kk update mon...thanks to eks

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Posted: 16 years ago


resham sorry for the late update yaar, my friend eks was busy.

kk update.....thanks to eksoo at hk group

Manik standing outsied Wadhwa house, thinking to himself..'50 lakh
milne par main hawa mein udd raha hoon..50 crore haath lagenge toh
kaisa hoga..' and smiling to himself. 'Chal Manik..ban jaa Jatin
wadhwa'.. and Manik enters the house
> Tauji talking to the police, telling him that Rakeshnath is in
town, Kumkum has seen him..and he will pass on Rakeshnath's picture
for the police to identify him. Manik is shocked to hear
this..curses Rakeshnath..walks inside and asks Tauji what
happened..Tauji tells him all.
> Manik reaches the chawl and beats Rakeshnath.. Kamiya intervenes,
and tells Manik to wrap up his plan as soon as possible..
> Su waiting in the park..Dhruv runs to him and hugs him. Su is
happy to see Dhruv and asks him how he is.. 'Papa, main aapko bahut
miss karta hoon..ghar chalo..' Su gets emotional..then asks him who
brought him there. Dhruv points out to KK. SuKK look at each other..
Dhruv tells KK to tell Su to return home. KK says she will speak to
Su..and tells him to go play.. Su starts speaking, KK says 'kuch
kehne ki zaroorat nahin hai Su..main tumse koi jawab nahin chahti.
Main jaanti hoon tum ek imtihaan de rahe ho..ek bhai hone ka
imtihaan..iss parivaar ke zimmedaar bete hone ka imtihaan..' Su
looks at KK emotionally.. 'Lekin yeh baat bhi sach hai ki main sirf
tumhari hoon..main ab bhi wahin khadi hoon jahan tum mujhe chhod kar
gaye the..aur main hamesha tumhe yahin khadi miloongi, chahe woh
kitne hi janam ho..' Just then Dhruv calls out to Su.. KK tells
him, 'Jaao Su..main jaanti hoon tumhare bete ke begair tumhara har
pal kaisa guzarta hoga..' Su gets emotional.. goes upto Dhruv and
plays with him (Such loooovely father-son bonding moments)
> Break..
> Krish in the office.. suddenly sees Kamiya at the reception, walks
upto her and introduces himself. Kamiya tells him she has just
joined the office as Jatin's personal assistant. Krish is excited
that now both he & Kamiya will be working together. Just then Jatin
enters, sees them talking and walks upto them. Krish tells Jatin
that Kamiya is the girl he fell for in London. Jatin assures Krish
that he will make them work together as often as possible.
> Krish with Su in his apartment..Krish tells Su that Kamiya has
joined the office. Su is happy for him. Krish tells him that Jatin
had been attacked by goons who thought he was Karan Kapoor.. Su is
tensed and asks Krish to be with Jatin 24/7 and take care of him..
Krish says he will take care of Jatin. Krish is about to leave, Su
holds him back and asks about KK. Krish says, 'thank god, aapne
bhabhi ke baare mein poocha toh sahi..' Su tells him, 'apne aap ko
bhool sakta hoon, lekin KK ko nahin..' Krish tells Su, 'Toh aap
bhabhi ke paas laut kyun nahin aate? Anyways, kal Holi hai..meri toh
Holi ki koi yaadein nahin hai, kyunki yeh meri pehli Holi hai..lekin
aap bhabhi ki har yaad mein ho..kal bhabhi ke liye zaroor aana..'
Krish leaves..
> At home, Dadi-Veena preparing for Holi.. Jatin comes by and Dadi
tells him that Holi is a festival 'jo dilon ko jodta hai..tu yeh 5
saalon ki dooriyaan mita sakta hai..' Veena adds, 'aaj mauka hai, tu
KK ko apna bana sakta hai..' Jatin tells them, everything is in KK's
hands. Dadi-Veena coax him to try..
> Break..
> Krish enjoying Holi with Kul & Tauji.. Dadaji welcomes some richie-
rich Marwari fellow.. KK dressing up Dhruv for Holi..Dhruv asks KK
why they're wearing white clothes. KK tells him, 'kyunki sirf safed
par yaadon ke rang chhad sakte hain..' and tells him to go play.
Dhruv asks why isn't she playing, she tells him 'meri apni khud ki
bahut yaadein hain..'
> Both SuKK thinking about each other on Holi.. (sadly, the
flashback scene has no KK..but Chanda with Su on Holi!)
> Veena-Dadi tell Jatin to go get KK out to play.. Jatin goes to KK
and coaxes her to come out to play.. KK refuses.. Jatin tells her
that he's sure she will not disappoint the family, who will be hurt
to see her sitting inside alone..'jis KK ko main jaanta hoon, woh
aisa bilkul nahin karegi'.. Jatin walks out..KK in tears.. Jatin
looks back, smiles coz he knows he hit bulls-eye!
> Jatin overhears Dada-Mr.Richie Rich talking about investing
Mr.Richie Rich's money in any of the Wadhwa's new business venture..
Dadaji tells him that he is not involved in business anymore..the
children have taken over..and he will sure talk to Jatin about it.
Jatin tells both that he'll do as per their wish..
> Jatin sees KK coming out of the house..excuses himself and walks
upto her. Krish tries to put colour on KK, but she warns him saying
that she doesn't wanna play. Krish agrees and walks away. Jatin,
with a fistful of colour, walks upto KK and tries putting colour on
her..but she stops him.firm & angry look on her face. Jatin shocked..
> Coming up - Jatin drunk..some guy asks him who is this Manik he is
talking about.. Jatin replies, 'Manik ek bahut bada goonda hai.. '
Jatin in his room, back to his senses..wondering & hoping he didn't
speak too much..
> Love..Eks.


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Posted: 16 years ago
thanku so much norzar & eks! Smile Smile
just read the update..
ysterday...I dont know how I 4got 2 read the update Embarrassed Tongue
Posted: 16 years ago
Thanks norzar Smile but will have to close this topice as there is already one update plzzz dont mind dear


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