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update  1 
Ram nearing  to priya  :blush:' when he is about to  touch her his phone  beeps.( a message has been  received). Priya  shocked and turn around and  finds ram pulling off his hands back  from priya . both share and eye lock  .  both  are driven hard in awakwardness .

P: aap ..  yeha  ..!!! kya kar rahi ho!!!

R: ram gets embarrassed and doesn't have an  answer  " mein .!!!!  yeha .. bas aise ayaBlushing

P: kya matlab??? 

R:  kuch nahi  yar' bar bar sawal pe sawal  puchna jaroori hai kya?? Ill change and come and he leaveD'oh

P: (priya sensed  the  embarrassed ram) :embarassed:

  ajeb hai  !!!! yeah  Mr. Kapoor bhi na !! and continues  folding her cloths.

R: checks his phone , there was a message from vikramAngry  "all the best ram" ram thinks  yeah vikram bhi na galth timing hai uska '.   Oh   god don't knw what priya is thinking !!!

EmbarrassedRam comes out and search for priya by the time she is in living  ram  enter the living   and see  priya in the couch  reading (waiting for him )  then the bell ring.

R:  lagtha hai kahna agaye  . mein dektha hu ..  open the door and waiter brings  food inside .

Priya serves the food to ram . while ram steal  glance at priya.   And thinks yeah kya ho raha hai mujhe .  mein inkeliye kuch karna chati hu and  vikram ne kaha ki  wo sab'.  Nahi kuch aur soch the hai Heart

P : (ram lost in his world and was  interrupted by priya) kaha  kho gaye .?? ho kya gaye  aap ko ? yelo kahna khaligiye 

 (While both  eating ram  steals glances at priya  thinks) what should I do now  yar. And he thinks of  going out with priya in night . and soon finishes his food 

R: priya mein  abhi atha hu  kuch  imp calls karna hai . and  goes out  to arrange a car for their long drive.. 

P: k  Mr. kapoor  jaldhi ana akhele dar lagtha hai  innocently reminds of the  story  he told the night before and about the sounds in the night Smile

R: (smiling  naughty) ha tik  hai  abhi aatha hu Blushing

 ( he thinks yeah sahi hoga   just priya and me   with smile he returns to room )

R:  tum taayar ho jao  hum baahar chalthe hai..

P:confused :hmm:  and say s  Abhi !! ha  par  kaha jana hai  . itni rath ko ' aap ko ho kya gaye ? were u not tiered?? Subha  se  bhar  hi tho hai !!!!

R:  priya   plz  sawal math pucho'  tum mera sath ana hai ya nahi'( comes close to her and takes her hands into his, look straight into eyes )tumare sath kuch accha waqth bithana chatha hu  priya .will u come with me madam Smile

P:  (priya  lost in his eyes felt  moved by rams words) ha  mein  aap ka sath hi hu . waise mujhe acha lagtha hai  aap ki company mein Smile

R:  mujhe bhi .. patha nahi kab se aisa  honelagha  par acha laghta hai.  Jaa change kar ke ah na

P: aap aise  kurthe mein. waise ap ka suit s se  accha  par aap THE RAM KAPOOR HAI NA'  :wink:

apabhi change kar ligiye

Both  get ready in no time. Priya came out in  a beautiful red sari, ram lost in her beauty he moves towards her

R: ur so simple yet  beautiful. And extends his  hand  to her..chale ...Heart

P:  Embarrassedpriya  says thanks Mr. kapoor and  holds his hand ha chaliye

  Confusedpriya is confused of rams  behaviour and she is liking this  from ram . ram here is  exited. By the time they reach the  reception of the hotel they staying a man walked towards  ram and  hand over  keys and  a huge  white flowers boquet.

P:  ram  aap  aur phool !!!! appa na allergic pills   hai na ap ki pas '.Tongue

R: nahi  tho  kya hua  tum ho na  mera sath  and gives the boquet priya and say  this is for my  wife.  Tume  white colour pasandh hai na. thanks priya for  being with me  and pauses  share an eye lock

P:Mr . kapoor yeah sab (blushing) 'thanks for the flowers.

And moves towards car and ram open s her door and make her comfortable

P: inside the car  looking   at the flowers , yeah  kya hogaya Mr . kapoor ko  aaj , flowers '  and smell the flowers . shes enjoying thoroughly. Ram moves towards driving seat . starts the car and offer  her chocklet. Both take chocklet and starts to drive. ' kya hai  yeah  subharambh hai kya "
R: aise  kuch samjhligiye madam
both simles   and there was silence  b/n them

R: priya  r  u k ?
P :  ha  mein  tik hu . looking at flowers , well aap ko kya hogaye?  Yeah flowers , drive, '. Kya hai  mr. kapoor

R: kuch nahi priya  waise hum ne socha ki  hum tv deke room pe kuch wqath  bitane keliye .. yeah bhi aise  kuch hi tha. Phark yeah ki hum bahar agaye .. with naughty  smile " kyu  tume aise nahi lagtha hai kya" 

P: no Blushing.. kuch nahi and smiles and  look outside. Suddenly  looks at flowers and  keeps them in the back seat

R: yeah kya hai '

P: aap ko allergy   hai na flowers se.  isliye

R: tum bauth  sochthe hai  mere bare mein  and gives a sheepish  look.

P: smiles and look at him  starts playing with her mangalasutr , waise  Mr. kapoor  hum kaha jaa rahai ho..

R:  smiles'.  We r  no our way priya .   thodi dher inti zar karo na..

Priya  looks at ram  and  sees out side the window while playing with her  mangalsutr  . ram notice  priya's nervousness   and  lost in her wifes beauty. ram enjoys priya's presence n his feelings for priyaEmbarrassed 

 to be  continued...

precap : 

p: sach mein  M r. Kapoor   kamaal hai aap . aap yeha  i mean   yeah jag ...  aap ko acha lagthe hai kya .. im  suprised..   are u sure  mr. kapoor.!!!!!!!!!Heart


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superb start and nicely written
pls continue soon
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very nice...Thumbs Up

Update soon

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Posted: 2011-12-07T05:05:51Z
nice start dear...
continue soon...
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Posted: 2011-12-07T05:06:13Z
my my yaar... this is too goodClap i wish Ram had seriously approached in this way in the show.. but he seems lyk he's got back to square oneOuch lovely FF yaar... waiting for the next updateEmbarrassed
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Posted: 2011-12-07T05:17:16Z
Nice work. 

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Posted: 2011-12-07T05:18:11Z
so awesome. lovely keep updating.
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Posted: 2011-12-07T05:20:58Z
beautifully written..
thanx.. update soon..
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