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Posted: 16 years ago


Ok lolz sorry for the delay,


Let me tell u first he said a big hello to all of his fans , and then he said it very sweetly tht i know i cant reach them bt i feel them., and they have made me today wht i m ., its bec of them tht i m somebody frm a nobody.

Mujhe jaise yaad aata hai waise main batati hoon

Zara, Jassi tussi to chha gaye , he was answering most of ur questions esp zarra, kya baat hai, he sang for u , lucky girl, bt sweet was his voice to hear., naa a zaara????

Abt Tina he said how he started dating her and how in six months they got to know each other and u know by now tht cockroach incident., he also said tht actually it was nt he proposed to her bt his frnd played cupid by saying tht tina he loves u and hu she loves u and he left and they both stood stranded knowing wht to say each other. He said tht Tina is the one who was with me when i was nobody and frm tht time she was there to wht i m somebody today, she is the person who brought love in his life and gave so many things to him , she is the person for him and he realised tht soon and its this woman behind this successful man.

When asked to chose with mom and tina he said both r equal and he cant chose one, very right naa?

He said tht he didnt got opportunity to enjoy his childhood neither he used to have fights with his bro and sis , he enjoyed much in college , did all the pranks in college only, then he said how he got his first break, he was participating in college plays and then one day while just chilling out he got an break for a commercial and there on his career started., he said of an incident of his fans when he was driving and accidently hit an bike and the couple was riding on it, the husband started fighting with him and the wife said tht dont shout on him , he is my chirag., he said how much adulation one gets in television far more than cinema bec u reach millions of homes in one time itself.


In rapid fire he was asked,

Sumeet or chirag - he said its sumeet bt if there was an option of Arjun then he would have chosen tht bec it gave immense opportunity to him to explore his talents as well as much action to do which he loved it.

Kumkum or KSBKBT - he said of course kk , ksb gave him the foundation and kk carried frm there , and gave him to grow as an actor.

Fav Actor- Amitabh bachchan.

Fav Actress- Madhuri and Kajol

He said he didnt planned anything , it just happnd, he just wants to do some good work , he said tht one can earn as many bucks as u can, bt u cant earn the love which i m getting today and enjoying it to the fullest. He said how he can eat meat or fish if nt chicken as an substitute, and how tina stopped him to eat chicken when bird flu stuck, he said to her tht its ok , one can boil it upto 70 degrees bt she said no, and he said tht was bec i know she cared for me

He was asked to answer 3 likes and dislikes of Tina = she is adorable, loving and caring and a perfect companion, he said tht wht he dislike is tht she dont like the sound he makes while eating., and when he is driving he dont like her to constant babbling., like many other wives do while their husband drives.

He was asked abt his sleeping he said tht at one time he was constantly shoting for ksb, krishna arjun and kk, and kuch kar dikhana hai so at tht time he used to sleep when he was nt required for shot or was nt facing any camera.

Then abt juhi he was asked abt is there any diff now tht u r married while doing intimate scenes with her, i know mehr has already answered this, bt very sweet he said tht ju is a very sweet girl., and i m extremely comfi with her.

His best scene in kk was when he had to do the shot when ja died , and then he said tht all the fav scenes when it was a transformation for him to accept his bhabhi as his wife and then the way it was shown how they fall in love , he said all tht scenes remain his fav bec it got him to perform much.

And in the end he said shayari which zara had told b4., I tried to cover most of the intv, hope u liked it.

If anyone remembers anything more abt wht he said pls continue here.


Posted: 16 years ago
hey resham
Brilliant job dear! Clap
yup resham his voice was damn hot...& sweet too... Big smile Big smile Hug ...
[quote=resham]then he said it very sweetly tht i know i cant reach them bt i feel them., and they have made me today wht i m ., its bec of them tht i m somebody frm a nobody.
hey resham...just want 2 correct 1 thing..He said these sentences in the last not at the beginning... Smile
well I dont think dat I need 2 add anyhting..U hav updated almost the whole interview Clap Clap ..thanx 4 that! Big smile
Posted: 16 years ago
thnxxxxxxxx resham..........great job yaar Clap
Posted: 16 years ago
thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
Posted: 16 years ago
thnxxxxxxa lot resham u r really gr8 thnx Clap once again
Posted: 16 years ago
thanx a ton reshamHug
you are really vvvvvverrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyyyyy ssssssssswwwwwwwwweeeeeeeeettttttttttt
i cud not hear the interview, but while reading the update i felt like hu was sitting beside me and talking

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