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Posted: 17 years ago

Hey guys,as Enigma very beautifully put forth her thoughts abt Armaan and left a confusing question behind, tht is,despite all his grey shades,still " Why r we hopelessly in love with Armaan Suri ??? " So here i am trying to answer this million-dollar question :

Armaan is unpredictible,immature at times,mature at times,sometimes Impulsive,sometimes thoughtful,sometimes sensitive,sometimes least-bothered,he's someone tht u cannot permanently " Define ",but this,my freinds,is something outward tht we all know,but wht we dont know is Armaan's inward persona,tht has remained yet uninvaded by our thoughts.........

Somewhere in the deepest corner of this fiery persona,lies a soul i.e.,.Armaan's soul,which is wht i cud proudly term as " PURE GOLD " . And This soul is sensitive,emotional,unintentional in its thoughts,and oh ! so pure ! it has absolutely no assumptions,no pretences,and no pre-conceptions.But despite this " Purity " ,its a part of Armaan,tht has always lied inside without any notice,it is a BEAUTY in the true sense,yet it lies there - Untouched,Unseen & Unfelt..........but,capable of arousing interest.

And it is this untouched corner of Armaan this what makes him an object of infinite interest bounded by Mystery.Just like the Diamond  mines.......we cant detect where they r and so wonder why ppl ir so intersted in muddy pieces of land,but it is the the person who works in the mine who knows why it is so.........

And it perhaps this uninvaded aspect of this man called " Armaan Suri " tht makes an " Aura of Interest ad Mystery " surround him,just as Myterious auras were said to surround the unseen treasure chests at the King's palaces in the olden times..........  

Hope my analyzation helps u ppl to find an answer to ur questions.....



Posted: 17 years ago
prachi i m speechless.. u and ur brains... u r putting them to real good use and what a language. i guess u have really answered the question put by enigma and also question which had remained unanswered for us also.. armaan is a character but what he has portrayed tells all which u just expressed..
if i have to tell in short i wud say armaan has aroused deep desires or hidden desires in many.
sabke dil ke armaan jaga diye hai usne

i wish apurva reads all this and also enigma posts and our replys
mayb we shud ask vijay to get apurva on i-f radio.. i dont know how ppl come on that though
what u say

and for the above post here is Clap
Posted: 17 years ago

Dear Friends!!

Prassy here.Hope all are in pink mood .

I was spell bound seeing Armaan  Sir aka Apurva Agnihotri in POPKORN  show twice, He is sooooo cute (Please don't say "say something we don't know"),he is very cute in  the "nach baliye" promotion along with  his cute wife Shilpa.

It seems he is an introvert,he does'nt blabber unnecessary.

Oh!!God!!Give Apurva much more good career ,wealth and health.

Friends!!! You know one thing ,

I'm Prassy,

people say to me Prassy Jaissi Koi Nahin

We have a Gulmohar tree in our house


afsoz ki baat yee hai ki mere paas  ARMAAN nahi hai



Posted: 17 years ago

Hey ladies r apurva aka arman sir ha sbeen voted by showtime magazine as the man with best dimples and smile on the tv screen.EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

this news really had me jumping,Big smile

we should be proud of r arman sir, lol we already r.EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

arman sir-  he is the best and so r his fans

what say ladiesEmbarrassed


Posted: 17 years ago
Ahem....I'd like to sing this song in honor of Apu...it's my own rendition of it of course!!:

Kitna pyara Apu Rab ne banaya
Oh Kitna pyara Apu Rab ne banaya-a-a-a
Jee kar dekhthi rahoon

