Tulsi right to go for mercy killing?!?!

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Posted: 16 years ago

Hello Everybody.

Well after watching the last episode, I was shocked. I thought that she was not going to do what Savita asked her to do. Well, she did stop herself and after Savita's insistence, with much great difficulty she went forward with it.


It was a very hard situation for Tulsi to be put on a plane where she has to decide whether to let Savita die or not. It was not fair of Savita to put such a load on her shoulders,u know what I mean ( though we all know she was going through so much physical and mental pain).

I think not only Tulsi has a right on Savita, the other members of their family too. It should have been a joint decision.

Anyways, did you notice the lack of communication between Tulsi and the rest of the family? Though I know everybody else was in London, I think Tulsi should have done a must to inform them. I think thisis where she went wrong. She should have talked to Mihir about the accident.
Well it's just a tv show we all know.

However, I have noticed that throughout the show, relationship of Mihir and Tulsi is very strange. They do not communicate with each other enough. Tulsi keeping the true colours of Meera from Mihir well that was just unreasonable. Both Mihir and Tulsi do not talk asa husband and wife should.


Anyways, that are my opinions. What are yours? do let me know. Do u think Tulsi was right to go forward with the mercy-killing without consulting the other members of the family?


I wonder what would happen now and whether the others would understand her situation or would be angry at her for taking such a huge step without them.



Posted: 16 years ago
Hey there Nisha,
Welcome to the Kyunki...forum and I hope to see you keep posting on the forum and making it a more fun place.

Coming back to the topic, I dont think it was wrong of Savita to ask of Tulsi to kill her off and give her 'mukti'.If Tulsi had not been there and if Mihir/Baa/Karan had been there by her side, Savita would have done the same thing because her existence was becoming too much for herself to bear.

And it was no load on Tulsi at all- it was sheer foolishness on her part. Tulsi very well knows how much people in Shantiniketan who are in London love Savita but still she went ahead with her decision after just one effort to try and contact the family.

Agreed that there's a communication gap between Mihir and Tulsi but the gap has been formed by Tulsi herself. Tulsi dropped the mobile at the accident spot and never got her back. How in heavens was Mihir supposed to know where Tulsi is?? Mihir tried calling up at Shantiniketan! Only twice it was answered- once by Meera who lied to him that she'd give his message to Tulsi and once by Tulsi herself who did not care enough to tell Savita's own son what was happening with her son!!!

Regardging the Meera matter, what Tulsi did was totally  inexplicable- what did she mean when she said that she'd solve matters on her own. Tulsi and Mihir DO talk like a wife and husband do but Tulsi refuses to confide in her husband like normal wives..

Basically, Tulsi ALWAYS TRIES TO BE GOD!
Posted: 16 years ago
she was 50 % Right & 50% Wrong.
ok.......she killed Savithya coz she couldnt see her mother with pain...also her last wish was Mukthi fromher Daughter,so she was right of that....

But hiding this Viranee's family is the biggggest mistake Tulsi hav done.......atleast she must wait ytill they back........

so these r my opinions....ok..

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