so what will kashish have to do...

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Posted: 16 years ago
to get garewals the money??
  I have a feeling it will end up being kashish who will have to do something for them. they can never solve their problems on their own. but i am pretty shocked that rishi is helping out but where is varun these days??
  So what will it be this time? i dont think its marriage but perhaps, agree to work for the ahluwalia's?
 what do you guys think??
Posted: 16 years ago
yes i prolly think that she will start workin wid them.. and get the money and giv it to garewals
Posted: 16 years ago

i think she will go to bauji and agree to work for the ahluwalias and in return bauji will help the garewals nextly mauli will get married to siddharth

who cares .....we only want sujal kashish to re-unite!!!!!!!

Posted: 16 years ago
yeah....same here...nowadays, ekta doesnt even wanna bring up the topic "Charu was never pregnant"
Posted: 16 years ago
I just wish that Kashish would let the Garewals go to hell, coz they are so ungrateful fools. It's always Kashish who helps them out , but they always seem to forget that... Angry Angry and Tushar......I just don't know what else should be said abt such a looser like him. I am starting to think that Tushar & Charu , both useless, they both deserve each other.

And Kashish......... goodness how will this girl end up with a creep like Kartik anyway

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