Congratulations Apu!!!!ClapClapClap I love you....hehe...and I just love your killer smile and sweet dimples!!!!!!! Embarrassed Embarrassed Embarrassed NKLNJ!!!!! Muaaaaaaaaaa!!!!
Posted: 17 years ago
Back in Mumbai, Mallika was eagerly expecting the return of Armaan after his week long visit to Singapore. She was delirious with joy and triumph, with Jassi's misfortune playing a major part in her happiness.As she was celebrating her goodluck, there were sad hearts in Nainital. Jassi was forlonly awaiting the final verdict of the judge. She just sat there in her prison cell, lost, with no hope, with no desire to live....Her lawyer Raghav was fast running out of time and was rapidly reaching the limits of frustration on his inability to find a way out to prove Jassi's innocence.
    It was at this critical juncture that Armaan landed in Mumbai and was on his way home. As he reached his house he was in for a royal welcome from Mallika. Mallika, with a triumphant and exultant look on her face, welcomed Armaan with a hug saying,"Armaan, i missed you a lot... Welcome back" But Armaan, who after his seperation from Jassi had become completely insensitive to feelings and emotions, removed Mallika's arms and said, "Mallika, i am in no mood for partying, not now, not ever.... So, dont interfere in my matters and just leave me alone.." And with that he left for his room, back to his own dark and dreary world, leaving Mallika fuming with hurt pride and ego..
    In his room, Armaan desolately stared at the vast expanse in front of him.. With a defeated look in his eyes he moved towards the window, to clear his tortured and confused thoughts..In a voice laced with tremendous sorrow and pain, he mumbled under his breath,"Jassi, why did you betray me? I had loved you, with all of my heart, soul and mind. I had dreamt of a beautiful and tranquil life with you, wanted to live with you, wanted to love you, wanted to grow old with you, wanted to die with you.. But you destroyed my dream, my life and my love.. Why??"As he stood there lost in his lonely thoughts, he was brought back to reality with a start, with Mallika's shrill voice piercing thru the cold air in his room.. He heard Mallika calling him down for breakfast. He freshened up and went down to the dining hall..
     Back in Nainital, Jassi who had finally realised that it was CJ who had actually played the cruel game of seperating her and Armaan after hearing the public prosecutor say the previous day in court,that the room at King's motel had been booked under the name of Mr.and Mrs. Oberoi, was desperatley aching for Armaan, for his love..Now, all that she wanted was, to see Armaan just once, tell him how much she loves him just once, lose herself in his warm and comforting arms just once, for the last time, before the judge pronounces his final verdict,scheduled for the next day.
    At the same time Armaan, was having his breakfast. But he had no appetite and he left the room half-way through his breakfast. As he wandered around aimlessly, the newspaper on the table suddenly caught his attention. With his pulse racing and hands shivering uncontrollably, he read that Jasmeet Walia alias Neha Shastri was in prison for the crime of murdering Anuj Shastri, manager of King's motel, Nainital. He scanned through the entire article and came to know that Jassi had refused all the accusations, including her so-called clandestine affair with CJ, which incidentally was held as the basis for her crime. Armaan, who though kept saying that he hated Jassi, subliminally continued to love Jassi. And his love for her was still so strong that he immediately trusted her without any reservations, and now the only thought was saving Jassi, notwithstanding the impossibility of the situation..
    The next day in court, as the session commenced, Jassi stood there oblivious to the surroundings and the underlying tension, lost in her thoughts as her happy moments with her Papaji, mama, Bebe, her dear friends Nandu and Purab, her joyful days in Gulmohur and her whirlwind romance with Armaan, flashed through her memory... When the judge was about to pronounce her guilty of the crime of murdering Anuj Shastri, a loud voice echoed through the hall, "Stop!! Jassi is innocent.. I am the one who is guilty of the crime.." All eyes turned towards the direction of the voice.. Jassi , hesitantly and unbelievingly turned towards the voice.... It was Armaan!! Complete confusion and chaos prevailed in the court room at this unusual turn of events. The judge called out,"Please come to the front and explain yourself.." Armaan moved forward, had himself sworn and went to the witness stand. And he confessed to the crime of Anuj Shastri. He explained the situations that led to the murder, and how he had Jassi embroiled in the crime out of his intense hatred for her on her betrayal, which he now realised were unfounded, baseless and totally false. Armaan also produced the proofs for his well thought out version of the crime. His confession was so believable and without a single loophole that the jury was left confused.......  At that moment Jassi regained control of her senses and the violent onset of emotions that were overwhelming her, and screamed out loud that Armaan was doing this,all out of love for her and that he is innocent.... She rushed towards him,with tears streaming down her face... Their pent up emotions loosened and their all too obvious effort to control themselves just dissolved in their love for each other, with the smouldering passion and their intense love overwhelming them and they involuntarily, almost effortlessly fell into each other's embrace... The entire world came to a stanstill as Armaan and Jassi hugged each other desperately,  passionately, with Armaan whispering sweet nothings into Jassi's ears as she sobbed uncontrollably....
    At that moment, CJ made a dramatic entry and confessed to the crime... Both Armaan and Jassi stood there stunned to hear the truth from him. They came to know that it was Father Roderick who had brought CJ to his right senses by telling him what Purab actually wanted him to do.. Armaan's version of the crime was disproved, and CJ was pronounced guilty.. Before he left, he told them about Mallika being the mastermind behind the sexual harassment case. Armaan's anger flared to the heights and he was about to rush towards CJ but jassi stopped him and forcibly dragged him along with her, outside..
    The moment they reached a place quite isolated from the crowd, they immediately fell into each other's embrace..And Armaan held jassi's face lovingly, tenderly and staring down into the infinite depths of her said, "Jassi, you had faced enough... you had suffered for no fault of yours.. I assure you that mallika would pay for all her mistakes...She would be out of my life forever....Jassi, Thank you.. for everything , for accepting me with all my human frailities and vulnerabilities, for forgiving me without any reservations, for loving me unconditionally.... I dont know where we begin and where we end.. Or are we one and the same??I dont have any idea....But i am completely sure of this - You complete me....Be mine forever, hmmm??." And Jassi, with all her innocence and love replied," I am yours, then, now and forever..." And they just stood there locked in each other's arms, awaiting the new life, the pleasant future, in store for them.
    Time may move on, with them attitudes may change, but this moment in their lives would linger on forever even as they move on.... because this moment recalls the joy of a new beginning...of their togetherness..

This is just my imagination guys... hope u like it.......
Posted: 17 years ago
WOw!! Engima... Clap Clap that was brilliant... At one point I had tears in my eyes.. Cry Cry

GOD!!! I wish this happens... I miss Cry them so much... Cry
Posted: 17 years ago

Enigma, Simply Beautiful! Clap It was very touching. Only If It was True... Made My Eyes Watery Cry

I Loved Every single bit of it. Every single word, from jassi and armaans heart Cry.... Very Nice...Clap

Mallika -

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