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Posted: 16 years ago

Well here is the first thread for welcoming new members..and our newest member is ...all can welcome him/her here with a msg  of your own along with a gift...

gift idea - pictures, videos, audio songs or just a song dedication, a
good frenship quote, joke or love, poems,  or anything you can think of...
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Posted: 16 years ago

Dear Reshma(widlove2uaryan),

Happy Holi and a warm welcome to SS Forum...
You're a nice addition, I am sorry that our
first interaction wasnt a very nice one, but
surely it would turn the other way round i

OF ARYAN.(All Others are welcome to download too)

I've uploaded a nice video clip , its from
the episode where Sameer Soni does a cameo
as Manish, a HIV Positive, a suspect for the
murder of a lady social activist called Safina,
He is framed and Aryan intuits his innocence
and proves it against all odds, in this clip
Aryan is interogating Manish. You'll like it.

I hope all know how to download videos from
megaupload and watch. Give me lots of feedback.

The Link is


Download Video Before Link Expires.

Have Fun,


Posted: 16 years ago

Abt How To Download From MegaUpload :

Just in case someone doesnt know

- Windows Media Player or Real Player
(preferably latest version)
- Internet Connection
- Speakers to hear Sound

Process -

- Go to the webaddress i've mentioned.

- On the Uppper Right hand corner there will be a pop
window , click the cross sign and it'd exit

- It'd say wait for some seconds, like 40 seconds etc,
and would begin counting seconds backwards...then it'd say download here...click it and it'd ask u where to save the file, give it a path where you wnat to save the file
on your hard disk...thats it...after it downloads, click it and it'd open in real player, if u dont have real player, right click and click open with window media player...

I Hope you all now are clear enough....
Posted: 16 years ago

a hearty welcome 2 u in dis forum.
i wud like u 2 tell me ur fav. actors so dat i can send u pics of dem
Posted: 16 years ago
hey guys thank u all so much...im loving it here in this forum,u all have been really sweet Embarrassed its an honour bein part of a group of such wonderful ppl.
hi to u too praveenam,and thanx... i am not very fond of film stars,but crazy abt a lotta tv actors. my favourite undoubtedly remains BHANU UDAY,who in my eyes,is a true star!!!i am also a huge fan of kuljeet randhawa.others,4m ss,i really like neha(manva naik) too, i think shes really smart! but the hottest of them all(second only to aryan of course) is i think shotgun(raj bannerjee) hes got a cooool attitude and thats what makes him so special.
thank u agn 4 the lovely welcome...especially 2 u sofia!
Posted: 16 years ago
Here are some photos of Kuljeet and Gauri.Sorry I could not get many of Kuljeet.
Here are the links:
1)http://www.upload2.com/?cmd=_viewer&file=039a315d7e512b259 8373a4055a611df.jpg&s=687c3
2)http://www.upload2.com/?cmd=_viewer&file=2e9662547642354c3 b6596359a2b325a.jpg&s=22962
3)http://www.upload2.com/?cmd=_viewer&file=548c4c159aacbf4a2 f8569ed5296d2eb.jpg&s=d913b
4)http://www.upload2.com/?cmd=_viewer&file=456d48dfd1f173731 1732cf18f710d1d.jpg&s=0cae7
5)http://www.upload2.com/?cmd=_viewer&file=1da2279f22d944f5e 23592770dbd6a20.jpg&s=75743
6)http://www.upload2.com/?cmd=_viewer&file=7df2d21fc73e24e8e 425339d8a5eb454.jpg&s=8c1de
7)http://www.upload2.com/?cmd=_viewer&file=d326cc9fbbe1e5ec6 af02a4739ab9b4d.jpg&s=b612e
8)http://www.upload2.com/?cmd=_viewer&file=efb73b82d566fe858 30eac01f94bfbe3.jpg&s=5e8c7
9)http://www.upload2.com/?cmd=_viewer&file=7e6e066d7862536b1 047f2809b2c4ca4.jpg&s=bd366
10)http://www.upload2.com/?cmd=_viewer&file=19542d9f66b8a955 57ee73f9839d708d.jpg&s=89e4d
Posted: 16 years ago
WOW!!! Smile Smile Smile thats so many of them. havent checked them out yet.will do that and let u know.thank u.thank u so so so very much.
Posted: 16 years ago

yeah thanx maverick so many pics and do check out the video too...now our forum has increases its activity.


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