!!!!!!!!

Posted: 16 years ago
a really nice show and the actors and actresses are awsome too.

                   ENJOY!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!


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