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Posted: 16 years ago

In the beginning of the the episode Jai is seen to b looking  at Pia's photo adoringly when adi enters the room. As adi tells dat he has important thing to tell jai , jai says dat he is feeling guilty abt sonali( dnt shed crocodile's tearsDead )   jai tries to explain that sonali has always understood him even wen he has said nothing and so he thought  dat she wud understand him this time also, jai regrets that he has taken a long time to differentiate between frndship and love.; its pia who has made him realize wat love is , he doesn't know wat he wud hav done if pia has refused him, etc.etc.Ouch   Adi feels dat  he cant tell jai abt pia and pushkar as jai mite not able to accept it .


There has been arrangement for evening parties. Tau and his companions enter the walia house.First he meets sahil who was having walkman in his ear. As sahil greets tauji , tauji is bewildered and asked why sahil is wearing bulls' horn (!!!Big smile) on his head. Sahil very affectionately presses tau's cheeks and said this is a walkman for listening music. Jigs touches his feet , ranveer makes pranam and jai hugs the old man. Jai introduces bani, pia and rano and then dadi yells " oye bobby!"LOL she happily greets tauji calling him sorab modi( if I hav  heard correctly, must b ny filmstar Confused)  , tau gets confused but dadi teases him for not seeing enough films and takes him away!Big smile


As jai gets ready for the party he gets a phone call. On the other side it was RanveerAngry     who said if jai walia knew wat he is going to do. Wen jai asked who it was ranveeer didn't say and jai slams the phone. Again the phone cums ranveer says does jai know wat is happening in his personal life. Jai said he doesn't talk abt his personal life with unknown people and disconnects it. Again the phone rings and this time ranveer says if jai knew abt his wud b wife pia 's love life. Jai gets angry and slamming the phone he goes out of the room.

Again ranveer calls and ranveer said dat b4 mr.walia disconnects the phone he shud know that pia has an affair with his trusted person pushkar and he keeps the phone.(But alas  Wink  ) 

Aditya has listened everything .(!! !!!! ) . adi tells bani dat whoever has talked has talked with jai b4 and god knows wat he has told jai. Bani gets very tensed and thinks wat she will do.( so weird dat both jai and adi cudnt recognize ranveer's voice   Confused  though ranveer was putting hanky on the mouthpiece but it doesn't conceal the voice dear, hav 1st hand  xperience  with my brother)


In the party jai remembers the "unidentified" caller's version abt pia and went to ask bani abt it but was interfered by someone.on the other hand dadi advices tauji to "grow" and follow  "it the time to disco"!!Approve


Then comes Pushky!!!  Big smile     Drinking like  kaliyug ka devdasCry   Cry  bani snatches the bottle and pleads him to stop it as there is no in destroying life like this but pushky(ya devdas  Confused   )     takes the bottle and gulping more wine said that either I  will destroy myself or pia. Pia was watching the whole scene and she turned around her face with both pain and  fright in her eyes.  Angry   Dead      Pushky totters in a drunken state and after going a few a steps he falls down. All turns round. Ranveer looks amused  Angry  , jai surprised (kash apko pata hota),    sahil waas bewildered, even tony butler was taken aback. Jai asks sahil and tony to take to room. In the room pushky talks in a senseless  state to pia that he really loves her and can do anything for her loveā€¦..bani enters the room , pushky opens his eyes but he sees pia in his drunken state instead of bani.  He xpresses his love for pia and holds bani's hand . tears were rolling frm her eyes and the bkgrnd music starts., meanwhile bani wipes his tears.


As bani cums out of the room she sees jai walia standing, shiver runs through her spine as she feels jai mite have heard pushky's talk and cant undersatand wat she should do now.Dead


In the precap , jai wants to talk with bani abt pushkar. Pia also standng there.


Now I just cant wait 4 next day. Wat is going to happen??????? Confused          Is jai going to know everything or don't . still my sixth sense tells that nyhow pia and jai wud b getting married.



Posted: 16 years ago
thanks 4 the fab update Clap
Posted: 16 years ago
hey thanks for the lovely update.. Clap Clap Clap . I appretiate ur good work.. Clap Clap
Posted: 16 years ago
thanx for the update !!!
Posted: 16 years ago
thxzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz 4 update!!!!!!!!!!

ooo i want pia n jai's wedding to happen soon as!!!

pushy is pissin me offfff!!! y cnt he move on!!! Angry

yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh im soooo happy sahil's back!!!! hehehehe Wink
Posted: 16 years ago
thanks for the great update Tongue
Posted: 16 years ago
thanks for the update pushkur is pissing me off aswell why cant just get over pia
Posted: 16 years ago
thx for the update Wink i hope bani and pushkar get together Big smile

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